Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: various artists - Funky Party (Soulab)

How can you unite the past with the present and make it look like a straight line.  This is bascially the compilation Funky Party from the French label Soulab. This latest Soulab thirteen tracks compilation unites the past from artists like Tom Moulton, Leroy Burgress, and Eugene Wilde to new school names as Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, and Los Charly Orchestra and half a dozen others in between.  Its impressive to see new bands as these mentioned last who make music which sounds similar prototype house of the early eighties with huge tribute to the sounds played at the Paradise Garage, Zanzibar etc.  The so called begining years in the big apple of this period being the aftermath of disco and the start of a new era.  Funky Party is definitly a must have for those interested in the roots of dance, and house.  Funky Party also is a compilation reminding that there is no future without a knowledge of the past and how house and dance music came to be what it is today!   

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