Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam December 2013 Choices-Picks MiX

AD Bourke - Prelude (Five Fold) T
Genius of Time - Gliese 581G (Aniara Recordings) T
Neville Watson - Hot and Heavy (Don't Be Afraid) V
C.Robert Walker - Nobody Else But You 'Main Mix' (Offering Recordings) V
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - That Feeling (Moods and Grooves) T
That Plenty Herbs - Mood (Serenades) V
Juan De Dios - Missing You 'Always on my Mind Mix' (Nylon Trax) V
Takuya Matsumoto - Autumn Park Session (iero) V
Johannes Albert - People Say 'Fred P Reshape' (Frank Music) V
Brian James - Lord of the Shadow (Batti Batti) T
Kisk, E-dWard! - Without You (Apparel Music) V
Lars Behrenroth - Diserver (Deeper Shades Recordings) T
Tim McAllister - Can't Hide 'Original Mix' (stilove4music) V
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Choices - December 2013

Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Movement EP (Moods and Grooves)
After Underground Quality in 2010, and Minuendo Records earlier this 2013 year the Maltese deep house masters put there name on one of the most renowned highly respected US Detroit labels, i.e Moods and Grooves. In this four track extended player Owen and Melchior show there jazz deep side.  Collection stuff!

Brian James - Lord of the Shadows (Batti Batti)
Surely a fellow Maltese DJ who helped spread underground in Malta in the early nineties.  This is his first release on the Maltese Batti Batti label, what is a two tunes of deep house acid flavor trips.

Sobz and Soulpoizen feat. Goo J. Poet - God's Peace (Soul O Music)
Five mixes for Gods Peace and the very good Latin flavored magic Sabela.

Kisk - Friends EP Bonus Track Version (Apparel Music)
After the three volumes of the Kisk and Friends series comes this Bonus Track Version extended player.  In this Kisk, the Apparel label boss collaborates in three of the five tracks with Undeep, Accatone, and Ed-ward. 

SoulVarti with Tantra-Zawadi - Jazzy Nights For Jayne Cortez (Peng Africa)
Seven mixes in this latest from Peng Africa.  My preferred is the Ta-Ice dub and it's infectious bass line.  

Juan De Dios - Dark and Light EP (Nylon Trax)
Juan De Dios makes his second appearance on Nylon Trax and presents this different four track extended player.  Underground, deep, and dub sounds here.

various artists - Tony's Traxxx (Tony Records)
Legendary Tony Hunphries selects eleven tracks by Luis Radio, Spellband, Tony Jesus, Rikki Montanari, Alex Font, Pako di Rocco, Roby Maas, and Jacopo Gagliardi.  Take your picks.

various artists - Late Night Serenades, Vol.1 (Serenades)
Four different artists tracks extended player.  The Plenty Herbs track Mood is the best in my book.

Moniker - Billy D (Circus Company)
Deep trip in the remix by Detroit man Patrice Scott.

Neville Watson - Hot and Heavy EP (Don't Be Afraid)
The second catalog from the Don't Be Afraid Special Edition series.  This one sees Neville return to Don't Be Afraid with this three track extended player.  I like the deep house Hot and Heavy, with the other two tracks being techno.

Takuya Matsumoto - Drafting Under The Stars, various artists - Goshiki (iero)
Japanese label Iero releases some of its vinyl in digital format.  The man to watch here is Takuya Matsumoto and his Detroit techno jazz sounds.

Genius of Time - Gliese 581g (Aniara Recordings)
Originally released in 2011 and since then has been one of the most sought after vinyls.  Now gets a repress and a digital release.

various artists - The Recollection Part.2 (Offering Recordings)
Twenty tunes all in Afro Soul House from the nice Offering catalog. Take your picks.

various artists - 5 Years Deeper Shades Recordings (Deeper Shades Recordings)
This nice West coast San Francisco label celebrates five years with the fans, giving them 31 tracks in one release at a convenient price.   Nice stuff with known names and previously unreleased material.

various artists - The MC / Son (stilove4music)
This highly regarded label part of the Still Music family from Chicago has recently transferred its only vinyl catalog into digital.  This is its latest release with four tracks produced from Rick Wilhite and Tim Mcallister.

AD Bourke - Prelude (Five Fold)
A new label and a growing producer in this four track extended player.  Deep nu-disco sounds with Prelude being the best of the tracks followed by the beat less A Night in Almeria.

Johannes Albert - Hotel Novalis The Remixes (Frank Music)
Fred's P remix of People Say is the top one here.  But the Moonin remix of Muskrat Susie deserves. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

DJ Set - Mix for Matt Pond Deep Systems Show on MyHouseYourHouse.net December 2013

Was an honor to be invited to do a mix for Matt Pond Deep System show this Monday.  Matt Pond Deep Systems show airs every Monday fortnight on MyHouseYourHouse.net and is an inspirational sound journey. This is the recorded mix enjoy.
Playlist for the Mix:
Lady Blacktronica - Feel Nothing (Little Angel Records) V
Nasty Boy - Fall Out (Old Future Music) T
Joe Drive - Tefnut (4Lux Black) V
Jus Ed - All I Want To Do 'Part 2' (Underground Quality) T
Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Oceanic 'Original' (Minuendo Recordings) T
Fred P - Come This Far 'Reprise' (Soul People Music) T
The Machine - Leopard Skin 'Joe Claussell Re-Interpretation' (Pyramids of Mars) T
Trinidadian Deep - Olofin Santos 'Album' (Afro Sun Recordings) V
Marcello Napelotano - And Now A Grace's Grass Joint (What Ever Not) V
Marcellus Pittman - T.O.M. 'Project Mix' (Sound Signature) T
Marco Nega - Voodub 'Sumbody is Missin' (Batti Batti) T
Nick Jones Experience - Nick's Theme 'Nite Grooves CLub Mix' (Nite Grooves) T
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Movement EP (Moods And Grooves)

Debuting on Connecticut's Underground Quality label, followed by The Riot EP on Batti Batti and more recent a superb 10" titled Here For You on Spanish label Minuendo, the Maltese duo Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana head to Detroit with a outstanding four-track EP titled Movement on the highly praised label Moods and Grooves; the label with previous releases from Moodymann, Kyle Hall, Rick Wade, Brad Peterson, Andres, Theo Parrish, Glenn Underground, Anthony Shakir, Mr. G, and Mike Grant to name a few. When a label of such caliber turns its attention to Europe it has to be something special, since from a catalog of over 50 releases only a few of the artists hail from the old continent. In this extended player Owen and Melchior show a new side to their various deep faces thus far, with a vibe leaning towards Afro Jazz house sounds. The four tracks in this player; Movement, Sentimental, That Feeling, and Mesmerised are definitely for the refined audience. Movement, the title track of this EP opens the groove with solid phasing drums and alternating rhodes chords leading to a jazzy break and followed by build up of raw 909 hats and snares. Sentimental is the most atmospheric yet soulful track of this release with saturated afro percussion, ambient pads and a brass-like chorus taking the listener to other places with it timeless melody. On the flip side That Feeling takes an old school deep house approach with warm pads and jazzy vibes reminiscent to the classic Guidance Recordings. The last track Mesmerised is a 7 minute broken-beat Afro jazz masterpiece with drowsing brassy pads and moaning leads.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

DJ Set - Liam November 2013 Choices-Picks MiX

Axel Boman -  Dance All Night (Studio Barnhaus) T
Physical Sound Sport - Kiwa (JAZZY SPORT) T
Marcellus Pittman - In Due Time 'Ricardo Miranda Remix' (RushHour) V
Jay Daniel - Bubble Cougar (Sound Signature) T
IndySoul - Drifting In Time 'Singularity Mix' (We Go Deep) V
Henkeman - Time To Go (Batti Batti) V
Radio Diffusion - BHVL 'Roman Rauch Remix Vocal Dub' (Compost Records) V
Baldo - Single Flight (Subwax Exursions) T
CVO - Summer of Love 'Original' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) T
K-Alexi - The Dancer 'Ron Trent Remix' (K Klassik) V
Brendon Moeller - Loudness Sustain Decay (Pomelo) T
Marcellus Pittman - Make It Work (Still Music) T
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Choices - November 2013

Henkeman - Tropical Mindless EP (Batti Batti)
The Maltese label continues to release high quality material.  This time Batti Batti looks South West of Malta to find Henkeman, aka Khalil DJ from Tunisia who presents us two nice deep tracks.

