Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choices - June 2011

var artists - Silk and Deep Sampler Volume 1 (silk and deep)
Catalogue number four for this label which is as the title say a five tune sampler all with different artist and a diverse deep vibe. Have to look more for this lable as this is inspiring! 

Big Mojo - Lose that Man Child feat Marcy Jonas (Irma)
Six version from Big Mojo all have a strong vocal and jazzy sounds.  Nice build up from Baby Face Ferrazzi mix.

BiteOFire - Imagination (apparel)
BiteOFire presents its nine track album plus a remix by George G of Metrica.  I did not take all but five tunes definitely deserve a purchase.  Go and make your choice.

Black Jazz Consortium - Electric Blues EP (Deep Explorer Music)
Fred P and Black Jazz Consortium moniker continue to bring deep dark underground sounds in this three tracker.  My preferred is Messages Dubbymen remix.

NoiDoi - Dupa Joi (oslo)
A five tracker EP all on a tribal Afro vibe.  My picks are the very Afro and over ten minutes Carniline, and underground Le Jer.

Martino - Mars (soulstream)
One of the most awaited releases spun by many NY City area top house DJs.  Already a classic.  I like the Dub mix and Alternate Arrangement mix.

Adrian S ft Noel Layne - Truth/Deep Six (Shines)
Five versions for Truth, plus Deep Six.  I like the Guerilla Science Interpretation, but the Bending The Truth and Andy Roberts remixes are worth a consideration as well.

60 Hertz - Capricorn (GoGo)
Ralf Gum GoGo label has always been about soulful, and Latin tribe tunes.  Here the script continues and follows a jazzy Latin affair.  Also interesting is a more tribal remix by the label boss himself, but all mixes are worth a good listen.

Whim-ee - Sofa EP (Mussen Project)
A producer Whim-ee which comes from Brazil, but lives in Paris and releases on Mussen a label fom Milan Italy.  This is a very underground House project, with the most rated tune being Come Come.  But the others are worth a very good listen too.  Check it out!

Motorcity Drum Ensemble 1206-07 (Faces)
This is a very interesting project featuring six tunes (three by Motorcity, two by 20Hundred, and one by Creative Swing Alliance.  My preferred is There's A Truth but if you into Chicago old school mid to late eighties vibe this is for you.

Lady Blacktronica - Future Blues Vol.01 (Your Only Friend)
The new lady of Detroit continues its prolific 2011 year by presenting its ten track album which features vocal collaborations by Irvin June, Ira Levi, and Bailey Jemille.  All very Detroit with Dreams and Who Makes You Feel being my favorite.

Maxim Buldakov - Kama EP (Apparel)
Italian label Apparel continues to bring quality to the Deep House scene.  Here Maxim presents this seven different mixes EP which features remixes by Roy Gilles, Yapacc and Eddi Shkiper. The title track Kama deserves special attention.

Jin Choi and Walker Barnard - I'm Just The Rain (Private Gold)
Two tunes plus an extra remix of I'm Just The Rain.  I like the original of IJTR.

Ramon Rauch - RRemixed (Philpot)
This German label has always been about bringing quality deep house, and here it is a repeat to the usual.  The remix of Can't Get Enough is the perfect tune between underground, deep, vocal, and dance floor vibe.

dml - munique ep (broque)
Deep and dub five tunes ep.  I like Sending II.

Darmont Presents Perspective 05 Part 1 and 2 (room with a view)
A two part series with the first being released in May and second in June.  My choices are three tunes out of eight being; Chisto - New Jazzno, Alland Byallo - Stern Soul, and Marlows perspective for Honesty Brixton Beach.

var artists - Soundmen on Wax Rare Grooves (soundmen on wax)
A label which has always been on top since it appeared on the market in 1997.  This new Rare Grooves is not pure house on its own and features eight mixes, with my favorite without a doubt being Aurora.  But nearly all is good

var artists - Yellowrange History The Kept to Ourselves Mixes (Tony Records)
A label which from its incarnation in 1998 till 2002  symbolised the style of one of the best ever and diverse DJs but also a symbol of the soulful vocal garage house sound i.e Tony Humphrey's.  This is a collection of unreleased mixes selected by Jacko.  You might hear versions used in one of Tony's magic session all over the globe.

var artists - The Underground House of Calypso (Irma)
Ten classics from the Italian Calypso label published on this compilation.  This goes from friendlier tunes to more deep stuff. For those old timers there is some known names as Artmiya, and the still active Alfred Azetto, and Don Carlos.

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