Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Bittersuite presents Sea Legs (battibatti bb008)

After three previous releases on BattiBatti, Bittersuite present us with a three track Extended Player titled Sea Legs. This is the first fully dedicated release on the Maltese BattiBatti label to the Brighton production team, having previously been featured on the various artist extended players EP.1 and EP.2 and on remix duty for Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana track Way of Life. Their two previous releases on Batti Batti titled Orbit and To Be Free, have been burning my Cd's, and rocking dance floors worldwide.  In this Bittersuite extended player one of the most awaited tracks is Cabin Fever, which has been around for a while as a promo, and searched a lot by a few deep house aficionados.  So Cabin Fever is finally here, alongside two other amazing tracks, Reprog, and the head liner Sea Legs. Solid beats, jazzy chords and atmospheric textures all the way in all tracks.

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