CVO - Summer of Love (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
Glenn Underground other alias which means Chicago Very Own presents this acid house jazz infected single. Are you ready to fly.

Jay Daniel - Scorpio Rising EP (Sound Signature)
Theo Parrish label presents this Detroit Techno four track extended player.  More atmosphere House orientated Bubble Cougar is my preferred, but No Love Lost and drum track Brainz deserve a listen.

Baldo - Choosing Time (Subwax Exursions)
Old school Chicago rhythms extended player from Spanish Baldo. I like Single Flight.

Rheji Burell - Better Late Then Never: Lost Nu Groove Records Tracks (B Wax) 
Six tracks unedited, never mastered and not released from some hidden DAT's.  Classic deep house in its purity.

Chaos In The CBD - 816 To Nunhead (Amadeus)
A Canadian label presenting this New Zealand duet of producers release.    

Brendon Moeller - Reconcile (Pomelo)
Two interesting names Brendon Moeller producer and Pomelo the label, both renowned for dub minimal techno excursions.  But the deep track Loudness Sustain Decay is amazingly good.

Axel Boman - Family Vacation (Studio Barnhus)
Nice fourteen track album from Swedish Axel Boman. Sweden definitely needs more of this, then the crap music it has taken name for in recent years.

Vibes New and Rare Music - Part 6 (RushHour)
This famous Dutch label heads again to Detroit for this rare outing which features Rich Wilhite remixed by Andres, and Marcellus Pittman reworked from Chicago's Miranda.

Radio Diffusion - # 106 (Compost Records)
The Compost Black label series continues.  Put your player on the nice remix by Roman Rauch.

IndySoul - Drifting In Time Part.2 (We Go Deep) 
Six different new remixes for Drifting In Time, released as an extended player back past March.  Gene King presents two versions, but the most interesting are from Caveman and Singularity.

K-Alexi - The Dancer Pt.2 (K Klassik) 
Five new remixes with the hot name in this one coming from Ron Trent.

Deep Boyz Featuring Byron Stingly - Father (Omni Music Solutions)
Okay apart Byron this one features some names; first of all Deep Boyz are Gershon Jackson and Mike Dunn.  Second the first tease is a remix from Glenn Underground.  More mixes are in store and the official pack out coming December will feature also versions by Kenny Dope and Garphie from UK.

Physical Sound Sport - Song Notes 2006-2013 (JAZZY SPORT)
Three Japanese producers united presents this mostly down tempo album featuring thirteen innovative tracks with Afro, funk, jazz, and soul elements.

In The Dark: Detroit Is Back (Still Music)
24 different tunes from the Motor City.  Rick Wilhite, Amp Fiddler, Delano Smith, Marcellus Pittman, Patrice Scott are some of the famous names in this.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam October 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Geiger and Lafelt - Walking In The Rain 'Jaymz Nylon Remix' (Nylon Trax) V
IndySoul Presents Tanta Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Change All Over Me 'Jonny Montana Remix' (SHINES) V
Melchior Sultana - Movin On (Batti Batti) T
Andy Vaz - Bicycle Love 'Damon Lamar's Lower Wacker Drive Mix' (Yore Records) T
Alba - Knokke 'Rick Wade Remix' (Plastic World) T
The Bang - Midnight Anthem 'Original Mix' (Blaq Africa Records) V
Veja Vee Khali, Steve Otto - Helpless (DNH) T
Glenn Underground - Service 'Ricardo Mirando Rerub' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) T
Jonas Rathsman - Yes I Am (OneOffs) T
Sam Russo - Sue Press 'Original Mix' (Vitalik Recordings) T
Jon Cutler - 4-Real 'Instrumental' (Papa) T
Ian 'Pang-Lo' Jimenez - Tek Ride 'Joe SKLZ Valentin Remix' (Tribal Winds) T
Ayce DJ & Karlito ft. Paul Lee - Havana 'Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix' (Duffnote Recordings) V
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Choices - October 2013

Andy Vaz - Bicycle Love (Yore Records)
Original and two other versions by Brad P and Damon Lamar.  So good that if they where in three different releases I would buy each of them.

IndySoul Presents Tanta Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Change All Over Me (SHINES)
A total of ten mixes to choose from in this nice deep soulful package.  Known producers in the remixes including hot names as Kafele and Gene King.

Alba - Knokke / Law (Plastic World)
This release is all about the new.  From the Australian duo who make there first release on a fresh label. Nice remix by Rick Wade to Knokke, and the original version of Law is also good.

Rick Wade - Night Logic (Unclear Records)
Two tunes from the man from Detroit; Never Seeing and Talk With You.  I like the Giulio Etiope remix of Talk With You.

Glenn Underground - Service Ricardo Miranda Rerub (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
The second single taken from Glenn Underground latest July 12 1979 album, released in digital past January 2013.  This time Glenn out sources remix duties, and trusts Ricardo Miranda who does an interesting rework.

Sam Russo - Vanishing Test EP (Vitalik Recordings)
If you like Detroit Techno and a raw groove head straight to the original version of Sue Press.

Veja Vee Khali - Higher Moments (DNH)
Canadian Nick Holder has really a global vision for his DNH label.  Here he picks Veja Vee Khali a South African talent from Sowetu, who produces a nice six track extended player.

Melchior Sultana - Secret Story (Batti Batti)
A release fully dedicated to the super talented Maltese producer Melchior Sultana.  Two down tempo tunes one of which is a cover version to the Kool and the Gang classic Summer Madness.  Also good the deep house tune Movin On.

Ian 'Pang-Lo' Jimenez - Tek Ride (Tribal Winds)
Check the different ride by Joe Valentin.  Tribal, funky, and tech.

Jon Cutler - 4-Real EP (Papa)
A big signature release; from the label Papa known to the many, to the famous Jon Cutler renowned for his 2002 deep house hit and today a played classic Its Yours.

Geiger and Lafelt - Walking In The Rain EP (Nylon Trax)
The Jaymz Nylon remix improves the already good original of Walking in the Rain.

various artists - OneOffs #3 (OneOffs)
The third release in the OneOff series, a Local Talk sub label.  The concept in number three follows that of the previous releases of four different artists and tunes.  Here I like Jonas Rathsman Yes I Am.

The Bang - Inspiration (Blaq Africa Records)
A three track deep Afro all instrumental extended player from this debut South African artist.  My preferred is Midnight Anthem, but the title release Inspiration deserves a listen.

Polytonal feat. Alinah - Make You Mine (The Big R Music Production)
A wonderful song interpreted to perfection by the nice voice of Alinah.  Seven versions to choose from, including some instrumentals and Acapella.  A big challenge between the Original and the Polytonal mix.

Vakula - You've Never Been to Konotop Selected Works 2009-2012 (Firecracker)
Since Ukranian Mikhaylo Vityk appeared on the scene in 2007, he released so many singles, Discogs signals 25 signed under his most known Vakula alias.  This is his first album featuring twelve underground tunes which cross genre from Techno to Detroit and Deep, dedicated to his home town.

Richard Earnshaw - Decade (Duffnote Recordings)
Twenty five productions and remixes from Earnshaw release library coming from the past decade compiled in this compilation release.  Take your picks.

Jovonn - House Ala Carte (Clone Classic Cuts)
One of the best Jovonn classics from the nineties re-released.  What can I say, thank god for that.

