Monday, December 31, 2012

DJ Set - Liam December 2012 Choices-Picks Mix

Vtothed - NYE Space Sessions Pt.1 (White Music) T
Ron Trent - Sundance 'Original Mix' (Electic Blue) V
Rainer Trueby - Jeck 'Sello Remix' (Compost Records) V
Cottam - I Remember (Aus Music) T
Soul Phiction - Soul Brother No.2 (Philpot) T
DJ Fale and Lei' Metola - Kudala Ndikuvela feat. Pule and Andile 'Deep Assasin Remix' (Peng Africa) T
Robert Owens - Sacrifice 'Kai Alce Distinctive Remix Version 2 Instrumental' (NDATL Muzik) T
Gabriel Poso - A night With You 'Yoruba House Mix' (INFRACom!) V
Una - In My House 'DJ Pope's Original Instrumental' (POJI) T
Walker Barnard - Sweatshop Spaceship 'Extended Edit' (Serialism Records / WAS) V
Sek - Vice Lords (Apparel Music) V
Black Jazz Consortium - Groove Meditation (Gotta Keep Faith) T
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Choices - December 2012

Uptown Funk Empire - The Remix Strikes Back! (Soulab)
Four tunes 'N.O.W', 'Boogie', 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', and 'You've Got To Have Freedom' featured in various remixes which total this to eighteen tracks.  Make your picks!

Uraz Kurt - Five Smoking Turkish Grooves (Soulab)
After doing some remix works Turkish Uraz debuts with his own production featuring five different tunes all of Nu-soul and jazz inspiration.  A quality laid back extended player with my preferred being the broken house 'She Doesn't Wanna See' and the modern soul 'Missed Connect'.

Gordheaven and Juliano feat. Caysoul Muziq - Move Your Body, DJ Fale and Lei' Metola - Kudala Ndikuvela feat. Pule and Andile (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa has to be my label of the year.  Anyways two great release with both featuring a great deal of versions to choose from.

Gianluca Calabrese - Rosarno Buisness (Lupara Records)
A two track extended player.  I like M.r.Gabibu Bloody Sound and its nice tribal rhythms.

VTOTHED - NYE Space Sessions Pt. 1 (White Music)
Fourteen minutes of trip into space from the original.  Harder sounds in the Edward remix.

Una - In My House (POJI)
After a break of over one year DJ Pope is back with his POJI label and a release by Una.  Three remixers; Pope himself plus the legendary Hippie Torrales, and H and H Soul Survivors offer a total of nine versions. Take your pick.

Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan - Children of the World Louie Vega Remix (Vega Records)
Not much to say when you have Louie Vega and Josh Milan involved in something. Absolute perfection! 

Ron Trent - Raw Footage (Electric Blue)
Chicago legend Ron Trent debuts his new Electric Blue label with his fifth album. Twelve tracks of atmospheric tribal African deep rhythms.

Gabriel Poso - Roots of Soul Remix EP (INFRACom!)
Five tunes retouched by different remixes for Gabriel Poso. Good signature names too, in this remix package from Osunlade Yoruba, to AtJazz, Ezel, and Italian Dodi Palese.

Cottam - Relapse (Aus Music)
I Remember something Instant, for the bass line and rhythm.

Sek - Vice Lords EP (Apparel Music)
A four different old school infected extended player from the Italian Apparel label.  I like the bit gospel infected title track 'Vice Lords'.  But do not disregard the others.

Walker Barnard - Sweatshop Spaceship (Serialism Records / WAS)
Three versions for the title track plus 'The Long Count' and 'Mothershipwreck'. The bass line plus the voice of Jaime Graham of the title track is amazing in its original or the Extended Edit.

SoulPhiction - Drama Queen (Philpot records)
Two different tunes the title track, and 'Soul Brother No.2'.  Both featuring the Detroit influence in them.

