Monday, June 30, 2014

Choices - June 2014

Nicola Marano - No More Love (Batti Batti) PROMO
Yes! Its a pity that this release is only available in digital as in my opinion this is awesomely good and also deserves a vinyl outing. Three versions which are the massive original, a deep Nasty Boy remix, and the Maltese masters Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana who swing things up to more jazzy atmospheres. The advantage of digital here is that you can burn two compact discs or integrate your USB and stay mixing this in and out with all the versions.

Dodi Palese - Greeting From The Solar Systems Remix (Engrave Ltd)
A simultaneous vinyl and digital release, with three tracks from Dodi's 2013 release album receiving remix duties by; Marcello Napoletano, Myk Derill, Musumeci, and Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana.

Emiliano Papetti - Get The Funk (Apparel Music)
I like the original but three other mixes are available from; Francesco Zani, Rico Casazza, and label boss Kisk who slows things down.

Garnier - KL 2036 EP (MCDE Recordings)
Laurent Garnier has always been the front man of the always innovative musical country that is France. For 2014 Garnier has been releasing on new labels, and after 50 Weapons here he is on the MCDE Recordings imprint.

Leotone - Afrocloud (Leotone Music)
South African, Pretoria native Leotone continues to push his sounds and label with constant new releases which always deserve a second hearing. Here I like the other track Tell Them and its broken beat version Leotone Jazz Maestro Style.

Shinno Blackk - Long Time (New Generation Records)
Shino uses the vocal from Ralph Falcon's produced The Fog 'Been a Long Time' and adds new deep atmospheres.

Grassroots - United Over Ukraine (Grassroots)
The music is always united in difficult times, and deep and underground music has done this all over again so many times. Famous and less so unite for Ukraine presenting fifteen quality underground tracks. Vakula, Perc, Dustin Zahn, Murat Tepeli are some of known names in this compilation.

Detroit Swindle feat. Mayerhawthorne - 64 Ways The Remixes (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Kerri Kaoz Chandler makes a masterful remix of 64 ways. Good to see Mr. Chandler back in full swing.

Rundom Uolk - Loveintake (Rundom Uolk)
To me he is unknown, who brings the above single release. Loveintake is a nice eight minute quality deep house tune filled with a Balearic sound touch. He has also some interesting stuff on his SoundCloud page which you can check out.

Gari Romalis - Here and Now EP (Bosconi Records)
The highly rated Bosconi records does it again with Detroit man Gari Romalis who presents a four track extended player. Simultaneous vinyl and digital release.

Miltiades - Stmete EP (Echovolt)
The second release from the promising Greek Miltiades who presents three interesting deep house tracks filled with atmosphere.

Exquisit - Almost Deaf (E-Zoo Records)
E-Zoo records seems to be a record label founded since 2011, which mostly presents long players by what are so far unknown producers. Check its releases out, some like the above have some interesting tracks.

Dance Mania - Revival Traxx EP (Strut)
Strut continues to revive tunes from this legendary Chicago House music label.