Monday, September 30, 2013

DJ Set - Liam September 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Ezel featuring Tamara Wellons - Girl from Ipanema 'Trinidadiandeep Future Vision Remix' (Makin Moves) V
RescuePoetix™ - Raspberry KIsses 'DJ General Slam Gentel Soul Remix' (Cyberjamz) V
Nasty Boy - Wrong Way (Back To The Future Recordings) V
Soul Fortune feat. Ronnie Canada - Missing You 'Harley&Muscle Caio's Deep remix' (Soulstar) V
Josh Milan - Fort Greene's Theme 'Main' (Vega Records) T
Anerah Yasole - Fazar Amor 'Lars Behrenroth 4-20 am Dub' (Offering Recordings) T
Sir LSG - All I Am feat. Brian Temba & Kafele 'DJ Spinna Galatic Soul Remix' (GOGO Music) V
Kat Channel - Second Floor (Got2Go Records) V
Leonid - Galax (Dolly) T
Wbeeza - Perfect High (PFly Music) V
Soul 223 - Walberswick 'Hoist Covert Mix' (Delusions of Grandeur) T
Terrence Parker - Somethin' Here 'TP's 2013 Unreleased Mix' (JD Records) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - September 2013

various artists - Four Seasons Vol.III (Got2Go Records)
A three track plus a remix extended player on this vinyl all in deep techno mood.  I like Kat Channel track titled Second Floor the most.

RescuePoetix - Raspberry Kisses, DJ Punch and Flip Entertainments Presents Baby Powder Goes Afro E.P (Cyberjamz)
Two other good releases this month from Cyberjamz.

Wbeeza - Perfect High / I Like It (PFly Music)
Nice release from London man Warren Brown also known as Wbeeza.  Disco soul influence.

Soul 223 - Fear of Stopping (Delusions of Grandeur)
Three track extended player plus an extra mix for the title release by Maxi Mill.  I like the deep dark and a bit techno Walberswick.

K-Alexi - The Dancer (K Klassik)
Some new remixes for this classic.  Straight to the deep and dark Glenn Underground remix.  Yes it is him!

Sroczynski -  Final Wielkiej Cioty Lars Behrenroth Edit (Deeper Shades Recording)
Deeper Shades Recordings continue to release very good one track releases.  This is the third in order coming in a couple months time.

Ralf Gum - Never, Sir LSG - All I Am (GOGO Music)
Two hot releases in a month from GOGO Music.  Ralf Gum continues to release single from his album inviting this time none the less then Louie Vega to remix duties.  Sir LSG new single is also hot and apart the interesting original features a good remix by DJ Spinna.

Pierre Santino - Wellness (Apparel Music)
A nice album from Santino all in a jazz mood influence.  I like the jazz full house Play This Shit.

Terence Parker - Why After All This (JD Records)
Three Chicago House classics from Terence Parker reworked for 2013.  This month JD Records from Spain also released a digital re-issue of Kenny Dixon Jnr aka Moodymann 1995 tune 'Emotional Content'.

various artists - Where It's At (Back To The Future Recordings)
Five different artist extended player.  Nasty Boy does another great job here, but also check the good straight deep track by Giuseppe Aiello.

Soul Fortune feat. Ronnie Canada - Missing You (Soulstar)
Original plus three versions by Hugo Giner, Suges and Italians Harley and Muscle.  I like the one by the Italian duet.

La Fleur - Nightflow EP (Watergate)
Kenny Larkin mix is the drama here.  Literally!

Leonid - Radar EP (Dolly)
Three track extended player all in instrumental flirting with techno deep house.  Take your pick.

Josh Milan - Honey Sweet E.P (Vega Records)
Nice three different track extended player from one half of the famous Blaze band.  If you like Afro-Latin sounds from New York take all three.

Anerah Yasole - Identification EP (Offering Recordings)
Another nice release from Offering Recordings in Afro House sounds.  Not to miss is surely the Lars Behrenroth amazing remix to Fazor Amor.

Ezel Featuring Tamara Wellons - Girl from Ipanema Justin Imperiale and Trinidadian Deep Remixes (Makin Moves)
Trinidadian Deep remix for me please.

various artists - Red Steam on Mars (Old Future Music)
A digital version of a vinyl release from this South Italian label.  Three tracks featuring Detroit man PirahnaHead.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam August 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Alex Agore - Falling (No Matter What) T
Glenn Underground - Out With The Old 'GU's Nostalgia' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) T
Fromwood - Homesphere (Atjazz Record Company) V
Gil Tamazyan - Neotek (Deeper Shades Recordings) T
Peven Everett - Won't You Try Me (Makin Moves) V
IsaQdeep and Jinks Deep Feat. Rocio Starry - Never Surrender 'Deeperholic's StraightDeep Mix' (Touch Africa Music) V
The Rurals - Nu-Ice (Peng) T
Mike Dunn Presents Green Tea - Rise 'Waltek and Tony Maione Instrumental Mix' (T's Box) T
DJ Teesen - In The Dark 'Original Mix' (TSN Music) T
DJ Earon - Your Love is Beautiful (Cyberjamz) V
DJ Rasoul - Visions In Motion (Robsoul) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - August 2013

Gil Tamazyan - Neotek (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Another one tune single release from Deeper Shades.  This goes unusual from the recent releases signed Deeper Shades having a more deep and raw flavour.

IsaQdeep and Jinks Deep Feat. Rocio Starry - Never Surround (Touch Africa Music) 
Seven versions to choose from in this quality package, take your pick.

The Rurals - Life On The B Side (Peng)
Since young I have been a fan of the other side, that one played less or nothing on the radios.  This is The Rurals other side, definitely more track.

Atjazz - Love Someone DJ Tipz and Fromwood Remixes feat. Robert Owens, Fromwood - Homesphere (Atjazz Record Company)
In a month Atjazz Record Company release four single.  These are the Two I liked most.

Mike Dunn Presents Green Tea - Rise The Remixes (T's Box) 
Waltek and Tony Maione go Afican tribal house deep and I follow them in the Instrumental mix. 

Alex Agore - Praise EP (No Matter What)
For this four track extended player Alex does his usual old school vibe, but the track Falling which I like takes him into more atmosphere deep house style.

DJ Teesen - Born On The 8th Of August (TSN Music) 
Teesen one of the South African producers I am following the most in recent times, releases his first album featuring nine interesting deep house tracks.

DJ Earon - Your Love is Beautiful (Cyberjamz)
Earon from New Jersey does it all here producing and singing this song released in a romantic mood with a cool Latin groove. What do you want more in life?

Glenn Underground - G.I. Disco,  Out With The Old, Silent (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) 
Glenn makes it a very hot August releasing two singles, and the acclaimed album from 2009 Silent in digital download format.

Lilac Jeans feat. Mr. Ngwenya - Far Away With the Legend Remixes (Peng Africa) 
Original works best in this latest Peng Africa release.

Peven Everett - King of Hearts (Makin Moves) 
Another great album from one of the master soul singers of this generation.  Love Story and Baby Won't You Try Me are my preferred.

Hausick - Gospel (Fresh Meat)
Audio Soul Project aka Mazi remix of the track Empty Without You is the one to watch.

Phil Weeks - Crate Diggin' Vol.2 and Vol.3 (Robsoul)
After releasing volume one Phil Weeks digs more and gives us volume two and three of this interesting series. High attention to the DJ Rasoul productions.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam July 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Zaki Ibrahim Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky - 2 Sides (Atjazz Records Company) V
Ugly Drums - Swimming (Quintessentials) V
Abstraccion - Something of You (Trax 4 Club Records) V
Ntsako feat. Breezy - I am Only Human 'Tribute Mix' (DNH) V
Yardub - Dyou 'Original Mix' (Bubbles on the Air) V
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - The Riot (Batti Batti) T
L.P Mosalo - Feels Like Sunday 'Original Mix' (TSN Music) T
Djjoel S - Tonght (Cyberjamz) T
Trinidadian Deep - Obi Elleggue 'Album' (Afro Sun Recordings) V
The Gabivon Brothers - The Strongest Soul in Africa (Blacksole Entertainment) T
JT Donaldson - My Belief (Robsoul) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - July 2013

various artists - The Riot EP (Batti Batti)
The third vinyl release from Batti Batti coming from label boss Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana.  I was previewed this still unfinished a year before release and I just could not wait any longer.  Excellent underground tracks.

