Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam July 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Zaki Ibrahim Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky - 2 Sides (Atjazz Records Company) V
Ugly Drums - Swimming (Quintessentials) V
Abstraccion - Something of You (Trax 4 Club Records) V
Ntsako feat. Breezy - I am Only Human 'Tribute Mix' (DNH) V
Yardub - Dyou 'Original Mix' (Bubbles on the Air) V
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - The Riot (Batti Batti) T
L.P Mosalo - Feels Like Sunday 'Original Mix' (TSN Music) T
Djjoel S - Tonght (Cyberjamz) T
Trinidadian Deep - Obi Elleggue 'Album' (Afro Sun Recordings) V
The Gabivon Brothers - The Strongest Soul in Africa (Blacksole Entertainment) T
JT Donaldson - My Belief (Robsoul) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - July 2013

various artists - The Riot EP (Batti Batti)
The third vinyl release from Batti Batti coming from label boss Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana.  I was previewed this still unfinished a year before release and I just could not wait any longer.  Excellent underground tracks.

The Gabivon Brothers - Unthinkable EP (Blacksole Entertainment)
A new label which appeared this month with two releases distant by a couple of weeks between them.  This is catalogue 02 what is a quality three track all African jazz house extended player.

Deeper Phil - Music My Reflection, Gmbos - Forever Begins, Ntsako feat. Breezy - I am Only Human (DNH)
I like the recent direction DNH has taken.  Here is a monthly pick of three different releases.

Francis Inferno Orchestra - Dreamtime EP (Drumpoet Community)
Four different old school influenced tracks from FIO.   I like Amber Express.

Meropa - Live a Lil' Suges Remix (Deeper Shades Recordings)
A single one version release from Deeper Shades Recordings in soulful African grooves.

Abstraccion - Air Sensation (Trax 4 Club Records)
A ten track album from this unknown artist in my book.  Good stuff though.

L.P Mosalo - House Classics 2 (TSN Music)
Since hearing DJ Teesen and his two TSN labels earlier this year, they are on my high attention list.  This is another good two track extended player.

Zaki Ibrahim Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky - Be, Elise - Poseidon (Atjazz Records Company)
Two hot releases from Atjazz label in July.  Be is one of the months preferred.

Llogicsoul - Moving Forward E.P (Black People Records)
Like the nice harmony which comes from Melody Tune with Ivan Prince on vocals.

Yardub - Barrica EP (Bubbles on the Air)
I like Dyou in this five track extended player all in a deep vibe.

Timmy Regisford - Thank You Remixed Part Two (Tribe Records)
The Shelter front man production gets remixed by two greats; i.e. Frankie Feliciano and Zepherin Saint.

Trinidadian Deep - Emotional High (Afro Sun Recordings)
A name which does not deserve much publicity nowadays.  Good five track extended player again from the Toronto raised, today New York resident Trinidadian Deep.

Djjoel S - Expanding Minds E.P. (Cyberjamz)
Ninties influenced three track extended player.  I like Tonight.

Ugly Drums - Saturn Memories (Quintessentials)
One of my favourite recent period producers releases a very good seven track plus a remix album.  Vocal collaboration from Lady Blacktronica on two tracks, plus a remix by Pablo Valentino also featured.

Phil Weeks - Crate Diggin Vol.1 (Robsoul)
Ten old crates found by Phil Weeks for this new series of compilation on Robsoul.  Known names in this one from; Rasoul, Sneak, Inland Knight, and JT Donaldson.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: various artists - The Riot EP (Batti Batti)

Batti Batti returns with another serious release, this time from label boss Owen Jay and studio partner Melchior Sultana. Avoiding the use of sampling, the Riot Ep is a four tracker of genuine deepness, very original in style and structure and having all sounds produced on vintage hardware gear. Style wise this Extended player varies from the more club oriented tracks Silent Change and The Riot which could easily be categorized as deep techno, to a very house groove titled Afterparty and a Rhodes world wide infested mid-tempo groove titled Mirror from Melchior Sultana. Rumor has it that Dj Jus-Ed the Underground Quality boss has been playing these tracks for the past two years and as the engraving on the vinyl suggest BBR03 is a dedicated to the deep house community worldwide. Vinyl released in Spring was limited to three hundred copies with only a few left here and there. Now its time for the digital release.