Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DJ Set - Liam March/April 2014 Choices-Picks MiX

Gustavo Andres - Hidden Track (Sound Black Recordings) T
Chembass - Australian Boy (Amoeba Label) T
STL - Manblind (Something) T
Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Mist of Time (BattiBatti) T
We Are Mam - 3.2 (Back To The Future) T
Myles Serge - Failure (Got2Go) T
Andy Compton - The Universe Within (Peng) V
Glenn Underground ft. Charles Matlock - The Ism's 'Anthony Nicholson Sleazy Mix' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) V
0101 - Kuchuca 'Original' (Sorry For This Records) T
Sean Ray - Deep 454 'MGUN Remix' (Bulletbodge) T
Luv Jam - Over Draught Facility 'Vernon Dixon Avenue Basement Mix' (Needa) T
Dan Mela - You Were My Man (What Ever Not) V
Santiago Salazar - Sucio Grind (Got2Go) T
Remote People - Shadows (Remote UK) V
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Choices - April 2014

various artists - Four Seasons Vol.4 (Got2Go) PROMO
For me this is definitely the best of the Four Seasons series and without taking nothing away from the previous three volumes, Volume four really sets a high bar at Got2Go to follow.  Volume Four features different tracks by four producers who are on the upswing of things in recent times; Chicago always getting better Ricardo Miranda, France man Life Recorder, West coast from the USA Santiago Salazar, and last Myles Serge.  Vinyl only release which I suggest to put your hands when is out.

Luv Jam - Blyp EP (Needa) PROMO
Needa goes on its third release with a strong outing which differently to the previous two, is a deep house number with a more electronic feel to it. For this extended player Luv Jam present two tracks; Anti Tracksuit Party and Over Draught Facility.  The remixes of the two tunes which I prefer to the original come from Gnork who adds a non stop acid loop trip to Anti Tracksuit Party, and Vernon Dixon which creates darker moods adding old school sounds to Over Draught Facility.

Gustavo Andres - In Its Spell (Sound Black Recordings)
Ms Lady Blacktronica label Sound Black Recordings presents the Swedish Gustavo Andres producer debut album In Its Spell. In this all deep house music album Gustavo presents eleven different tunes, plus an extra remix by Chris Mitchell to Saturday.  Vocal collaborations by AkuaRising, and Adeaze.

Andy Compton - What You See EP (Peng)
Another deep and soul nice four track extended player from Andy Compton.

Denny Loco feat F.O.N. - Think About It (Gospell Plus)
Italian production that has a certain late nineties influence to it, with a groovy vocal and piano hook showing modern and cleaner production works.

0101 - Try to Kuchuka (Sorry For This Records)
Got this on vinyl earlier this year. Now Sorry For This Records presents the digital format version with the two tunes Try To Say and Kuchuka.  No digital for the Glenn Underground and Boo Williams remix of Try To Say, which for me was the best on the wax.  

Janis - Parental Advisory House (House Is OK) 
I like the track Ensoniq Youth.

Melohman - El Camino EP (unquantize)
Nice Afro trip in this one which sets the mood up. Original, two remixes, and an extra track La Clave in this extended player. My preferred is the remix by Vibe and Espinoza of El Camino.

Deejaykul - Feeling Good (Basic Fingers)
Two nice versions in this very nice release with a very nice deep style vocal hook.

Sean Ray - Deep 454 (Bulletdodge)
Remix by MGUN a trip to take in a border line techno deep house production.

Atjazz - Does This Qualify? (Atjazz Record Company)
Three different track extended player. My preferred is the title track to which I reply, it did.

Glenn Underground ft. Charles Matlock - The Ism's (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
A strong message on the state affairs of most of the global club music scene in this one. Plus the original are nice remixes by other Chicago Legends; Lil Louis who is not remixing much in recent years, and Anthony Nicholson.

Amoeba Mixtape Series - Vol.3 (Amoeba Label)
Eleven tracks coming from the back catalog of this label. My favorite is the one from the Spanish Chembass 'Australian Boy' released in 2011 on the five year celebration compilation of the same label.

various artists - Selection 2010-2012 (Remote UK)
Eleven different tracks by six different artist plus a remix from this very good Nottingham based British label. D O M, Ed Maddams, Fulbert, Remote People, Arthur Jnr, and Toni Be here in remix duties  are the producers featured in this compilation which is a pity it did not feature a press on vinyl. I consider this one very good with a nice variety of deep moody tracks.