The Gabivon Brothers - Unthinkable EP (Blacksole Entertainment)
A new label which appeared this month with two releases distant by a couple of weeks between them.  This is catalogue 02 what is a quality three track all African jazz house extended player.

Deeper Phil - Music My Reflection, Gmbos - Forever Begins, Ntsako feat. Breezy - I am Only Human (DNH)
I like the recent direction DNH has taken.  Here is a monthly pick of three different releases.

Francis Inferno Orchestra - Dreamtime EP (Drumpoet Community)
Four different old school influenced tracks from FIO.   I like Amber Express.

Meropa - Live a Lil' Suges Remix (Deeper Shades Recordings)
A single one version release from Deeper Shades Recordings in soulful African grooves.

Abstraccion - Air Sensation (Trax 4 Club Records)
A ten track album from this unknown artist in my book.  Good stuff though.

L.P Mosalo - House Classics 2 (TSN Music)
Since hearing DJ Teesen and his two TSN labels earlier this year, they are on my high attention list.  This is another good two track extended player.

Zaki Ibrahim Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky - Be, Elise - Poseidon (Atjazz Records Company)
Two hot releases from Atjazz label in July.  Be is one of the months preferred.

Llogicsoul - Moving Forward E.P (Black People Records)
Like the nice harmony which comes from Melody Tune with Ivan Prince on vocals.

Yardub - Barrica EP (Bubbles on the Air)
I like Dyou in this five track extended player all in a deep vibe.

Timmy Regisford - Thank You Remixed Part Two (Tribe Records)
The Shelter front man production gets remixed by two greats; i.e. Frankie Feliciano and Zepherin Saint.

Trinidadian Deep - Emotional High (Afro Sun Recordings)
A name which does not deserve much publicity nowadays.  Good five track extended player again from the Toronto raised, today New York resident Trinidadian Deep.

Djjoel S - Expanding Minds E.P. (Cyberjamz)
Ninties influenced three track extended player.  I like Tonight.

Ugly Drums - Saturn Memories (Quintessentials)
One of my favourite recent period producers releases a very good seven track plus a remix album.  Vocal collaboration from Lady Blacktronica on two tracks, plus a remix by Pablo Valentino also featured.

Phil Weeks - Crate Diggin Vol.1 (Robsoul)
Ten old crates found by Phil Weeks for this new series of compilation on Robsoul.  Known names in this one from; Rasoul, Sneak, Inland Knight, and JT Donaldson.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: various artists - The Riot EP (Batti Batti)

Batti Batti returns with another serious release, this time from label boss Owen Jay and studio partner Melchior Sultana. Avoiding the use of sampling, the Riot Ep is a four tracker of genuine deepness, very original in style and structure and having all sounds produced on vintage hardware gear. Style wise this Extended player varies from the more club oriented tracks Silent Change and The Riot which could easily be categorized as deep techno, to a very house groove titled Afterparty and a Rhodes world wide infested mid-tempo groove titled Mirror from Melchior Sultana. Rumor has it that Dj Jus-Ed the Underground Quality boss has been playing these tracks for the past two years and as the engraving on the vinyl suggest BBR03 is a dedicated to the deep house community worldwide. Vinyl released in Spring was limited to three hundred copies with only a few left here and there. Now its time for the digital release.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

DJ Set - Liam June 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Theo Parish and Tony Allen - Feel Loved feat. Ashong and David Okumu (Wildheart Recordings) V
Black Smoke - Cosmic Organica 'Original Mix' (We Go Deep) T
Rick Wade - Hard Full 'Original' (Holic Trax) T
Medlar - Carry It (Wolf Music Recordings) V
Gintonic Da Colly - My Child 'Gintonic Da Colly Dubstrumental Mix' (Durbanboy Records) T
Raha - One Night in Africa 'Didactic Scalica Remix' (iTech Sound System) T
Azymuth - A Mulher 'Ashley Beedle African on Marz Voyage Remix' (Far Out Recordings) V
DJ Fudge - Asikolo 'Original Mix' (United Music Records) V
Robert Armani - Arrow 'Original Mix' (Chiwax) T
IKE - Kaleidoskop (Philpot Records) T
Noel Nanton - Things Are Changing 'Main' (DNH) V
Rooted Channel Brothers - The Kiss @ Coco EP 'Enzo Remix' (Afro Rebel Music) V
Uraz Kurt - Big Fun featuring Cagri Ultay 'Nu Funified' (Soulab) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - June 2013

Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Heat Rising (Minuendo Recordings)
After Underground Quality and the own Batti Batti wax label the Maltese deep house duo debut in style with a limited pressing to 280 copies blue colored vinyl on the highly regarded Spanish label.  No digital release in plan, grab your copy while you can.

Uraz Kurt - Hip Hip Uraz (Soulab)
Uraz Kurt first album with eighteen tracks full of funky and soul sounds in Hip Hop and House grooves.  Some nice cover versions also featured as 'Big Fun' and 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine'. 

various artists - Funky Party 2 (Soulab)
Thirteen cool funky tracks by different artists all part of the Soulab rotation squad as Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, Los Charly's Orchestra, Fatback 4Way, Confection from Australia, Uraz Kurt from Istanbul, and a brilliant newcomer from  France: Moonshoes.

DJ Fudge - Asikolo (United Music Records)
French Fudge have always been one of my fixed fixtures. Like the harmony and Latin elements of the original in this.

Daren Ager - Summer in Detroit (Subwax Exursions)
Head straight to the nice atmospheres created by Halcyon Days.

Da Underground City feat. Bluesoil - The Roots of Jazz (Xtradeep SA Recordings)
Nice deep jazz house from South Africa.  Four versions of which I like Bluesoil mix the most, but the others are good as well.

Raha - One Night in Africa (iTech Sound System)
iTech back catalogue is more about more about pumped up house sounds, but here it's a nice Afro soul vibes in all the versions.  Is it a new direction for the label? 

L.A.M.P - Shades of Green (Peng)
A nice thirteen track album all in soul funk jazz vibes. If you know the label and who is behind it you can get the idea what the artist band initials mean.  Nice stuff.

Black Smoke -  Deep Space Organic EP (We Go Deep)
A four different track extended player.

various artists - WolfEP018 (Wolf Music Recordings)
One of the most followed labels of the last year or so.  Four different artist tracks, of which my preferred is the track from Medlar.

Nick Holder - By All Means Underground, Noel Nanton - Classics Vol.3 (DNH)
Nick seems to find some of his old school vibe in this extended player.  While Nanton continues to dig his past.

IKE - Kaleidoskop (Philpot Records)
Philpot signature innovative deep and underground sounds.

Rooted Channel Brothers - The Kiss @ Coco EP (Afro Rebel Music)
Six different versions equals take your pick. If you like it deep is all about the last two from Enzo and Ele Roots.

Rick Wade - Hard Full EP (Holic Trax)
In this three track extended player Wade shows his darker harder side, without forgetting his usual funk element.

Gintonic Da Colly - Venda Goes Deep (Durbanboy Records)
Six different tracks in this interesting extended player from a new name who appeared in 2012.

various artists - OneOffs#2 (OneOffs)
A four different artist track extended player.  I like the handbag disco infected California My Way.

Azymuth - A Mulher / Carnaval Legrand Ashley Beedle and Opolopo Remixes (Far Out Recordings)
A legendary Brazilian band remixed by two known names.  I like Ashley Beedle's touch on A Mulher.

Theo Parish and Tony Allen - Day Like This / Feel Loved (Wildheart Recordings)
Two geniuses create some interesting music when they meet up.

Robert Armani - Arrow (Chiwax)
The title track Arrow sees Armani go into deep house territory.  Nice old school vibe!

