Thursday, January 31, 2013

DJ Set - Liam January 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

Siggatunez - Plan R 'Original Mix' (Housework) T
Punch and Flip Entairtainment - Nothing Matters 'DJ Punch and Flip Remix' (Cyberjamz) V
Monocles and Slezz with Andy Compton feat. Tantra Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Only Love 'IndySoul SoulBreeze Mix' (Foliage Records) V
Allen Hoist - With Love (Soulab) V
Delano Smith - Dream Come True (Mixmode Recordings) T
Ari Frank - The Further You Look 'Original Mix' (Legotek Records) V
Anthony Nicholson - NAO 'The Answer' (Circular Motion) V
Scherbe - Endlezz Cinema (Uncanny Valley) T
Theo Parrish - Dance Sing (Robsoul) V
K Hand - Outta Area (Third Ear Recordings) T
Glenn Underground - For The Love of Money (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzik) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - January 2013

Soul's Back and Back Again !!! (Soulab)
The third in the Soul's Back series which was started in 2008. Thirteen all good tunes coming from Soulab highly respected artist rotation, which includes such names as Uptown Funk Empire, Allen Hoist, Dan Electro, Slow Motion Replay etc.

Soul-Cat - Bar Talk, DJ Punch and Flip Entairtainment feat. RescuePeotixTM and B.O.P. - The Baby Powder Traxx E.P Vol.2 (Cyberjamz)
Cyberjamz started out as a radio show, then it became a website, a party, and a label in 2007.  Today Cyberjamz released one hundred plus releases.  These are two I like from the first month of 2013.

Submantra and DJ Umbi - Give It To Me (Soul Deeparture)
Fourth release for this 2012 founded label.  Give it to Me is presented in four versions On the Rhodes mix for me.

Washmerman - Be What You Wanna Be EP (Nite Grooves)
Old school Chandler inspired deep six different tracks plus an extra dub version of the title track extended player.

DJ Greg and Hozay feat. Lisa Moore - Give Me (Quantize Recordings)
Like the Spen, Thommy and Hozay Piano mix.  Basements Boys old school sound!

Michael Whitehead - Under My Spell The Remixes (Danse Club Records)
The Meat Mixx reminds of the Murk early days in 1992/3.

K Hand - Funky Tonight EP (Third Ear Recordings)
Four different tracks extended player, all deep with a dance floor orientation.

Monocles and Slezz with Andy Compton feat. Tantra Zawadi and Dana Byrd - Only Love (Foliage Records)
I have a soft spot for Dana Byrd!  Five versions to choose one of which by Gene King.

Eric Kupper - Acid Placid (The Acid Tapes Part.1) (Hysteria)
Acid Placid is a trip in sounds which I like.  Think of this as future orientated acid by one of the most respected key players in the world.

Theo Parrish - The Twin Cities EP (Robsoul)
What a big release for Robsoul.  Two amazing and long tunes by master Theo Parrish.

Antonio Ocasio - Charm (Tribal Winds)
Always a fan of Antonio and the spiritual deep sounds his label brings.  Keep it up please!

Delano Smith - Precipice EP (Mixmode Recordings)
Three deep Detroit house tracks.  I choose two of three.

Scherbe - Jardin Du Midi EP (Uncanny Valley)
Another nice release from Uncanny Valley.  Scherbe brings up a varied underground deep four different track player.  My preferred is Endlezz Cinema.

Native Funk - When You Heard House (Divuldge)
To turn the title to a question? When I did back in the eighties it changed my ear sense life.

Ari Frank - Refurbished Love (Legotek Records)
Good House songs are rare so when one is out, I surely grab it.  That is the case for the soulful inspired The Further You Look.

Siggatunez - Plan R (Houseworx)
Three different tracks plus a remix of the title track.  Original mix of Plan R and Clockwork are both hot stuff.

Alex Danilov - Can Speak Slow EP (Rawax)
Alex is very Parrish inspired in this excellent different four track extended player.

Glenn Underground - July 12 1979 (Strictky Jaz Unit Muzik)
The title of this album is the date of the destruction that was the Chicago Disco Demolition. It was an end and a start which brought to the reincarnation of the genre as we know it today.  Eleven jazz inspired tracks some of which a tribute to disco.

Anthony Nicholson - Year of the Rebel (Circular Motion)
Released on vinyl in 2011 this is Nicholson second Circular Motion album which finally gets a digital issue.  Twelve tracks with six of them having different artists vocal collaborations. African rhythms with Nicholson taking more sides with his soul inspired sounds.

various artists - Sketches (Sound Signature)
This unofficial album project by Theo Parrish and collaborations started as a gift in the DEMF of 2010 with a limited repress and only available at the Festival.  Drama by fans makes a repress later on, and we finally got a digital release.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: various artists - Soul's Back Again And Again!!! (Soulab)

After making a very hot December month with two releases, Soulab starts 2013 presenting this new compilation which looks to its past, from not so long ago as the Uraz Kurt tune which was released in December 2012, or more back in time as the tracks from Uptown Funk Empire.  Soul's Back Again And Again is a thirteen tune compilation from various artists from around the globe, and part of the Soulab artist rotation.  Soul's Back is a series of compilation with two predecessors released first in 2008, and Soul's Back Again issued in 2011. The artists featured in Back Again and Again are; Uptown Funk Empire three tunes, Allen Hoist and Slow Motion Replay both with two tracks, Uraz Kurt, Weeland and The Urban Soul Collective, Isaac Aesili, Various Artists, Dan Electro, and Giuseppe Storniolo these having one track each.  The tunes are all of a soul influence, with a different variation of theme which goes from broken beat, down tempo, funk, hip-hop, house, jazz, and latin influences.  This makes Soul's Back Again and Again not only a DJ use compilation but also for the good listeners being it lounging or driving.