Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: various artists - The Soul Revolution 3 (Soulab)

Soulab continues in its strategy of the last months and continues to bring a series of innovative not only for the DJ but also great to listen compilations, all with a different theme to them and exploring soul and funk in its diverse forms.  This time around Soulab presents The Soul Revolution 3, a thirteen track unmixed compilation coming from twelve different artists all from the French label stable.  This compilation follows this second instalment issued past June 2012, so if you are into this you might as well check that out.  The Soul Revolution 3 as the name says explores soul in its various sub genres its has transformed into in the last years.   A transformation which is musically speaking a making of over a century.  You can listen to for example Weeland and The Soul Collectives 'Push You Back' and you are into modern Rnb territory. While Slow Motion Replay 'Terminal Station' takes into Latin inspired vibes.  For more funk house grooves check the Uptown Funk Empire here with two tracks, the more pumped dub remix of Allen Hoist 'With Love', and the broken beat 'Feel this Groove' by Sir Gloves. Uraz Kurt 'Remeber the Light'  gives a new meaning to modern soul with its electronic vibe mixed with sounds coming from life instruments.  Soulab does it again with a great compilation of quality music, that's about it.      

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