Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choices - January 2012

Whim-ee - Magic in the House (Mussen Project Records)
Whim-ee is back with a three diverse tracks old school nineties inspired house extended player. With all this Magic in the House still bring the spell and sounds very fresh.  Take it all.

Luminous - Rhythms in me (Housegrown)
Afroseeds feat. Soul Maestro - Your Love (Housegrown)
Shannon - Shannon Presents Shake (Housegrown)
Three separate releases in a space of less to a month.  The one by Shannon is the best in my books, but I still like a track or two of the other releases.

Latecomer - Cosmic Cart Soulphiction and L'Aroye Remixes (Faces Records)
Kez YM - Strides EP (Faces Recordings)
A label which is always about quality, and in the first month of 2012 confirms its status with two different separate releases.

various artists - Hair People (Hair Records)
Catalogue number two.  Old school vibe in different styles presented in four different tracks. 

Ladybird - Ladybird Album Sampler (Peng)
Four preview tracks for an upcoming album.  Remove the cheese from soulful and you get this.

Overcast Sound - Popoloco EP (Falk Recordings)
Deer People is a track in dub with African rhythms and emotions which I like.

Tim Toh - Pandemonium (Philpot Records)
Two pure Underground House tracks.  Enough said.

Daniel Half - And Then Everything Around Him Answered (Shhhh)
You buy this for the title, which is telling a story on it's own.  New excursions in deep music.

Nicholas - Free To Be Hunee Remix (4Lux Black)
Italian Nicholas returns on 4Lux Black in his usual old school vibe.  The talk and sales here are about 'Free to Be' Hunee remix, but I like 'Why Don't You'.  Also take a look at Down to Nothing,

Ethyl and Flori - Shelter (Secretsundaze)
Vinyl out in November 2011 and digital comes here in this year start.  DJ Rolando remix of Shelter is the one for me.

various artists - Wesendit Part One (Isendit)
Nine different tracks and artists from the catalogue of Isendit.  I like the one by Matt Flores. 

various artists - Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol. 2 (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Seven different tracks all in African Latin vibes.  Take your pick.

GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collection Vol.1 - Soul for the Floors (GOGO Music)
This German label owned and directed by Ralf Gum celebrates ten years with a collection of compilations featuring ten tracks. This is the first.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Whim-ee - Magic in the House (Mussen Project Records)

With Magic in the House Whim-ee returns to the label from which I discovered her in Spring of last year 2011, the Italian label Mussen Project from Milan.  From there on I have been following Whim-ee with high interest, and for me she is among the best emerging producers from 2011 and in 2012 goes on raising her level in this second Mussen Project appearance.  Brazilian native French resident Whim-ee aka Sara presents a very inspirational all good three different track extended player.  The three tracks in Magic in the House are; Strong Evidence, Turn Out, and U Must Talk.  All three tracks feature a diverse use of old school nineties deep house flavour, and an intelligent way in which to dub and play with the vocals.  Certainly what will take you to the next level is the eight minutes plus track Strong Evidence.  A trip in diverse emotions of all kinds.  But rest assured the other two tunes are no slough, from the romantic and classic Turn Out which I love, to the more after hours U Must Talk.  My suggestion here, is to purchase all.