Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.4.2011

Playlist for Mix.4.2011
Prommer & Barck - Lovin (darwin) V
RVDS - Pain (It's ) V
Petkovski - Love Machine (soul print) V
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Distant Dream (battibatti) T
Roy Gilles - Lost In My Visions (Apparel) V
Rick The Godson Wilhite - Dark Walking (still) T
Pawel - Crillion 'Sistrum Remix by Patrice Scott' (Dial) T
Tony D - La Trib (unistory) V
Willie Dutch - Randoness Domino (House Tribe) T
Toby Tobias - Love Papers (Qunitessentials) T
Norm Talley - The Journey 'Scott Grooves Panther Remix' (Third Ear) T
Arno E.Mathieu - Eternal Sunchild (clima) T
U2 - Lemon 'Bad Yard Club Mix' (Island Records) V
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