Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choices - August 2011

WBEEZA - bagwag ep (third ear)
Four traks all of deepness and Detroit sound influence.  My preferred is the Italian spoken Fall Out, deep and African.

var art - SUOL Mates 01 (suol)
Five tune which features the usual artist from this label; Chopstick, Daniel Bortz, Johnjon, and Fritz Zander.  All with a funky attitude and nice atmosphere.

Shigeru Tanabu - El Camino EP (falk)
A nice atmosphere tune which takes me to other worlds.  This features various styles from pure Chill out versions, to Trip Hop and Deep House.  But the tempo is always in the right speed, take your pick!

Arnaldo - You See Me EP (Greta Cottage Workshop) 
Don't much about this production all that it features four tunes of deepness and unusual atmospheres.

Petr Serkin - Raw Cuts 2 (Space Breaks)
Petr Serkin goes deep, but apart this his tunes create that unusual blend of energy which makes also good peak timers.

The Rurals - Ocean (Peng)
A group which has made a legend for itself, and here again they don't disappoint.  Eleven tunes of classic deep soulful house at its best with vocal collaborations by; Ladybird, Jaidene Veda, Magic Soul, Diviniti, Rowan, and Irantzu.

Mark Thibdeau - Archive 4 (composite)
Six tracks on all of an experimental deep sound. I like the tribal October Afternoon, and Detroit sounding Hiway 40 to Sarnia.

Eddie Nicholas - Gimme Dat Love (slaag)
A label which has build a strong reputation in its past, and here does not disappoint once again.  A nice song with strong rhythms with six versions for you to choose your favorite.

Kid Enigma - Resurrection EP (so sound)
Four tunes which comes from the past.  I like the straight from the pop charts but with that deep vibe to it Return of the Mac.

Si Tew - Need to Grow (feat. Pete Simpson) Yoruba Soul Mixes (Atjazz Record Company)
No talking needed when you have Mr.Osunlade and his Yoruba Soul in the mix.  Deep, jazz, and Afro sounds in one mix.  Super.

Ta-Ku / Pavel Dovgal - Finest Ego / Faces Series Vol.01 (Project Mooncircle)
This for the most part is down beat and lounge, but Pavel changes that with Guinea.  Detroit Jazz sounds anyone.

The Truffle Tribe - Wild Sound Technolgy (Irma)
Irma is always a label for the connoisseurs and those looking for quality.  Here is another gem of an album which features fourteen tunes full of African tribal sounds.

var artists - Visions EP (City Fly)
Four tracks by different artist from the famous Basic Soul Unit, to Tone Control, YSE, and James Johnston.  For me Tone Control's Illusion is pure magic.

Daniel Steinberg & Nils Ohrmann - We don't Sync So EP (arms and legs)
If you care I don't sync, and those who do it are not DJing but are playing some computer game.  Five tracks with my pick being two, one from Nils and another from Daniel.  Deep but with a nice energy.

Moxa Volume One - Follow the X (Rebirth)
This club located in central North Italy has created legend in the past two years, thanks to the quality of the music which comes from the super guests and the DJ residents.  A compilation with high profile artists who deliver fifteen magic tracks.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: New Breed of Deep House EP (Nite Grooves)

One of the most consistent house music labels in its various forms that is King Street Sounds, with its Nite Grooves off set presents this new extended player New Breed of Deep House EP show casing producers who have been gaining grounds in recognition the last year.  The five producers are Masahiro Suzuki, Korova Sound System, Syzthaime, Whim-ee, and Vozmediano.  As the title says all of the tracks are of Deep House nature but with different attitude.  More jazz African comes from Un Cafe s'il Vous Plait by Spanish Vozmediano.  Strings and more progression with a Detroit Techno touch from Port Elizabeth from Masahiro Suzuki.  Ugly Thikita by Syzthaime is close to industrial Minimal metal techno in my book with a Detroit beat groove things up.  Korova Sound System and his Harmonica take things tribal and very big room with a 126 BPM offering the faster sound of the tunes.  Last and definitely my favorite is I Will Tell You by Brazilian born French resident Whim-ee, who remains one of my top producers from 2011.  After her Sofa EP on Italian label Mussen, Sara confirms herself again and here she goes for a pure NY Deep house wiith a 120 BPM groove, and sounds vocal snippets which reminds me of late nineties Sandy Rivera.  Top rating again from Whim-ee!  Well done.