Saturday, December 31, 2011

Choices - December 2011

Caspian Rabone presents Deep Water (battibatti)
Malta's BattiBatti goes Techno with deepness.  Very nice extended player, Swallow Dive is the obvious choice but I also play a lot Deep Shores.  Nice remix also by Sonitus Eco to the title track Deep Water.

various artists - Sublabel EP (Housewax)
Released in vinyl on October.  Here is all about four tracks of super quality from Malta's Owen Jay, to Russia's Alex Danilov and Anton Mayer, and an unknown artist.  My preferred is Spank by Owen but I still say take them all!

Eman and Doc Link - The Meaning Of Living The Remixes (Liberate)
Liberate the label of New York's Eman and Chicago man Doc Link continues to bring quality African Rythms.  Twelve remixes to choose; DJ Sneak, Immani Brown, Caliber etc.  My preferred is again by Daniel James.

Nick Turner - InnerVisions (Turquoise Blue)
Two tracks InnerVisions and Truth, plus three remixes.  Both originals are good, as is the Basic Soul remix of Truth.  Strange, weird and cool.  One best for this month.

various artists - Fear of Flying Remixes Vol.2 (Fear of Flying)
Ten exclusive remixed tracks from Fear of Flying.  I always watch this label, rarely purchase but this is worth a go in some parts.  Featuring also some in demand of the moment producers.

Sarp Yilmaz - Dinosauria EP (Minimal Kidz)
I like the title track Dinosauria, which is very Detroit and is hard to think it's coming from Turkey.  Or would you.

various artists - Dekmantel Anniversary Series (Dekmantel)
Two tracks for this series which start with this release.  The deep African Flower by Juju and Jordash or the a bit nineties Carl Craig sound from Morphosis.

Rydm - Planetary Steps (Homemade Records)
Deyamare and his remix of Saxeten sets things right up for me.

Danniel Odell - Latin Maj (steam circuit)
Daniell does it again if you like it Latin and deep. 

Cuthead - Brother EP (Uncanny Valley)
A total of five tracks.  Brother is one of the grooviest tune in the last months, but high attention I suggest for Transgressions.

various artists - Sound Prescription (Instabil)
Three tracks by different artists.  For me is about Pykup and 'take a deep breath...

At One - African Healing Dance (Atjazz Record Company)
One of the labels and production teams of the year.  Two nice African deep house tunes.

DJ Fudge - Woman of Africa (Tejal Records)
Latin African tribal music and in this it does it job well.

Efdemin - Chicago Remixes 2 (Dial)
The nine minutes plus of  Nightrain remixed by Fred P are the must here, but have also a good look for Shoeshine remixed by Deadbeat, and the remixes of There Will Be Singing.  Of this last the Efdemin edit is for me.

DJ Feevos - My Options EP (Wet Recordings)
Four tracks plus two mixes of Options.  I like the Break mix of Options, and the tribe Native.

Opolopo - Mutants (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Thirteen tunes in various rhythms from house to Rnb, downbeat and jazz.  Take your picks but Opolopo are amazing producers.

various artists - House Vol. 1 Hot Top 10 (Sci-Fi Productions)
Catalogue fourteen and Sci-Fi looks back with ten tunes.  Some already picked before, others I missed.

Theo Parish - Sound Signature Sounds (Sound Signature)
An amazing album by the legend that is Theo Parish released in 2001 on CD and now available in digital download.  Still forward thinking and fresh today.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Caspian Rabone presents Deep Waters (battibatti bb09)

