Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: various artists - Basement Tracks EP 1 (Batti Batti)

Founded up in 2009 and since taking out ten phenomenal releases BattiBatti makes its entry into the vinyl world with this first four different tracks package titled Basement Track EP 1.   The deep, and underground house scene has always been a keen supporter to this pure Deejay medium, and being BattiBatti a label dedicated to those sounds the move was certainly expected in due time and most surely welcome.  Label boss Owen Jay with his partner Melchior Sultana opens the dances with the track titled 'Groove Me'.  He is followed on side A by 1Dan a repeat artist on BattiBatti who here comes with the dark, deep, cosmic but yet energetic 'Light Bridge'.  On the B side we have Nino with the trip deep track 'Nino' which reminds me a bit of Callisto from Guidance Records, and Benedikt Frey of Mule and Ethereal records fame and his acid infected 'Moving Shadows'. 

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