Friday, December 31, 2010

Choices - December 2010

Artist - Title (label)
Franklin De Costa - Fragile EP (Curle)
Four amazing tracks of deepness by Franklin. All good if you like it down deep and underground.

Stephen Day - Future Echoes (Acilectro Blue)
Two tunes here with Be Somebody sampling the mid nineties hit Everybody Be Somebody by Ruffneck. Interesting also the deep Underwater which goes on recent new Detroit deepness style.

var art - My Dubtechno Vol.1 (Push Communications)
15 tracks of high quality by the likes of Trentemoller, Donnacha Castello, Lopazz, Adultnapper, Chymera, and Kasper Bjorke to name the famous artists. Stand out track is Past Present by Langenberg.

Kayla Amelia - Angels Calling (Bombay)
Defintly the soulful tune of the last few months. The singing and production of the original mix are top notch here. Also remix by Miguel Graca and Osaze Awaaz, but still not to the level of the original.

Schwanbeck - Decend (sixonesix)
Five tunes of pure deepness and on a Detroit tip. I like them all but for a review here we go. Broadcast is pure Afro minimalism. Decend is just deep and down. In Deep Sh is just atmosphere which turn around and make you loose into space with the grooves keeping you in touch with the gravity. Null is pure reggae dub, pity its just over two minutes long. Played Out is pure mechanical grooves building up and making you fly. Tune!

Count Jackula - Club Medits (Discotexas)
If you like to keep it under 120 this is surely heaven for you. Three tracks here from the very summering Africa, Slowburner, and Not So Slowburner. All on a new funk Balearic sounds. There is also two additional remixes of Africa by Golden Bug and Photonz. Both good but I prefer the deeper and darker atmosphere of Photonz.

Moshi Moshi - Karuzell EP (resopal schallware)Four tracks of very deep inspiration. Mary Mary and Daphu are on a Afro tribal tip, So High is just pure deepness, and Karuzell experiments with the moods and ambient for over half of its length before finally coming to life.

Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore (Different)
Carl Craig makes a remix of Tiga and goes to his recent hard sound. Here is also an instrumental of the original which puts its new wave disco origins. Nice trip.

Claude Du Pont - The Early Days (LeFreq)
Lefreq the label of Jordan Fields continues to make very interesting disco remixes reedits and reworks. Here Du Pont remixes Loose Control. His version is actually a nice build up featuring a lot of the 2000 disco house element. Good to have are also the beats of Loose Control. Other tunes which stand out in this LP ten tracker which has three versions of Loose Control are Chicago The Windy City, and Its My House.

Purple Music - The Master Collection Vol.7 (Clubstar)
Another collection from Clubstar dedicated to this label. Here delivering some more soul with pump and obscure tunes. Some intersting cover versions of some disco classics.

Purple Music - The Master Collection Compiled by Jamie Lewis (Clubstar)
A collection of twenty tracks collected by Purple Music boss Jamie Lewis. On a soulful tip.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

DJ Set - Mix for Owen Jay BattiBatti show on December 2010

An honour for me tonight to be guest mixer on Owen Jays BattiBatti Radio show from 1900 till 2100 CET time. The show is hosted by friend DJ Owen Jay, and has so far featured a couple super guest stars appearances by Demarkus Lewis, Kai Alce, Hakim Murphy, Matt Pond, Dan Mela, and David Dee. To name a few names.
Thank you Owen Jay and the BattiBatti crew for putting Malta on the underground house map in the last years.
Playlist for BattiBatti Show Mix December 2010
Musumeci – Computer Program Reality “reprise” (Musumeci) V
Trickski – Pill Collins (suol) V
Sascha Dive – Black Man (Deep Vibes) V
T.Orlando – Enchante (flavorite) T
Moshi Moshi – Mary Mary (resopal shallware) T
Arno E.Matheiu – Astral Caravan “In His True Mental Cut Version” (clima) T
Bittersuite – Orbit (battibatti) T
Marlow – Put Off Feat. ComixXx & Knixx (room with a view) V
KS – Odin (theomatic) T
Bozzwell – Fiona’s Song (firm) V
Schwanbeck - Broadcast (sixonesix) T
Cassio Ware – Paradise (playhouse) V
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Memories of you ep. (Underground Quality UQ-036)

