Thursday, October 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam October 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Geiger and Lafelt - Walking In The Rain 'Jaymz Nylon Remix' (Nylon Trax) V
IndySoul Presents Tanta Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Change All Over Me 'Jonny Montana Remix' (SHINES) V
Melchior Sultana - Movin On (Batti Batti) T
Andy Vaz - Bicycle Love 'Damon Lamar's Lower Wacker Drive Mix' (Yore Records) T
Alba - Knokke 'Rick Wade Remix' (Plastic World) T
The Bang - Midnight Anthem 'Original Mix' (Blaq Africa Records) V
Veja Vee Khali, Steve Otto - Helpless (DNH) T
Glenn Underground - Service 'Ricardo Mirando Rerub' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) T
Jonas Rathsman - Yes I Am (OneOffs) T
Sam Russo - Sue Press 'Original Mix' (Vitalik Recordings) T
Jon Cutler - 4-Real 'Instrumental' (Papa) T
Ian 'Pang-Lo' Jimenez - Tek Ride 'Joe SKLZ Valentin Remix' (Tribal Winds) T
Ayce DJ & Karlito ft. Paul Lee - Havana 'Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix' (Duffnote Recordings) V
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Choices - October 2013

Andy Vaz - Bicycle Love (Yore Records)
Original and two other versions by Brad P and Damon Lamar.  So good that if they where in three different releases I would buy each of them.

IndySoul Presents Tanta Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Change All Over Me (SHINES)
A total of ten mixes to choose from in this nice deep soulful package.  Known producers in the remixes including hot names as Kafele and Gene King.

Alba - Knokke / Law (Plastic World)
This release is all about the new.  From the Australian duo who make there first release on a fresh label. Nice remix by Rick Wade to Knokke, and the original version of Law is also good.

Rick Wade - Night Logic (Unclear Records)
Two tunes from the man from Detroit; Never Seeing and Talk With You.  I like the Giulio Etiope remix of Talk With You.

Glenn Underground - Service Ricardo Miranda Rerub (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
The second single taken from Glenn Underground latest July 12 1979 album, released in digital past January 2013.  This time Glenn out sources remix duties, and trusts Ricardo Miranda who does an interesting rework.

Sam Russo - Vanishing Test EP (Vitalik Recordings)
If you like Detroit Techno and a raw groove head straight to the original version of Sue Press.

Veja Vee Khali - Higher Moments (DNH)
Canadian Nick Holder has really a global vision for his DNH label.  Here he picks Veja Vee Khali a South African talent from Sowetu, who produces a nice six track extended player.

Melchior Sultana - Secret Story (Batti Batti)
A release fully dedicated to the super talented Maltese producer Melchior Sultana.  Two down tempo tunes one of which is a cover version to the Kool and the Gang classic Summer Madness.  Also good the deep house tune Movin On.

Ian 'Pang-Lo' Jimenez - Tek Ride (Tribal Winds)
Check the different ride by Joe Valentin.  Tribal, funky, and tech.

Jon Cutler - 4-Real EP (Papa)
A big signature release; from the label Papa known to the many, to the famous Jon Cutler renowned for his 2002 deep house hit and today a played classic Its Yours.

Geiger and Lafelt - Walking In The Rain EP (Nylon Trax)
The Jaymz Nylon remix improves the already good original of Walking in the Rain.

various artists - OneOffs #3 (OneOffs)
The third release in the OneOff series, a Local Talk sub label.  The concept in number three follows that of the previous releases of four different artists and tunes.  Here I like Jonas Rathsman Yes I Am.

The Bang - Inspiration (Blaq Africa Records)
A three track deep Afro all instrumental extended player from this debut South African artist.  My preferred is Midnight Anthem, but the title release Inspiration deserves a listen.

Polytonal feat. Alinah - Make You Mine (The Big R Music Production)
A wonderful song interpreted to perfection by the nice voice of Alinah.  Seven versions to choose from, including some instrumentals and Acapella.  A big challenge between the Original and the Polytonal mix.

Vakula - You've Never Been to Konotop Selected Works 2009-2012 (Firecracker)
Since Ukranian Mikhaylo Vityk appeared on the scene in 2007, he released so many singles, Discogs signals 25 signed under his most known Vakula alias.  This is his first album featuring twelve underground tunes which cross genre from Techno to Detroit and Deep, dedicated to his home town.

Richard Earnshaw - Decade (Duffnote Recordings)
Twenty five productions and remixes from Earnshaw release library coming from the past decade compiled in this compilation release.  Take your picks.

Jovonn - House Ala Carte (Clone Classic Cuts)
One of the best Jovonn classics from the nineties re-released.  What can I say, thank god for that.