Ciappy DJ Davide Murri feat Fabrizio Scarafile - Winds of Victoria Remixes (Gotta Keep Faith)
Three new remixes plus the Spiritual Blessing mix release in 2012 for this classic from 2008.

Mike Dunn Meets Victor Simonelli and Luis Radio - Noting Stays the Same (Systematic)
Another Chicago classic gets the remix treat by German label and producers.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Uraz Kurt - Hip Hip Uraz (Soulab)

Soulab returns to a full album by one of its latest new rotation artist, this time coming from Turkish producer Uraz Kurt.  This full length album is called  'Hip Hip Uraz' as it's very fair to say once you listen to the eighteen tracks featured in this interesting long player.  This album is definitely an arsenal of good grooves and songs, most of which are in Hip Hop and R'n'b sounds with a couple of house influenced here and there. If you want house listen to Beach Dance and Big Fun, this last cover version of Detroit's Inner City smash hit back in the eighties. Another cover version in this album is but this time in hip hop nu-soul grooves is 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' and as in Big Fun singer Cagri Ultay does another amazing job. All I can say is to do not sleep on this because the Uraz Kurt's Hip Hip is an art of groove inspired  by past soul, funk, and new wave sounds produced and put together in a modern method.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: various artists - Funky Party 2 (Soulab)

Soulab after a few months releases its second instalment of the compilation Funky Party, a melting pot of great funky grooves coming from a bunch of talented funk soul brother producers, heading the new school.  These names are paramount with the French Soulab label; Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, Los Charly's Orchestra, Fatback 4Way, Confection from Australia, Uraz Kurt from Istanbul, and a brilliant newcomer from  France: Moonshoes.  Some of these names are part of Soulab artists rotation since years, while others have joined the label in the recent months. These production teams are also backed by a dream team of vocalists: The Maestros  Rotimo Soul, The Supa Soul Brotha Del of the Neutronics, Don Dolla, the Divas Cagri Ultay, Me'lisa Morgan, Diane Marsh and Janice and Ange in the thirteen tracks featured in this compilation. As is usual to all Soulab compilation Funky Party 2 while coming from new school artists looks at funk music from its various sound identified by many in decades; from the seventies, eighties, to the nineties with a twist of modern tech thrown in noticeable by those with good ears.  It's absolutely essential modern Funk business on Funky Party 2 again in its second instalment.

Friday, May 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam May 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Mitsu The Beats - Let Go feat. Takumi Kaneko (Jazzy Sport) V
Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn - What is House 'Dubbyman remix' (Soulstar) V
DJ Aakmael - Track Nine (Manuscript Records Ukraine) T
Damien Zala - Hard Day 'Dj Jus-Ed Remix' (Rowtag) T
Kay Bonez Featuring Qsoljazz - Love Escape 'Chambers of House Remix' (Peng Africa) V
Prez Ft. Brujita - Believe 'Butter Factory Remix' (House Tribe Records) V
DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment - Come Around 'Dj Punch and Flip Ent. Remix' (Cyberjamz) V
Louie Vega Starring Bucie - Angels Are Watching Me 'Dance Ritual Dub' (Vega Records) V
Audio Werner - Balance 2 'Original Mix' (Galdoors) T
Jovonn - Love Destination (Mojuba Records) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - May 2013

various artists - The Soul Revolution 3 (Soulab)
Thirteen tracks from the French Soulab diverse artist rotation exploring soul in its various forms; being it house, broken beat, or its more classic RnB version.  Take your picks!

Mitsu The Beats - Beats Installments Vol.2 (Jazzy Sport)
A twelve track album featuring for the most part short cuts and down tempo tunes, that is minus the broken African beats Lets Go. 

Prez Ft. Brujita - Believe (House Tribe Records)
Eleven versions all in Tribe African soul sounds.  Butter Factory remix is my preferred.

KFMH - The Boat Party (Wild Oats)
The first album from this Kylie Hall and DJ Kaze N Point collaboration who previously had two vinyl releases.  The disco infected track Measure 2 Measure works for me.

DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment - Baby Powder Traxx E.P Vol # 3 (Cyberjamz)
Five different track extended player.  The Pot Melted is a tribute to the Melting Pot by Booker T.

Foremost Poets - Reasons to be Dismal? (Poker Flat Recordings)
Also known as Johnny Dangerous.  Here is a new pack of four remixes making this original release from 1989 standing the test of time.  Motorcitysoul Remix for me please!

Yass ft. Inaya Day - Bring It Up (King Street)
I like the Classic Instrumental. 

Louie Vega Starring Bucie - Angels Are Watching Me (Vega Records)
The Dance Ritual mix reminds me of mid nineties Masters at Work, which started a magical period for the legendary New York duet which lasted over ten years.

Donnie - Olmec Save Us (NDTAL Muzik)
Its a challenge to choose between Osunlade, and Kai Alce version. 

Ladybird - Shine Remixes (Peng)
Ladybird continues to issue singles from the very good album released in 2012.  Here is six new mixes for Shine.  The original remains the best in my book, but since I had that I went for the old school vibe coming from Pete Dow and Mongini.

Audio Werner - Balances EP (Galdoors)
A new label for this release from this good German producer.  Three Balances to choose from.

Elta James - Sunday Kind of Love, DJ Pope - I'm In Love (POJI)
Two good releases from POJI, a label which I follow since year 1999.

Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn - What Is House (Soulstar)
If I bought the vinyl without Dubbyman's remix I would have been disappointed.  Yes the best version for me is not in the vinyl. 

Kay Bonez Featuring Qsoljazz - Love Escape (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa gives always diverse versions to choose in its releases.  For Love Escape the British label gives five, all in African Deep soul sounds.

DJ Aakmael - EP2 (Manuscript Records Ukraine)
New York man Aakmael is one of my favourite producers in the last year or so.  I suggest to listen and take your picks of this very good four track extended player.

Damien Zala - Lonely Happiness Remixes (Rowtag)
Four tracks from Damien's album released in the fall of 2012 get the remix by different producers.  Jus Ed makes a masterpiece of Hard Days, while Rick Wade does his usual with Let and Right. 

various artists - Classics V3 (Shack Music Recordings)
The third version of picked classics from Shack Music.  Here we have Shawn Ward, Demarkus Lewis, and Matt Flores.

Theo Parrish - Space Station / Going Through Changes (Sound Signature)
Vinly issued in 2009, now Theo follows it four years later with the digital format release. For those that missed it.

Jovonn - Stump It EP (Mojuba Records)
Released on Italian label Nite Stuff in 1994, nineteen years later German label Mojuba returns it to life in both digital and vinyl.  Stump It EP is considered one of the classics from New Jersey man Jovonn, and that by itself is big talk.

Elements of Life - Eclipse (FANIA)
A bit late in this, as it was out in March. But I went for the double pack vinyl, which arrived in early April.  Well done again to Louie Vega for creating such an important project.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: various artists - The Soul Revolution 3 (Soulab)

Soulab continues in its strategy of the last months and continues to bring a series of innovative not only for the DJ but also great to listen compilations, all with a different theme to them and exploring soul and funk in its diverse forms.  This time around Soulab presents The Soul Revolution 3, a thirteen track unmixed compilation coming from twelve different artists all from the French label stable.  This compilation follows this second instalment issued past June 2012, so if you are into this you might as well check that out.  The Soul Revolution 3 as the name says explores soul in its various sub genres its has transformed into in the last years.   A transformation which is musically speaking a making of over a century.  You can listen to for example Weeland and The Soul Collectives 'Push You Back' and you are into modern Rnb territory. While Slow Motion Replay 'Terminal Station' takes into Latin inspired vibes.  For more funk house grooves check the Uptown Funk Empire here with two tracks, the more pumped dub remix of Allen Hoist 'With Love', and the broken beat 'Feel this Groove' by Sir Gloves. Uraz Kurt 'Remeber the Light'  gives a new meaning to modern soul with its electronic vibe mixed with sounds coming from life instruments.  Soulab does it again with a great compilation of quality music, that's about it.      

