Friday, January 31, 2014

DJ Set - Liam January Choices-Picks MiX

Radkovski - Rain Again (Instabil) T
Garben - Baby (Remote) T
The Gabivon Brothers - Left Alone (Blacksole Entertainment) T
Aphreme - Mistiness (Next Generation Records) T
Situation - Walk In My Shoes 'Bitter Suite Dub' (Situationism) V
Blaq Soul - Vision 'Karima Eyecee Dubba' (Deeper Shades Recordings) V
Kai Alce - World Causes (NDATL Music) T
Louie Vega starring Duane Harden - Never Stop 'Vega Bar Dub' (Vega Records) V
Soul Phiction - Mind & Body (Philpot) V
Marcello Napoletano - Rush (What Ever Not) V
Onto Hek - Tonal Fingering Visual Research (Golden Mist Records) T
Kez YM - Passing Through (Faces Records) V
DJ Gene and IsaQDeep - Sinkrosa 'IsaQDeep's Samba Mix' (Touch Africa Music) T
Patchworks - Shoutsly (Patchworks Productions) V
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