Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Uptown Funk Empire - The Remix Strikes Back (Soulab)

Uptown Funk Empire presents this interesting remix package from the acclaimed 2009 released funk and soul infected album The Empire Strikes Back.  The Remix Strikes Back is the title of this new pack which features a total of eighteen remixes of the tracks; 'N.O.W', 'Boogie', 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', and 'You've Got to Have Freedom'.  Some remixes in this new collection have already appeared previously in seperate releases as those from The SOS, The Gemini Bros, and some of the remixes featured in the single issue the past Spring of 'N.O.W'.  The remixes from Uraz Kurt are new, he gives his touch to three of the tracks, all minus Boogie.  The remixes made to 'N.O.W.' are actually my favorite here, with two interesting reworks from Patchwork already released last Spring and I do not know how I missed it, to the spacey African rhythms of Staro45.  Other interesting remixes are the Teemid Re-edit of 'Boogie', and Uraz Kurt remix of 'Nothing Gonna Us Now'.

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