Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Whim-ee - Sofa EP (Mussen Project)

A four track extended player from Brazilian producer Whim-ee, real name Sara Garcia who at the moment resides in Paris, and has this release out on Milan, Italy based label Mussen Project.  As you can see with this release we have a mixture of countries that is worth an Atlas book.  This EP is all about offering a mixture of grooves, all having that bit of old school US house touch being it New York, Detroit or Chicago but most important all looking in the future. Definitely it did put Whim-ee in my always look at producers of the moment! The most experimental track here is for sure Dub Rose which features Jerry on vocal and takes an old tribal groove into dark and dub atmospheres.  Was So Real is track two and this gets the most of the old school vibe of the pack with a light dark piano riff building with the groove taking you to new places.  Street Arts longest of the tunes at just over seven minutes is my favorite track in this EP and is a slow deep house number with an Afro rhythm building slowly.  Last of the four tracks is Come Come a Detroit techno influenced deep house stormer which is good for any quality room.

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