Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DJ Set - Liam March/April 2014 Choices-Picks MiX

Gustavo Andres - Hidden Track (Sound Black Recordings) T
Chembass - Australian Boy (Amoeba Label) T
STL - Manblind (Something) T
Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Mist of Time (BattiBatti) T
We Are Mam - 3.2 (Back To The Future) T
Myles Serge - Failure (Got2Go) T
Andy Compton - The Universe Within (Peng) V
Glenn Underground ft. Charles Matlock - The Ism's 'Anthony Nicholson Sleazy Mix' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) V
0101 - Kuchuca 'Original' (Sorry For This Records) T
Sean Ray - Deep 454 'MGUN Remix' (Bulletbodge) T
Luv Jam - Over Draught Facility 'Vernon Dixon Avenue Basement Mix' (Needa) T
Dan Mela - You Were My Man (What Ever Not) V
Santiago Salazar - Sucio Grind (Got2Go) T
Remote People - Shadows (Remote UK) V
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