Rainer Trueby - Compost Black Label #92 Remixes by Session Victim, Dima Studitsky, Sello, Chocolate Garage Productions (Compost Records)
The original two tracks here; 'Welcome to Our World' and 'Jeck' where released about a year ago.  Now they get the remix treatment.  I like Sello remix of Jeck.

Christopher Rau - In The Water (Aim)
A four track extended player which follows its earlier vinyl release.  I like most the jazz piano old school groove infected title track.

Robert Owens - Sacrifice Kai Alce Distinctive Remixes (NDATL Muzik)
A licence from Compost to a release from 2010 in the album Art and produced by Larry Heard.  Kai Alce gives his touch for his high quality label in five versions, two of which are instrumentals.

GKF Presents 100th Official Release - Deep Album (Gotta Keep Faith)
Gotta Keep Faith celebrates its first century with two albums a Deep. and a Soulful featuring some of its greatest tunes.  Each album features 21 tunes all different at a very cheap price.  But the quality is prominent in both.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: various artists - Four Seasons Volume One (Got2Go)

Got2Go is a new label from France founded in 2012, and producing its first release What is Love EP by label boss Fat Bastian in the middle of the same year.  Couple months later and Got2Go presents its second catalogue number titled Four Seasons Volume One.  Got2Go second release features two tracks by different artists, both added with a remix.  As release one this new Got2Go Vinyl is a tribute to early Chicago Jackin house sounds. Side A of Got2Go 002 features rising deep house star Brazilian born French resident Whim-ee with a track called 'Where's Your Pants' here showing her harder darker side reminding me of Cajmere mid nineties productions.  This tune is remixed by Martin de Brig in a more techno house flavour.  Side B features Anaxander with the track 'You've Got' which is in turn remixed by Jared.  As release number one Got2Go Records 002 is available in vinyl only, in a cool marble grey colored platter and limited to only 250 pressings.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Uraz Kurt - Five Smoking Turkish Grooves (Soulab)

Uraz Kurt is a Turkish producer who after debuting on French label Soulab in Uptown Funk Empire on remix duties on the just released 'The Remix Strikes Back' this time sets up record straight with his extended player titled 'Five Smoking Turkish Grooves'.  As it is easy to note the title says it all on the number of tunes you find in this release, that is five, and the nature of them all being of a laid back groove with a Nu-soul inspiration.  Opening the dances in this release is the very soul 'Voice of your Heart'  featuring the excellent voice of Cagri Ultay.  A down tempo soul which musically speaking makes you think of years gone by.  This one is followed by the excellent 'Missed Connect' more on a Nu-Soul and featuring a very modern electronic inspired groove.  Third track in the 'Istanbul Funk Interlude' Jazz funk mixed with Asian atmospheres for just over two minutes.  The next track is my preferred of this extended player 'She Doesn't Wanna See' a broken rhythm Jazz house stormer with very well laid floating chords and vocals.  'One More Idea' is the more big room dance with a funky house rhythm and bass line merging into jazz funk influences later on. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Uptown Funk Empire - The Remix Strikes Back (Soulab)

Uptown Funk Empire presents this interesting remix package from the acclaimed 2009 released funk and soul infected album The Empire Strikes Back.  The Remix Strikes Back is the title of this new pack which features a total of eighteen remixes of the tracks; 'N.O.W', 'Boogie', 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', and 'You've Got to Have Freedom'.  Some remixes in this new collection have already appeared previously in seperate releases as those from The SOS, The Gemini Bros, and some of the remixes featured in the single issue the past Spring of 'N.O.W'.  The remixes from Uraz Kurt are new, he gives his touch to three of the tracks, all minus Boogie.  The remixes made to 'N.O.W.' are actually my favorite here, with two interesting reworks from Patchwork already released last Spring and I do not know how I missed it, to the spacey African rhythms of Staro45.  Other interesting remixes are the Teemid Re-edit of 'Boogie', and Uraz Kurt remix of 'Nothing Gonna Us Now'.