Thursday, November 10, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.7.2011

Playlist for Mix.7.2011
Fortoone - Sexodus (silk and deep) v
Whim-ee - Street Arts (mussen project) v
Deymare - I'm your man (Morris Audio Citysport Edition) v
Nicholas - Stay Togather (4 Lux Black) v
Asciari and Jose Di Carlo - Swami 'dub' (engrave) t
Miguel Plasencia - Cuidado con Les Embori 'bonus remix' (Tony Records) v
John Daly - Melt Down 'QRN Re-melt' (One Track Records) t
NoiDoi - Le Jer (oslo) t
dml - sending ii (broque) v
Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (philpot) t
Show-B - Time Comes Dub (Poker Flat) t
Fred P - Doppler Weather System (sound designers) t
Theo Parrish - Sky Walking (Peacefrog) v
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