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DJ Set - Liam April 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Cleveland - Pandora (Batti Batti) T
Jin Choi - Views (Lessizmore Records) V
L.P. Mosalo - Inside of Me (TSN Records) T
Dario Damerini - Juno Spring 'Original Mix' (Houseworx) V
Toni Be - Midnight Swim (Remote) V
DJ Tessen - MeSong (TSN Music) T
Zulumafia - Sun Rays 'Original Mix' (Zulumafia Digital) T
Nasty Boy - Oversized (Old Future Music) V
Whim-ee - Untitled 001 (Mussen Project Records) V
Nathan H- Alpinism (Batti Batti) T
Urban Sound Lab featuring Aisling - Sole Controller 'USL & Toni E Dubstrumental' (Seasons Limited) T
Clivilles and Kupper - Music 4 The Soul 'Original Mix' (Hysteria) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - April 2013

Nasty Boy - Underground River EP (Batti Batti)
After debuting on Batti Batti in the various artists These Days EP, Nasty Boy has a full release dedicated for him on the Malta label.  Three great tunes all in underground atmospheric deep house sound.

various artists - Atmospheres EP (Batti Batti)
The second instalment of the Batti Batti records vinyl series is another four different artists EP named Atmospheres. The title says it all on what to find from label boss Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana, man of the moment Nathan H, Belgium artist Cleveland, and the well known British Bittersuite who put a soulful vibe to this superb extended player.

Nasty Boy - Clock (Old Future Music)
A three different track extended player again from Nasty Boy who seems to have a microwave oven at home dedicated to burning good tunes.  If you are looking for deep and raw sounds, check it out all of it.

various artists - That Soul EP, DJ Tessen - Lost EP (TSN Records), DJ Tessen - House Classics 1 (TSN Music)
Tessen caught my attention earlier this month with Lost EP. Fast forward to 30th April and in a month he has three different releases on his two labels, all of high quality. Some Google research and I found that he has been releasing records since 2001 some of which also for Abicah Soul. Very good stuff from him and his labels. Enough said!

Shakes - Drum Ethos (Housegrown)
Shakes third release for Housegrown.  The original is pure African tribe deep with a raw feel.

Whim-ee - Untitled EP (Mussen Project Records)
Sara aka Whim-ee brings its third release to the Italian Mussen label with a four different tracks extended player. Deep and trip with an old school feel twisted in modern ways.

various artists - Remote 3, Toni Be - Midnight Swim (Remote)
Three vinyl releases from Remote see the light in digital format. I choose the above two!

Urban Sound Lab featuring Aisling - Sole Controller (Seasons Limited)
I like the Dubstrumental which Urban Sound Lab made with Tony B.

Zulumafia - All About House (Zulumafia Digital)
A six different track extended player for the eight release of Zulumafia Digital.  Latin soul house vibe. 

Jin Choi - Confusion EP (Lessizmore Records)
A four track extended player from Jin Choi.  Had straight to Views!

Matthias Vogt - Your Love (Large Music)
For me is about the track Testament. Large indeed and takes to me places I want to stay.

Skymark - NSYDE EP feat.Lady Blacktronica (NSYDE)
The Lady gives a display of her voice in the opening track Use Me.  But the other two tracks who are instrumentals, deserve as much.

Dario Damerini - Straight Long Drink (Houseworx)
Four different tracks extended player all with a nineties deep house feel.  Juno Spring and 4AM catch my attention.

Glenn Underground, Swaylo, Consuela Ivy - I Am Not in Love Remixes (Strictly Jaz Unit)
CVO mix makes you addicted to sing inside.  That's a song for you.

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer EP (MCDE Recordings)
A three track extended player plus a second part for the title track Send A Prayer.  I like the very track SP 11. Was that the name of a stylus? 

Clivilles and Kupper - Music 4 The Soul (Hysteria)
Two well known big name producers for us deep house heads making their mark since the eighties, return in action together and give you this when they look inside.  Superb!

Nathan Adams - Falling (Tribe Records)
A preview single for the upcoming album from Nathan Adams.  Here Louie Vega who is on mix duties offers a total of seven mixes including tools, all in his usual African tribal rhythms. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Nasty Boy - Underground River EP (Batti Batti)

Italian DJ producer Niko Nasty Boy returns to BattiBatti after appearing for the various artists These Days extended player released in early March, with the solid track 'Something in my Shoes'.   A tune that personally I cannot stop playing! In this extended player Niko follows to the letter the BattiBatti signature sound, presenting three atmospheric deep house tracks; Early in the Sky, For My Bag, and Underground River. All three tunes are deep and underground with a classic mood to them, inspired from sounds of the mid nineties.  To sum up in short Early in the Sky is atmospheric, while For My Bag is mellow with a romantic feel to it, while the last track Underground River which gives the name to the extended player is the most moving of the lot.  Nasty Boy is definitely one of the names to watch in the months to come and the Italian young producer should be on the radar for all deep house music lovers.      

Review: Nasty Boy - Clock (Old Future Music)

Old Future Music a digital and vinyl label from Naples Italy, presents its latest release coming from Italian uprising producer Nasty Boy who presents us with a three different track player called Clock.  Nasty Boy on Old Future Music sixth digital release follows such names as Rick Wade, and D.O.B appearing previous to him on this young label.  Nasty Boy three tracks here are Clock, Fall Out, and Oversized all of which are characterized for deepness and pads which dive you into deep house rhythms.  The middle track Fall Out stands out for its slower tempo characteristic compared to the other two, and its analog dark underground vibe.  Fall Out is also the most raw of the tracks found in this extended player, with a characteristic which grows more the more you play it.  The title track Clock which opens this extended player is a journey with nice looping drums plus repeating pads asking you to get deeper.  Oversized is the most groovy with a nice old school rhythm again building atmospheres with pads, Latin percussion giving a lift, and background chants.            

Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: various artists - Atmospheres EP (Batti Batti)

Number two for the Batti Batti vinyl series and as the first release the label goes on with presenting a four different artist extended player titled Atmospheres EP.  With such a title it is definitely a must that each track here offers a diverse flavour of atmospheric deep house.  Opening this vinyl on side A is label boss Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana who presents the track 'Spheric'.  In this track the Maltese duet take you deep and dark with some nice keys and pads creating a thin genre border between house, techno, and dub.  The second track in this vinyl comes from man of the moment Nathan H who presents 'Alpinsim'.  Here Nathan creates a nice soft percussive groove which blends well with the build up of the track.  Side B sees the return of Belgian artist Cleveland who was presented to Batti Batti on the good number twelve of the digital series with a two track extended player.  'Pandora' which is Cleveland track is a mellow at some points romantic instrumental affair which takes you on a journey inside.  Last but not least is Bittersuite who appear for Batti Batti for the fourth time.  This British production team presents 'Monk Vibe', an African tribal rhythm track with hints of soul and dub sounds merging in and out.     

Sunday, March 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam March 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Paul Yaux - Street People 'Original Mix' (Nuphuture Traxx) V
Lee Burton - Boyman 'Original Mix' (Klik Records) V
Nastyboy - Something in the Shoes (BattiBatti) V
Ivan Iacobucci - Any Day (Nite Grooves) T
RayBone Jones - Kendal's Journey (Moods and Grooves) T
Eric Kupper presents Discrete feat. Michelle Shaprow - The Same Old Thing 'Kuppers Afro Soul Instrumental Mix' (Hysteria) V
Kafele feat Eliki - Secret 'Ezel Instrumental Mix' (Ocha) T
Wil Miton - Rogatating Spirit 'Album Version' (Blak Ink) T
Rick Wade - Loval Anger (Little Angel) T
Punk - I Can't Wait feat. Magic Soul 'Marlon D Main Mix' (Offering Recordings) V
Los Charlys Orchestra - Swinging to the Bass 'Classic Disco Version' (Soulab) V
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - March 2013

various artists - These Days EP (Batti Batti)
The fourth in Batti Batti different artists extended players.  This time the Maltese label goes to huge lengths to find three amazing tracks; starting from neighboring country Italy with Nasty Boy, going up in Scandinavia Two House, and crossing the continent for Japan's Red Pig Flower.

various artists - Funky Party (Soulab)
A thirteen different tracks compilation which looks to the past, and present with a rare groove touch.  Some names are known as Soulab artists as Uptown Funk Empire here with two tracks, and others are a legend to the beginning of dance house music as Tom Moulton here in mix duties on track number five.

