Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana present Distant Dream (batti batti bb06)

After the succesful and well received Memories of You EP on the New York, US Underground Quality label number 36, the Maltese duo return home.  This sixth release from BattiBatti does in fact see Owen Jay back to his home grown label.  For Batti Batti six Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana take things back the deep route again with Distant Dreams offering two nice mixes.  The Original which is my preferred of the two, is a nice atmosphere build up with a very interesting broken drum pattern which takes a more hypnotic route half way through its journey.  Owen Jay Raw Edit which builds on the same pads takes things back to the old ways and reminds me a bit of old Kerri Chandler stuff may be due to the raw deep groove and distorted kick drum.  If you like deep stuff this is definitely worth a check, and sees BattiBatti continue to build its high reputation for a high quality label.

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