Sunday, September 30, 2012

Choices - September 2012

various artists - Basement Tracks EP 1 (battibatti)
Released on 11 July on vinyl finally in this month sees its digital format.  Four artists pay tribute to the first Battibatti vinyl with High Quality tracks. 

various artists - Holdin On EP (battibatti)
The fourth release with a different four artist package from Battibatti.  This extended player presents an international flavour of artists from Britain, Malta, Germany, to the other side of the Atlantic in Mexico.

Guido Nemola - Jazz Piano EP (Revox)
Three different tracks from this Italian artist exploring deep groovy house.  My favorite is the Acid Mix of 'I Can't Forget'.  Trip.

Ralf Gum - Never Leaves You (GOGO Music)
Nice album from Ralf Gum anticipated in early Summer by the release of Linda.  Ten tracks with super vocal collaborations by; Jocely Mathieu, Kafele, Kenny Bobien, Jaidene Vada, Monique Bingham, Oluhle, Robert Owens, Caron Wheeler, and Jon Pierce.

Brad Petterson / Rai Scott - Future Imprints (Inner Shift Music)
A nice release with two tracks by Brad on one side, and two by Rai on the other. 'Inner Reflection' will be on my list for long time.

S.o.u.l. Vs Tinbota ft Dr.Feelx - House Music Was Born (Shines Records)
House was born official sometime in early eighties, although it was an evolution coming from like the sixties.  I like the House Music Was String Mix.

Ladybird - Ladybird Remixed (Peng)
After the album release in early 2012, two Ladybird tunes gets the remix job by Bittersuite, Andy Compton, and Dolls Combers.

Ed Nine - Hot Jazz The Remixes (Itch-N-Sniff Records)
Old school Jazz sounds, and vocals mixed in rhythm. Does it not always work.  Five versions to choose from.

Nick Sole - Flowers For You (Mojuba Records)
Debut album from Nick Sole who presents eleven deep tracks all in very well made African Tribal grooves.  Nice!

STL - Flying Objects (Something)
Experimental sounds is always what the German STL aka Stephan Laubner comes with.

Mass Prod - Deeply Cooked Music (Kontra Muzik)
Digital follow up to a vinyl out in 2009.  Jus-Ed mix is the one for me.

various artists - Langesthal (Meakusma)
Two tracks each by four different artists.  All is in experimental sounds, accept for the Detroit groove infected 'Nulldup'  by Bepotel.

Alexander East - Jest 4 Me (Fresh Meat)
Original released in 2001.  Derrick Carter Dubstrumental always works thanks also to the clever use of the sample from the disco song 'You Can't Hide Your Love From Me'.

various artists - Running Music 01 3 Hours Set (Irma Records)
Three hours of music in this compilation with 28 different songs and tracks.  You have the known names of Irma like; Don Carlos, Belladonna, Sicania Soul, Pasta Boys etc etc. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: various artists - Basement Tracks EP 1 (Batti Batti)

Founded up in 2009 and since taking out ten phenomenal releases BattiBatti makes its entry into the vinyl world with this first four different tracks package titled Basement Track EP 1.   The deep, and underground house scene has always been a keen supporter to this pure Deejay medium, and being BattiBatti a label dedicated to those sounds the move was certainly expected in due time and most surely welcome.  Label boss Owen Jay with his partner Melchior Sultana opens the dances with the track titled 'Groove Me'.  He is followed on side A by 1Dan a repeat artist on BattiBatti who here comes with the dark, deep, cosmic but yet energetic 'Light Bridge'.  On the B side we have Nino with the trip deep track 'Nino' which reminds me a bit of Callisto from Guidance Records, and Benedikt Frey of Mule and Ethereal records fame and his acid infected 'Moving Shadows'. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: various artists - Holdin On EP (battibatti BB11)

Release number eleven for Malta's iconic deep and underground label Battibatti.  This third series in the various artist extended players titled Holdin On presents four tunes all by different artists, two of which making their first appearance on BattiBatti.  The repeating artists are 1Dan, the producer of BB07 'Wish You Well', and Melchior Sultana who here presents himself solo, being the usual partner of label boss Owen Jay.  The new artists are Marco Nega, and the duet of Romeo C and Alhan G.  Dan1 opens the player with the deep and voyage track Another Afternoon here in the late edit version.  Marco Nega an artist with releases on Underground Quality and BuMako follows with Intromental, an atmospheric tune with jazzy chords.  Third is Melchior Sultana 'Holdin On' a very jazz inspiring tune, which builds up to a groovy affair. Closes this extended player the more pumped up Romeo C and Alhan G 'Don't Tell Me What To Do', a deep tribal affair with nice keys and sensual vocal female and male vocal hooks.