Francesco Zani - Play EP (Apparel Music)
Apparel back in with this four track extended player from Francesco.  I like Funny Side the most. 

Eric Kupper presents Discrete feat. Michelle Shaprow - The Same Old Thing 'Kuppers Afro House Mix' (Hysteria)
Impressive deep Eric Kupper production. The instrumental gives more magic to the keys.

Boddhi Satva - Ngnari Konon incl Louie Vega, Mando, Josh Milan and Boddhi Satva Remixes (BBE)
BBE brings some heavy weight remixes here and a total of sixteen versions.  I like Louie Vega the most, you can take your pick.

Punk - I Can't Wait feat. Magic Soul (Offering Recordings)
Oh what a remix from Marlon D.  I thought he forgot how to make them this way.  Second song of the month!

Gruv Shack Records - WMC Sampler 2013 (Gruv Shack)
A thirteen track sampler for the Music Conference of the year all in African Jazz vibe.  Good quality.

The Machine - RedHead The Jacquin Joe Clausell Interpretations (Pyramids of Mars)
Clausell as is his usual goes very eclectic in his six versions.  But in two of the remixes he reminds us the style which made him famous!

Kafele feat Eliki - Secret (Ocha)
Ezel remix on the spot. 

RayBone Jones - Right of Passage (Moods and Grooves)
The titles seems a tribute to Moods and Grooves and its last year or so of hibernation.  Anyways very nice three track extended player.  Buy it all!

Andy Compton - Missing You feat. Ladybird (Peng)
The Sax Jam mix makes you dance forever. 

Distorion - The Analog Clones EP, Paul Yaux - Street Sounds EP (Nuphuture Traxx)
Two good extended players in March from Nuphuture Traxx.  Distortion goes more the analog Chicago sound, Paul Yaux takes you more to the disco jazz sound influence.

Randee Jean - You Got It (Clone Royal Oak)
Love the original which is a mixture of Jazz funk house.  But if you like more energy also check Arttu remix.

Glenn Underground Swaylo - You Are Love 'Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
For sure the song of the month, may be also of the year!  Note that the original was a broken beat released in the album Legacy of the Know in 2010.

Rick Wade - With Me (Little Angel), Players Theme (Robsoul)
A busy month for Rick Wade with an album 'With Me' and a three track single on the prolific Robsoul label.

various artists - Deep in Tech Sampler EP (Nite Grooves)
Always liked Ivan Iacobucci African grooves, and honestly he saves this Sampler and also reminds Nite Grooves what it was and could be.  Rancido's track also deserves a listen.

Wil Miton - The Music In Me (Blak Ink)
Been following Wil Milton since 2001.  This is his first album featuring ten tunes.  OK in some, good in others but the price makes for a full purchase!

Deep Elementz - Deep Invader EP (Cyberjamz)
Five different track extended player.  All interesting tracks some being pumped up more to others.

Lee Burton - Busy Days for Fools Remixes Pt.02 (Klik Records)
Boyman original mix sounds very different to the rest of the six tracks, and that is why I like it.

Various Artists - Classics V2 (Shack Music Recordings)
Three classics reinterpreted for 2013.

Theo Parrish - Original Versions (Sound Signature)
Four original versions remade for the digital World.  Theo can do this and more!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: various artists - These Days EP (Batti Batti)

Number thirteen and the forth extended player from Batti Batti.  Again the Malta underground dance label takes the various artists route, bringing together three different protagonists.  Two House from Denmark, the Italian Nasty Boy, and Red Pig Flower a Japanese lady currently DJing constantly around Europe in such clubs as Tresor Berlin and Fabric London.  Some of these names might sound familiar  to some of you, as all have previously released music on different labels some also with a well known signature to them. All three tracks deliver a different flavor yet they all feature a special blend of deepness. From the Detroit chords of These Days, to my favorite tune by rising star Nasty Boy some nice warm pads in this, and the hypnotic elements with a border to minimal of Red Pig Flower track Romantica.  This is again a very interesting EP from Batti Batti. Need I add more!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: various artists - Funky Party (Soulab)

How can you unite the past with the present and make it look like a straight line.  This is bascially the compilation Funky Party from the French label Soulab. This latest Soulab thirteen tracks compilation unites the past from artists like Tom Moulton, Leroy Burgress, and Eugene Wilde to new school names as Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, and Los Charly Orchestra and half a dozen others in between.  Its impressive to see new bands as these mentioned last who make music which sounds similar prototype house of the early eighties with huge tribute to the sounds played at the Paradise Garage, Zanzibar etc.  The so called begining years in the big apple of this period being the aftermath of disco and the start of a new era.  Funky Party is definitly a must have for those interested in the roots of dance, and house.  Funky Party also is a compilation reminding that there is no future without a knowledge of the past and how house and dance music came to be what it is today!   

Thursday, February 28, 2013

DJ Set - Liam Febraury 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

STL - Still With Us 'Original Mix' (Something) T
Trus'Me - T'es Une Pute (Prime Numbers) V
Marc Cotterel - Shake to Shuffle (Deeper Shades Recordings) T
Zethu - Summertime 'Zulumafia Dance Mix' (Zulumafia Digital) V
Agnes - Chew Rebellion 'Original Mix' (Vitalik Recordings) V
Brisa - The Soul (Jazzy Sport) V
Ralf Gum - Burning Star feat Kafele 'Kafele Mix' (GOGO Music) V
Dave'Mahony'Mullen, Jaysun Merced - BreakOut 'Pocoloco Roads Cross Remix' (Jakdat Records) V
Jovonn - Love Begins (Deeptrax Digital Recordings) V
Dodi Palese - Spacewalk (What Ever Not) T
Mr Raoul K - Rainforest 'Coratouchmix' (Still Music) T
Theo Parrish and Carl Craig - Falling Up 'Carl Craig 2013 Remaster' (Third Ear Recordings) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Rights reserved to artists

Choices - February 2013

Dodi Palese - Switch, Spacewalk (What Ever Not)
Number two for this Italian 2012 founded label comes from Dodi Palese. If a good future can be seen from the start What Even Not is setting good bases for sure.  Two great tracks both with a raw feel. If you like this, also check out Dodi upcoming album for next month March 2013 on the Engrave Ltd imprint.

Mr Raoul K - Mande (Still Music)
For nearly all of it this album is not to my taste, that is accept for the tune Rainforest and it's Coratouch mix.

Rosenhaft - Don't Turn Left EP (Soul Deeparture)
Good for nothing is my pick in this two track extended player.

various artists - Jakdat and Friends (Jakdat Records)
BreakOut is the tune to watch for in both its version, with the remix by Pocoloco being the better one.

Soul Junktion - Alright incl Ultra Soul Project Mixes (Gruv Shack)
As the titles says this is all about soul deep house.  Like the broken beat version from Ultra Soul Project but all versions need a listen.

Jovonn - Cystal Vibes (Deeptrax Digital Recordings)
No much to say about a legend as Jovonn.  Four great tunes!

Trus'Me - Treat Me Right (Prime Numbers)
Eight tracks of Detroit inspired techno and house for Trus'me third long player.

Brisa - Move On (Jazzy Sport)
Put your player on The Soul please.  Pure funk soul!

Zethu - Summertime (Zulumafia Digital)
I have been watching this label closely in recent weeks.  Seven versions to choose from, including the instrumentals.

Mr Gabibu - Deep Fever EP (Lupara Records)
Gabibu caught my attention past December with the tune I Remember.  This is a good 2 track extended player again from this Italian.

Agnes - Jedi House EP (Vitalik Recordings)
May the force be with deep and underground house forever!

