Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DJ Set - Liam April 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Cleveland - Pandora (Batti Batti) T
Jin Choi - Views (Lessizmore Records) V
L.P. Mosalo - Inside of Me (TSN Records) T
Dario Damerini - Juno Spring 'Original Mix' (Houseworx) V
Toni Be - Midnight Swim (Remote) V
DJ Tessen - MeSong (TSN Music) T
Zulumafia - Sun Rays 'Original Mix' (Zulumafia Digital) T
Nasty Boy - Oversized (Old Future Music) V
Whim-ee - Untitled 001 (Mussen Project Records) V
Nathan H- Alpinism (Batti Batti) T
Urban Sound Lab featuring Aisling - Sole Controller 'USL & Toni E Dubstrumental' (Seasons Limited) T
Clivilles and Kupper - Music 4 The Soul 'Original Mix' (Hysteria) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - April 2013

Nasty Boy - Underground River EP (Batti Batti)
After debuting on Batti Batti in the various artists These Days EP, Nasty Boy has a full release dedicated for him on the Malta label.  Three great tunes all in underground atmospheric deep house sound.

various artists - Atmospheres EP (Batti Batti)
The second instalment of the Batti Batti records vinyl series is another four different artists EP named Atmospheres. The title says it all on what to find from label boss Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana, man of the moment Nathan H, Belgium artist Cleveland, and the well known British Bittersuite who put a soulful vibe to this superb extended player.

Nasty Boy - Clock (Old Future Music)
A three different track extended player again from Nasty Boy who seems to have a microwave oven at home dedicated to burning good tunes.  If you are looking for deep and raw sounds, check it out all of it.

various artists - That Soul EP, DJ Tessen - Lost EP (TSN Records), DJ Tessen - House Classics 1 (TSN Music)
Tessen caught my attention earlier this month with Lost EP. Fast forward to 30th April and in a month he has three different releases on his two labels, all of high quality. Some Google research and I found that he has been releasing records since 2001 some of which also for Abicah Soul. Very good stuff from him and his labels. Enough said!

Shakes - Drum Ethos (Housegrown)
Shakes third release for Housegrown.  The original is pure African tribe deep with a raw feel.

Whim-ee - Untitled EP (Mussen Project Records)
Sara aka Whim-ee brings its third release to the Italian Mussen label with a four different tracks extended player. Deep and trip with an old school feel twisted in modern ways.

various artists - Remote 3, Toni Be - Midnight Swim (Remote)
Three vinyl releases from Remote see the light in digital format. I choose the above two!

Urban Sound Lab featuring Aisling - Sole Controller (Seasons Limited)
I like the Dubstrumental which Urban Sound Lab made with Tony B.

Zulumafia - All About House (Zulumafia Digital)
A six different track extended player for the eight release of Zulumafia Digital.  Latin soul house vibe. 

Jin Choi - Confusion EP (Lessizmore Records)
A four track extended player from Jin Choi.  Had straight to Views!

Matthias Vogt - Your Love (Large Music)
For me is about the track Testament. Large indeed and takes to me places I want to stay.

Skymark - NSYDE EP feat.Lady Blacktronica (NSYDE)
The Lady gives a display of her voice in the opening track Use Me.  But the other two tracks who are instrumentals, deserve as much.

Dario Damerini - Straight Long Drink (Houseworx)
Four different tracks extended player all with a nineties deep house feel.  Juno Spring and 4AM catch my attention.

Glenn Underground, Swaylo, Consuela Ivy - I Am Not in Love Remixes (Strictly Jaz Unit)
CVO mix makes you addicted to sing inside.  That's a song for you.

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer EP (MCDE Recordings)
A three track extended player plus a second part for the title track Send A Prayer.  I like the very track SP 11. Was that the name of a stylus? 

Clivilles and Kupper - Music 4 The Soul (Hysteria)
Two well known big name producers for us deep house heads making their mark since the eighties, return in action together and give you this when they look inside.  Superb!

Nathan Adams - Falling (Tribe Records)
A preview single for the upcoming album from Nathan Adams.  Here Louie Vega who is on mix duties offers a total of seven mixes including tools, all in his usual African tribal rhythms. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Nasty Boy - Underground River EP (Batti Batti)

Italian DJ producer Niko Nasty Boy returns to BattiBatti after appearing for the various artists These Days extended player released in early March, with the solid track 'Something in my Shoes'.   A tune that personally I cannot stop playing! In this extended player Niko follows to the letter the BattiBatti signature sound, presenting three atmospheric deep house tracks; Early in the Sky, For My Bag, and Underground River. All three tunes are deep and underground with a classic mood to them, inspired from sounds of the mid nineties.  To sum up in short Early in the Sky is atmospheric, while For My Bag is mellow with a romantic feel to it, while the last track Underground River which gives the name to the extended player is the most moving of the lot.  Nasty Boy is definitely one of the names to watch in the months to come and the Italian young producer should be on the radar for all deep house music lovers.      

Review: Nasty Boy - Clock (Old Future Music)

Old Future Music a digital and vinyl label from Naples Italy, presents its latest release coming from Italian uprising producer Nasty Boy who presents us with a three different track player called Clock.  Nasty Boy on Old Future Music sixth digital release follows such names as Rick Wade, and D.O.B appearing previous to him on this young label.  Nasty Boy three tracks here are Clock, Fall Out, and Oversized all of which are characterized for deepness and pads which dive you into deep house rhythms.  The middle track Fall Out stands out for its slower tempo characteristic compared to the other two, and its analog dark underground vibe.  Fall Out is also the most raw of the tracks found in this extended player, with a characteristic which grows more the more you play it.  The title track Clock which opens this extended player is a journey with nice looping drums plus repeating pads asking you to get deeper.  Oversized is the most groovy with a nice old school rhythm again building atmospheres with pads, Latin percussion giving a lift, and background chants.            

Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: various artists - Atmospheres EP (Batti Batti)

Number two for the Batti Batti vinyl series and as the first release the label goes on with presenting a four different artist extended player titled Atmospheres EP.  With such a title it is definitely a must that each track here offers a diverse flavour of atmospheric deep house.  Opening this vinyl on side A is label boss Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana who presents the track 'Spheric'.  In this track the Maltese duet take you deep and dark with some nice keys and pads creating a thin genre border between house, techno, and dub.  The second track in this vinyl comes from man of the moment Nathan H who presents 'Alpinsim'.  Here Nathan creates a nice soft percussive groove which blends well with the build up of the track.  Side B sees the return of Belgian artist Cleveland who was presented to Batti Batti on the good number twelve of the digital series with a two track extended player.  'Pandora' which is Cleveland track is a mellow at some points romantic instrumental affair which takes you on a journey inside.  Last but not least is Bittersuite who appear for Batti Batti for the fourth time.  This British production team presents 'Monk Vibe', an African tribal rhythm track with hints of soul and dub sounds merging in and out.