Friday, May 31, 2013

Choices - May 2013

various artists - The Soul Revolution 3 (Soulab)
Thirteen tracks from the French Soulab diverse artist rotation exploring soul in its various forms; being it house, broken beat, or its more classic RnB version.  Take your picks!

Mitsu The Beats - Beats Installments Vol.2 (Jazzy Sport)
A twelve track album featuring for the most part short cuts and down tempo tunes, that is minus the broken African beats Lets Go. 

Prez Ft. Brujita - Believe (House Tribe Records)
Eleven versions all in Tribe African soul sounds.  Butter Factory remix is my preferred.

KFMH - The Boat Party (Wild Oats)
The first album from this Kylie Hall and DJ Kaze N Point collaboration who previously had two vinyl releases.  The disco infected track Measure 2 Measure works for me.

DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment - Baby Powder Traxx E.P Vol # 3 (Cyberjamz)
Five different track extended player.  The Pot Melted is a tribute to the Melting Pot by Booker T.

Foremost Poets - Reasons to be Dismal? (Poker Flat Recordings)
Also known as Johnny Dangerous.  Here is a new pack of four remixes making this original release from 1989 standing the test of time.  Motorcitysoul Remix for me please!

Yass ft. Inaya Day - Bring It Up (King Street)
I like the Classic Instrumental. 

Louie Vega Starring Bucie - Angels Are Watching Me (Vega Records)
The Dance Ritual mix reminds me of mid nineties Masters at Work, which started a magical period for the legendary New York duet which lasted over ten years.

Donnie - Olmec Save Us (NDTAL Muzik)
Its a challenge to choose between Osunlade, and Kai Alce version. 

Ladybird - Shine Remixes (Peng)
Ladybird continues to issue singles from the very good album released in 2012.  Here is six new mixes for Shine.  The original remains the best in my book, but since I had that I went for the old school vibe coming from Pete Dow and Mongini.

Audio Werner - Balances EP (Galdoors)
A new label for this release from this good German producer.  Three Balances to choose from.

Elta James - Sunday Kind of Love, DJ Pope - I'm In Love (POJI)
Two good releases from POJI, a label which I follow since year 1999.

Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn - What Is House (Soulstar)
If I bought the vinyl without Dubbyman's remix I would have been disappointed.  Yes the best version for me is not in the vinyl. 

Kay Bonez Featuring Qsoljazz - Love Escape (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa gives always diverse versions to choose in its releases.  For Love Escape the British label gives five, all in African Deep soul sounds.

DJ Aakmael - EP2 (Manuscript Records Ukraine)
New York man Aakmael is one of my favourite producers in the last year or so.  I suggest to listen and take your picks of this very good four track extended player.

Damien Zala - Lonely Happiness Remixes (Rowtag)
Four tracks from Damien's album released in the fall of 2012 get the remix by different producers.  Jus Ed makes a masterpiece of Hard Days, while Rick Wade does his usual with Let and Right. 

various artists - Classics V3 (Shack Music Recordings)
The third version of picked classics from Shack Music.  Here we have Shawn Ward, Demarkus Lewis, and Matt Flores.

Theo Parrish - Space Station / Going Through Changes (Sound Signature)
Vinly issued in 2009, now Theo follows it four years later with the digital format release. For those that missed it.

Jovonn - Stump It EP (Mojuba Records)
Released on Italian label Nite Stuff in 1994, nineteen years later German label Mojuba returns it to life in both digital and vinyl.  Stump It EP is considered one of the classics from New Jersey man Jovonn, and that by itself is big talk.

Elements of Life - Eclipse (FANIA)
A bit late in this, as it was out in March. But I went for the double pack vinyl, which arrived in early April.  Well done again to Louie Vega for creating such an important project.

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