Thursday, February 28, 2013

DJ Set - Liam Febraury 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

STL - Still With Us 'Original Mix' (Something) T
Trus'Me - T'es Une Pute (Prime Numbers) V
Marc Cotterel - Shake to Shuffle (Deeper Shades Recordings) T
Zethu - Summertime 'Zulumafia Dance Mix' (Zulumafia Digital) V
Agnes - Chew Rebellion 'Original Mix' (Vitalik Recordings) V
Brisa - The Soul (Jazzy Sport) V
Ralf Gum - Burning Star feat Kafele 'Kafele Mix' (GOGO Music) V
Dave'Mahony'Mullen, Jaysun Merced - BreakOut 'Pocoloco Roads Cross Remix' (Jakdat Records) V
Jovonn - Love Begins (Deeptrax Digital Recordings) V
Dodi Palese - Spacewalk (What Ever Not) T
Mr Raoul K - Rainforest 'Coratouchmix' (Still Music) T
Theo Parrish and Carl Craig - Falling Up 'Carl Craig 2013 Remaster' (Third Ear Recordings) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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