Thursday, May 31, 2012

Choices - May 2012

Soul 223 - Almost Like it Used to Be (Delsin)
A four different tracks player. The short Arties Mood of just over two minutes is cool and funky. Pity it is so short.

Saluda - Deep Cut (Hizou Deep Rooted Music)
Deymare mix elements from the original mix of Deep Cut but puts that little spin, and slows it down which in my books makes it more attractive.

DJ Hynposis - Far Away feat Nickson (Sci-Fi Productions)
Lilac Jeans Scifi mix is the one for me, but Gumzito mix deserves also high attention.

various artists - We Are VR (voyeurhythm)
A tribute to Voyeurhythm by four artists; Ben Sun, Francesco Inferno Orchestra, HMC, and Tyson Ballard.

And.Id - Black Mamba (mobilee records)
And.Id and Band version of Girl takes me on a Latin spin and into Summer vibes, without loosing harmony.

Session Victom - The Haunted House of House Pt Three (Delusions of Grandeur)
Threer tracks, two of which in nu funk disco sound. If you like it deep and soul go on the track Light Scent of Decay.

Jin Choi - A Thousand Whales of Love (Private Gold)
Last year a couple of very good releases made Jin Choi into my to look list.  Move to today and Jin releases a varied thirteen track album plus an extra mix of Circles.  Not all to my taste but listen and take your picks.

Alice Kuntz - Revaler Blues (Minimal Kidz)
Not my usual label, but this release deserves attention.  Both tracks are good, though I like the jazz influenced Two Scotch Eggs. Excuse Me!

DJ Aakmael - Unxpozd Sessions EP (Liberate)
Aakmael is called the new boy from New York, and not for nothing.  Three different tracks, I like the more soulful Movin On.  

Gene King Presents Tantra Zawandi and Dana Byrd - Out of the Blue (Shines Records)
Nine different mixes to choose from.  I like the Koe Rizla mix.

Vedomir - Vedomir (Dekmantel)
An album with thirteen tracks.  Mostly of US techno inspiration, but in the pile you find more deep house tunes.

In The Dark: The Soul of Detroit (Still Music)
The title says it all, and the names of the artists who make the twelve amazing tracks just make you understand, the revolution the motor city of the World has brought to electronic music in the past, and current times. 

The Rotating Assembly - Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
Originally released on CD in 2004, and now finally gets a digital re-issue.

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