The Early Sound Collective - Early Cuts (Bio Rhythm)
Four old school inspired pure deep tunes.  Could be an under statement!

Lars Behrenroth Presents Various Shades Vol.3 (Deeper Shades Recordings)
A continuation of the first series which started in 2010.  Mr. Behrenroth selects eight tracks by different artists.  Take your picks!

DJ Roland Clark - Watchin You, Goochland (Delete Records)
Roland Clark's Delete Records is releasing some interesting deep African soul tunes.  These two are a preview to the album titled Goochland out in end of March.

Ralf Gum - Burning Star feat. Kafele (GOGO Music)
It is impossible to say which is best between the new mixes from Glenn Underground, Sir LSG, and Kafele.

STL - Homespun Remedies (Something)
I cannot stop supporting Stephan Laubner.  Pure analogue five tracks, and four of his usual loops.

Theo Parrish and Carl Craig - Falling Up 2013 Remaster (Third Ear Recordings)
Still remember hearing Carl Craig remix for the first time in 2005 and today it still does the same affect.  Heaven and hell in eight minutes.

Noel Nanton - Classics Vol.1, Trackheadz - Back in the Day (DNH)
Been following Nick Holder and his label since the mid nineties and today the imprint has a catalogue of two hundred plus releases.  These are two symbol names of DNH which bring a re-issues from Noel Nanton and fresh release from Trackheadz. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Dodi Palese - Switch, Spacewalk (What Ever Not)

In just a bit short to a year What Ever Not releases its catalogue 002, this time coming from other label partner Dodi Palese who presents this two track vinyl with Switch on side A, and Spacewalk on B.  Both the tracks are of a track atmosphere with a dark deep feeling to them.  Switch is the most dance of the tunes and has an industrial feel groove with old school style high hats, nineties style pads coming in and out, and vocal starting at the middle which adds an agreesive feel also thanks to some sound bits added.  Spacewalk is the darker side of this release featuring a very well made tribal groove with a sound style between dub, techno, and deep creating one loopy trip just short of seven minutes.  A note here is that Dodi Palese will also be releasing an album coming March with a sampler featuring three tracks from the long player following this release by a couple of days.  If you like his style here I suggest you check it out!     

Thursday, January 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam January 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Siggatunez - Plan R 'Original Mix' (Housework) T
Punch and Flip Entairtainment - Nothing Matters 'DJ Punch and Flip Remix' (Cyberjamz) V
Monocles and Slezz with Andy Compton feat. Tantra Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Only Love 'IndySoul SoulBreeze Mix' (Foliage Records) V
Allen Hoist - With Love (Soulab) V
Delano Smith - Dream Come True (Mixmode Recordings) T
Ari Frank - The Further You Look 'Original Mix' (Legotek Records) V
Anthony Nicholson - NAO 'The Answer' (Circular Motion) V
Scherbe - Endlezz Cinema (Uncanny Valley) T
Theo Parrish - Dance Sing (Robsoul) V
K Hand - Outta Area (Third Ear Recordings) T
Glenn Underground - For The Love of Money (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzik) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
Support the music purchase it from the dedicated sites!
Rights reserved to artists

Choices - January 2013

Soul's Back and Back Again !!! (Soulab)
The third in the Soul's Back series which was started in 2008. Thirteen all good tunes coming from Soulab highly respected artist rotation, which includes such names as Uptown Funk Empire, Allen Hoist, Dan Electro, Slow Motion Replay etc.

Soul-Cat - Bar Talk, DJ Punch and Flip Entairtainment feat. RescuePeotixTM and B.O.P. - The Baby Powder Traxx E.P Vol.2 (Cyberjamz)
Cyberjamz started out as a radio show, then it became a website, a party, and a label in 2007.  Today Cyberjamz released one hundred plus releases.  These are two I like from the first month of 2013.

Submantra and DJ Umbi - Give It To Me (Soul Deeparture)
Fourth release for this 2012 founded label.  Give it to Me is presented in four versions On the Rhodes mix for me.

Washmerman - Be What You Wanna Be EP (Nite Grooves)
Old school Chandler inspired deep six different tracks plus an extra dub version of the title track extended player.

DJ Greg and Hozay feat. Lisa Moore - Give Me (Quantize Recordings)
Like the Spen, Thommy and Hozay Piano mix.  Basements Boys old school sound!

Michael Whitehead - Under My Spell The Remixes (Danse Club Records)
The Meat Mixx reminds of the Murk early days in 1992/3.

K Hand - Funky Tonight EP (Third Ear Recordings)
Four different tracks extended player, all deep with a dance floor orientation.

Monocles and Slezz with Andy Compton feat. Tantra Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Only Love (Foliage Records)
I have a soft spot for Dana Byrd!  Five versions to choose one of which by Gene King.

Eric Kupper - Acid Placid (The Acid Tapes Part.1) (Hysteria)
Acid Placid is a trip in sounds which I like.  Think of this as future orientated acid by one of the most respected key players in the world.

Theo Parrish - The Twin Cities EP (Robsoul)
What a big release for Robsoul.  Two amazing and long tunes by master Theo Parrish.

Antonio Ocasio - Charm (Tribal Winds)
Always a fan of Antonio and the spiritual deep sounds his label brings.  Keep it up please!

Delano Smith - Precipice EP (Mixmode Recordings)
Three deep Detroit house tracks.  I choose two of three.

Scherbe - Jardin Du Midi EP (Uncanny Valley)
Another nice release from Uncanny Valley.  Scherbe brings up a varied underground deep four different track player.  My preferred is Endlezz Cinema.

Native Funk - When You Heard House (Divuldge)
To turn the title to a question? When I did back in the eighties it changed my ear sense life.

Ari Frank - Refurbished Love (Legotek Records)
Good House songs are rare so when one is out, I surely grab it.  That is the case for the soulful inspired The Further You Look.

Siggatunez - Plan R (Houseworx)
Three different tracks plus a remix of the title track.  Original mix of Plan R and Clockwork are both hot stuff.

Alex Danilov - Can Speak Slow EP (Rawax)
Alex is very Parrish inspired in this excellent different four track extended player.

Glenn Underground - July 12 1979 (Strictky Jaz Unit Muzik)
The title of this album is the date of the destruction that was the Chicago Disco Demolition. It was an end and a start which brought to the reincarnation of the genre as we know it today.  Eleven jazz inspired tracks some of which a tribute to disco.

Anthony Nicholson - Year of the Rebel (Circular Motion)
Released on vinyl in 2011 this is Nicholson second Circular Motion album which finally gets a digital issue.  Twelve tracks with six of them having different artists vocal collaborations. African rhythms with Nicholson taking more sides with his soul inspired sounds.

various artists - Sketches (Sound Signature)
This unofficial album project by Theo Parrish and collaborations started as a gift in the DEMF of 2010 with a limited repress and only available at the Festival.  Drama by fans makes a repress later on, and we finally got a digital release.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: various artists - Soul's Back Again And Again!!! (Soulab)

After making a very hot December month with two releases, Soulab starts 2013 presenting this new compilation which looks to its past, from not so long ago as the Uraz Kurt tune which was released in December 2012, or more back in time as the tracks from Uptown Funk Empire.  Soul's Back Again And Again is a thirteen tune compilation from various artists from around the globe, and part of the Soulab artist rotation.  Soul's Back is a series of compilation with two predecessors released first in 2008, and Soul's Back Again issued in 2011. The artists featured in Back Again and Again are; Uptown Funk Empire three tunes, Allen Hoist and Slow Motion Replay both with two tracks, Uraz Kurt, Weeland and The Urban Soul Collective, Isaac Aesili, Various Artists, Dan Electro, and Giuseppe Storniolo these having one track each.  The tunes are all of a soul influence, with a different variation of theme which goes from broken beat, down tempo, funk, hip-hop, house, jazz, and latin influences.  This makes Soul's Back Again and Again not only a DJ use compilation but also for the good listeners being it lounging or driving.