After very good and well received releases on his 2009 founded BattiBatti digital label as The Early Light EP here solo, Way of Life, and the down tempo 5 AM featured on the four tracker EP1, Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana follow all this with the vinyl released Memories of You EP. This four track extended player is released on Jus-Ed very highly regarded Underground Quality record label from New York, which with this release is now at catalogue number 36. All instrumental, Memories of You EP four tracks all have a time span between the six and seven minutes mark. The longest track is the seven seconds short to seven minutes Days Gone By. Owen and Melchior start the dances with the deep, romantic mellow pad driven but groovy title giving "Memories of You". The second track "Days Gone By" is a very Detroit groove European sounds influenced track which starts mellow gets to a hypnotic build up, goes down back to deep, and takes you back to hypnotism with a repetitive sample coming in, low and high. Track number three "Forever" has a very Latin live instrumental feel to it, with a lovely groove that is perfect for the lounge or set build up moments. The last track "Reach" has an uplifting tribal groove, but after a couple of minutes shows its deep nature of hypnotism which takes you in another dimension. Memories of You EP is only released on vinyl and Owen Jay should follow it with another second vinyl release on UQ scheduled for the coming Summer.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.1.2010

Playlist for Mix.1.2010
Nubian Mindz – Dreaming (Irma) V
Drop Out Orchestra - Drop Out Theme (drop out) T
Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon "Martin Eyerer Jade Suaid eclectic Remix" (Great Stuff) V
Julio Bashmore – Batak Groove (soul motive) T
T Orlando – Pozitivenoizem (flavorite) T
The Glimmers – Beats in Space (gomma dance tracks) T
Munk – La Musica "original extended" (gomma) V
DOP – 3 SuitCases (circus company) V
Phonique – Perfect Stranger "Guti remix" (dessous) V
Fritz Zander – For Your Love (suol) V
Sascha Dive – Jus Groove (deep vibes) V
Solomun – Deep Circus (diynamic) T
Ralphi Rosario – U Used to Hold Me feat Xavier Gold (nrk) V
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Choices - November 2010

Roman IV - La Paloma (Running Back)
Four underground tunes here. La Paloma and Lucy are both pure deep house trax. Sa Caleta is new disco format with a build up that takes you high. 123BPM is an Afro groove beat with chants. Quality release.

Musumeci - Rules 02 (Musumeci)
Musumeci continues to bring quality on the second release of his label. I was actually looking for this after the super remix the Italian producer presented for Demarkus Lewis 'No Longer the Same' on BattiBatti EP2. Two tracks here with Computer Program Reality which has the Original and shorter Reprise mix, and World Control. Computer Programme Reality is a slow house nu-disco groove with an amazing vocal talk by Philip K.Dick, the Reprise version has a more house feel to it with more bass kick and less tabs, the Original mix has more nu disco elements. World Control is another quality more nu funk disco trip. Very good release.

Marlow - Put Off Ep (room with a view)
A quality six tracker which includes two short two minutes intro and outro. Best track and one of the deep house tunes of the moment is surely Put Off, followed by the cover version I Don't Care About Anything. But this is all high quality.

Arno E.Mathieu - Astral Caravan Remix EP (Clima)
Afro Latin deep tribe four tracker at its best. Kuniyuki remix is dark and deep with spacey elements in it. While the In His true Mental Cut version is a full Latin build up, and Nude version keeps it simple and groovy with Latin pads building up.

COCCO - Beat On the Drum (Niraya)
I honestly thought Cocco was one of my all time DJ inspirations i.e. Claudio Coccoluto. But this is a Bulgarian producer Nikolay Karshakov. Here we have old school NY samples in a similar time frame arrangement and samples. The Original which is my preferred has a funky tribal attitude, the Gender mix is more of a build up kinda like Elements by DT. This is big room trax.

MMF - The Mysterious Man From? (ctf)
A two tracker of Detroit techno influences. Tekkno is just pure underground, and Sector 3 is a good Chicago Detroit mix. New label, never heard of productions mean it is good underground music. Cant tell you more so far if you know who they are leave a message.

Fritz Zander - For Your Love Ep (suoi)
A four tracker which is all worth a look. For Your Love is the most friendly tune, and is to be found in some important top ten DJ Choices. But also worth a note are the other three tracks with a special note to the cool Lose Yourself.

Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon Part.2 (Great Stuff)
A new remix package of a disco classic from 1985 with; Mastiksoul, Kasper Bjorke, Martin Eyerer and Jade Suaid, Neuroxyde Aki Bergen, Jay Lumen and Umek. Downloaded three mixes from this, of which my preferred is the Martin Eyerer Jade Suaid Eclectic mix. Worth a note is also the Kasper Bjorke version also on a deep tip, and the more house pump and friendly Neurooxyde Aki Bergen mix.

var art - Discolette Digital (colette)
An original ten tracker first released in October with digital version released late November. I choose three tracks from this long player of classics, two of which unreleased mixes. Just an Illusion remixed by Lindstrom and Terje, You Make Me Feel remixes by Bobby Viteriti, both unreleased and the original mix of Knight Moves by Chilly Gonzales.

Julio Bashmore - Around, Batak Groove (soul motive)
A two tracker. Vocal sample from Roy Davis Junior Watch dem Come in Around with good percussion groove, Batak is a spaced tribal groove mover.

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