Friday, January 31, 2014

DJ Set - Liam January Choices-Picks MiX

Radkovski - Rain Again (Instabil) T
Garben - Baby (Remote) T
The Gabivon Brothers - Left Alone (Blacksole Entertainment) T
Aphreme - Mistiness (Next Generation Records) T
Situation - Walk In My Shoes 'Bitter Suite Dub' (Situationism) V
Blaq Soul - Vision 'Karima Eyecee Dubba' (Deeper Shades Recordings) V
Kai Alce - World Causes (NDATL Music) T
Louie Vega starring Duane Harden - Never Stop 'Vega Bar Dub' (Vega Records) V
Soul Phiction - Mind & Body (Philpot) V
Marcello Napoletano - Rush (What Ever Not) V
Onto Hek - Tonal Fingering Visual Research (Golden Mist Records) T
Kez YM - Passing Through (Faces Records) V
DJ Gene and IsaQDeep - Sinkrosa 'IsaQDeep's Samba Mix' (Touch Africa Music) T
Patchworks - Shoutsly (Patchworks Productions) V
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Choices - January 2014

Marcello Napoletano - Rush EP (What Ever Not)
What Ever Not's third release comes from the sublime Marcello Napoletano, who presents a varied four track extended player.  Napoletano continues his signature sounds all inspired to old school underground Chicago and US house.

Situation - Walk In My Shoes (Situationism)
Head straight to the nice deep trip present in the Bitter Suite dub.  Nice job Matt!

Brad P - Inner Visions (Inner Shift Music)
Light Years just kept on coming to my head, but all this four track extended player is amazing. Vinyl only release, but Brad P has also an album coming in digital later on this year.

DJ Gene and IsaQDeep - Otti Titi EP (Touch Africa Music)
Nice deep atmosphere in the IsaQDeep Samba mix of Sinkrossi.

Louie Vega Starring Duane Harden - Never Stop (Vega Records)
In my opinion he is still away from his best, non the less the Vega Bar Dub deserves.

Onto Hek - Object Orientated Ontology (Golden Mist Records)
Press play on Tonal Fingering Visual Research. How could you not with a title like that.

Kez YM - Roots Bound (Faces Records)
Kez YM returns to Faces Records after two years, and presents a nice deep house with funk soul fusion inspired four different track player.  It's good.

Garben - What Y Feel (Remote)
Remote presents its fourth vinyl release, which after a few months is now available in digital. This is another wicked one from this nice British label. In watch list!

Aphreme - Sense of Touch EP (Next Generation Records)
This label has been going on since 1989.  For this latest quality outing it goes to Poland and here finds Aphreme who delivers a nice two track extended player.

Blaq Soul - Vision Remixes by Karizma and Blaq Soul (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Two nice remixes for Vision first featured on the early 2012 released Deeper Shades Vol.2 as presented by Lars Behrenroth. Karizma makes a nice trip, while Blaq Soul accentuate more the drums and the chant.

Radkovski - Big (Instabil)
Radkovski is a fairly new Ukrainian producer who presents Big a three different track extended player. Check him out.

SoulPhiction - Live Jamz 1 (Philpot)
You gotta believe me for saying that here we have two impressive deep, raw tracks from SoulPhiction. By the way these come from a recorded live jam as the title says. One of my favorites from the month.

The Gabivon Brothers - Another Level (Blacksole Entertainment)
We left this South African duet back in the Summer of last year with the good Unthinkable EP.  Now they are back with a nice African tribal and jazzy two different track release.

DJ Spen Presents Michele Chiavarini + The Jazzcodes - The Music Tells Me (Quantize Recordings)
The broken beat original mix is pure listening pleasure.

Kai Alce - World Causes (NDATL Music)
Kai Alce starts 2014 with a different three track extended player. In this I like the Latin infected track World Causes which drum wise reminds me of Eric Kupper's Havana project on Wave Music in 2000.

various artists - The Early Emmissions Ep's 1 - 4 (Firecracker)
The good Firecracker joins it's early extended players in a digital format, most of which come from known names as Linkwood, and Fudge Fingas.

Patchworks - Early Recordings (Patctworks Productions)
This French production team lead by Bruno Hovart presents some of its early recordings in one package. Timeless soul, jazz, and funk with a house groove.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Review: Marcello Napoletano - Rush EP (What Ever Not)

An Italian proverb says there is no two without a three, and as you can see by the title this is the third release from label What Ever Not. This time around for WEN003, bosses Dan Mela and partner Dodi Palese pick there friend Marcello Napoletano, who presents a different four track extended player titled Rush. Marcello is no new producer in the deep house panorama starting up in 2007 on Radiance, and since then releasing among others also on famous labels as Mathematics Recordings this being one of his greatest supporters, YORE, Quintessentials, Laid, and in 2012 also founding his wax only Marcello Vinyl which so far features three releases. As is expected Rush EP features Marcello Napoletano going into his old school raw deep Chicago house influenced sound, with the four very distinct different mood tracks titled; And Now A Grace's Grass Joint, Rush, Almanacco, and Survivor.  For the different moods the tracks in WEN003 present, I will call them the Good, Bad, Ugly, and the Romantic, taking stint from an old Italian Western movie by Sergio Leone.  The good mood track is And Now A Grace's Grass Joint.  Bad mood goes to the deep and dark Rush. Ugly is definitely the track titled Survivor which also features an interesting sample from Lil Louis I Called U and is the most peak timer of the tracks. Romantic is surely Almanacoo which inspires to old school New York soulful garage sounds.  A must have!