Monday, January 13, 2014

Review: Marcello Napoletano - Rush EP (What Ever Not)

An Italian proverb says there is no two without a three, and as you can see by the title this is the third release from label What Ever Not. This time around for WEN003, bosses Dan Mela and partner Dodi Palese pick there friend Marcello Napoletano, who presents a different four track extended player titled Rush. Marcello is no new producer in the deep house panorama starting up in 2007 on Radiance, and since then releasing among others also on famous labels as Mathematics Recordings this being one of his greatest supporters, YORE, Quintessentials, Laid, and in 2012 also founding his wax only Marcello Vinyl which so far features three releases. As is expected Rush EP features Marcello Napoletano going into his old school raw deep Chicago house influenced sound, with the four very distinct different mood tracks titled; And Now A Grace's Grass Joint, Rush, Almanacco, and Survivor.  For the different moods the tracks in WEN003 present, I will call them the Good, Bad, Ugly, and the Romantic, taking stint from an old Italian Western movie by Sergio Leone.  The good mood track is And Now A Grace's Grass Joint.  Bad mood goes to the deep and dark Rush. Ugly is definitely the track titled Survivor which also features an interesting sample from Lil Louis I Called U and is the most peak timer of the tracks. Romantic is surely Almanacoo which inspires to old school New York soulful garage sounds.  A must have!            

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