Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Choices - November 2011

Ezequiel Sanchez feat Ann Santos - Not For You (Nordik Net)
Remix from Whim-Ee on the spot for me.

Four Walls - My Sweet EP (Apparel Music)
A four track extended player but for me is all about the deep song title of this release My Sweet, what is a cover version of the legendary Marvin Gaye 1982 hit Sexual Healing. Wake up, get up lyric is missing but the groove does that!

Ekkohause and Santos Resiak - Thanks But No (Deep Series)
Three tracks in different grooves.  The broken beat Thanks But No is best, but the New York grove All Is Gone is also interesting.

Ebb and Flow - 85@Union EP (Roundabout Sounds)
Released in vinyl past Spring and finally for me comes in digital format. Third release and purchase for me of this West Coast located label, with a very Detroit dark sound.  Mike Huckaby in remix duty.

DJ Christos, Ree Moris - Inside of Me (GoGo Music)
Joseph Junior, MAQMan - I Don't See Love (GoGo Music)
Two releases in a months time offering the usual Latin Soul house style from GoGo.  Plenty of mixes and remixes to choose from in both releases and if vocals are not your thing check the instrumentals.

STL - Four Tracker (something)
Stephan Laubner is STL real name and this German producer hooks me again with his innovative underground grooves, which all come from real recordings and analog equipment transformation.  Four tracks and grooves, to choose.  I choose two and two.

Staycj Pepper & Hllywd - Lord Forgive (Superficially Deep)
Five versions in this interesting release of which one is a Christo remix.  I like the more African tribal Superlouisa remix.

Terence Parker - Love's Got Me High (Systematic)
A nice song and the version I like of Marc Romboy reminds of a song from a Detroit label released earlier this year.  I'll admit is not as good as the other one but it is somehow similar in my brain.

Prommer & Barck - The Barking Grizzle, Journey Remix EP Part 1 (Derwin Recordings)
Remixed byNorman and Jerome Syndeham, San Soda and Kink.  I like Kink dub mix of Journey.

Rainer Truby - Black Label #82 Marcus Worgul Remix (Compost Records)
Two tracks; Jeck which also includes a remix by Marcus Worgul, and Welcome to our World. I like more Welcome to our World.

Ivel Tex - Brotherhood EP (Terpsichore)
An extended player released on vinyl in 2010 with one track Brotherhood, plus two remix versions by Aaron Carl RIP, and Jefferson Velazquez.  Original works best for me.

Charles Webster - Fight for Freedom feat. Thandi Draai (Miso)
Charles Webster is a guarantee and so is his Miso Label, but apart this man on fire of the moment AtJazz is on the remix job.  Dub versions work best for me.

DJ Serge Negri, Saycon - Warrior EP (BambooSounds)
DJ Serge Negri, Tasha Mabry - Cigarette EP (BambooSounds)
Serge Negri has been on my radar in the last period, and if you are into African tribal rhythms you should too.  Two good releases in a few weeks period.

Lovebirds - Keep Coming EP (Freerange)
A two track extended player, plus two remixes from Axel Bowman.  Love the Axel Bowman mix two of Keep Coming and thumbs up for Brotha.

various artists - Lost (Sol recordings)
A three different artists package from; Rick Wade, Lulu Gaultier, and Arkaitz.  I like the Rick Wade track titled '21 Miles'.

DJ Ermi - Dolce E Profundo EP Part 2 (Black Vinyl)
Purchased part one so why not two.  Again as in the first part there is a track which is not that good. But the other two are cool.  Check them out.

DJ Funky T - Speaking In Toungues EP (Liberate)
NativeElement feat Mtika - Ndimamele (Liberate)
Doc Link and Amastasia Samara - Vinyl Theme (Liberate)
A good label owned by New York's E-man and Chicago's Doc Link.  In a month it presents three solid outings, and the nice is that you get confused what version to choose.  That is saying something when for example the Vinyl Theme had sixteen versions, and Ndimamele nine.

various artists - In Yer Third Ear 01 (Third Ear)
Twenty two tunes some classic and others newer which represent the Detroit sound of this label. Featuring famous names too like Theo Parrish, Pirahnahead, WBEEZA, Mike Agent X Clark, Kyle Hall, Llorca, Benjaminn Brunn etc. 

various artists - Versatile 15 (Versatile)
Before French house became known in the end nineties, Versatile was born.  A fifteenth birthday tribute representing the artists which have been, still are, and will still be years from now innovators.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.7.2011

Playlist for Mix.7.2011
Fortoone - Sexodus (silk and deep) v
Whim-ee - Street Arts (mussen project) v
Deymare - I'm your man (Morris Audio Citysport Edition) v
Nicholas - Stay Togather (4 Lux Black) v
Asciari and Jose Di Carlo - Swami 'dub' (engrave) t
Miguel Plasencia - Cuidado con Les Embori 'bonus remix' (Tony Records) v
John Daly - Melt Down 'QRN Re-melt' (One Track Records) t
NoiDoi - Le Jer (oslo) t
dml - sending ii (broque) v
Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (philpot) t
Show-B - Time Comes Dub (Poker Flat) t
Fred P - Doppler Weather System (sound designers) t
Theo Parrish - Sky Walking (Peacefrog) v
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Ezequiel Sanchez feat. Ann Santos - Not for You (Nordik Net Records)

Nordik Net Records from Italy presents its latest release courtesy of Ezequiel Sanchez.  Spanish Ezequiel is on his fourth fully dedicated Nordik Net release and for catalogue number twenty one he presents Not For You featuring Ann Santos on vocals, and joined in other two remix versions by Chembass, and Whim-ee.  The original version here is about a minimal groove beat with the Ann Santos vocal parts, a short guitar hook, and electric sound building into deep relaxing atmospheres.  Chembass remix who is also a regular on Nordik Net, is the more house of the versions with the vocals being more complete, especially in the breaks and having an interesting deep bass line.  Brazilian French Whim-ee which debuts on Nordik Net with this remix is my favorite version, featuring a Chicago groove with Latin percussion's coming in out,  and vocal snippets and deep atmosphere building up this song to new places.