For its release number nine Malta's battibatti label crosses the Atlantic Ocean and heads up North to Canada, with a release by Caspian Rabone.  Hailing from Toronto, Canada Caspian has also founded Polaris Records which from 2000 till 04 has featured six releases all in Techno sounds.  For his first BattiBatti appearance Rabone presents a three track extended player plus a remix of the title Deep Waters by Malta's Sonitus Eco.  The original Deep Water opens this release what is a minimal groove with evoking deep atmosphere.  Deep Shores follows suit, but this one follows a more mechanical sound groove to it.  Also on his Battibatti debut Sonitus Eco remix of Deep Water which I prefer to the original takes the sounds and atmosphere of the original, and put into it a more Detroit techno groove creating a dub darker vibe.  Swallow Dive is a deep tech house number with energy which will without doubt be the preferred track of the many in this extended player.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: various artists - Sublabel EP (Housewax)

A four track extended player with four different artists which debuts this new label from Germany.  The artists participating in this are Russia's Alex Danilov, Alton Mayer also from the red state, World famous but from Malta Owen Jay, and a track by an unknown artist.  First released on vinyl on 24th October this extended player opens the dances with Owen Jay 'Spank' an atmospheric track with a New York Latin percussion groove and jazzy chords which build up and would not feel out of place in a Body and Soul set.  This is followed by Hands Up the track of the Unknown Artist, which has a Chicago raw groove and sound with nice male urban vocals and organ coming in and out.  Alex Danilov follows this with his Filter D, a very Larry Heard sounding track with a jazzy feel, but still very good in my books.  Anton Mayer closes the dances and offers a very high quality underground track with jazzy atmosphere featuring an unusual groove which reminds me a bit of Fred P. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Choices - November 2011

Ezequiel Sanchez feat Ann Santos - Not For You (Nordik Net)
Remix from Whim-Ee on the spot for me.

Four Walls - My Sweet EP (Apparel Music)
A four track extended player but for me is all about the deep song title of this release My Sweet, what is a cover version of the legendary Marvin Gaye 1982 hit Sexual Healing. Wake up, get up lyric is missing but the groove does that!

Ekkohause and Santos Resiak - Thanks But No (Deep Series)
Three tracks in different grooves.  The broken beat Thanks But No is best, but the New York grove All Is Gone is also interesting.

Ebb and Flow - 85@Union EP (Roundabout Sounds)
Released in vinyl past Spring and finally for me comes in digital format. Third release and purchase for me of this West Coast located label, with a very Detroit dark sound.  Mike Huckaby in remix duty.

DJ Christos, Ree Moris - Inside of Me (GoGo Music)
Joseph Junior, MAQMan - I Don't See Love (GoGo Music)
Two releases in a months time offering the usual Latin Soul house style from GoGo.  Plenty of mixes and remixes to choose from in both releases and if vocals are not your thing check the instrumentals.

STL - Four Tracker (something)
Stephan Laubner is STL real name and this German producer hooks me again with his innovative underground grooves, which all come from real recordings and analog equipment transformation.  Four tracks and grooves, to choose.  I choose two and two.

Staycj Pepper & Hllywd - Lord Forgive (Superficially Deep)
Five versions in this interesting release of which one is a Christo remix.  I like the more African tribal Superlouisa remix.

Terence Parker - Love's Got Me High (Systematic)
A nice song and the version I like of Marc Romboy reminds of a song from a Detroit label released earlier this year.  I'll admit is not as good as the other one but it is somehow similar in my brain.

Prommer & Barck - The Barking Grizzle, Journey Remix EP Part 1 (Derwin Recordings)
Remixed byNorman and Jerome Syndeham, San Soda and Kink.  I like Kink dub mix of Journey.

Rainer Truby - Black Label #82 Marcus Worgul Remix (Compost Records)
Two tracks; Jeck which also includes a remix by Marcus Worgul, and Welcome to our World. I like more Welcome to our World.

Ivel Tex - Brotherhood EP (Terpsichore)
An extended player released on vinyl in 2010 with one track Brotherhood, plus two remix versions by Aaron Carl RIP, and Jefferson Velazquez.  Original works best for me.

Charles Webster - Fight for Freedom feat. Thandi Draai (Miso)
Charles Webster is a guarantee and so is his Miso Label, but apart this man on fire of the moment AtJazz is on the remix job.  Dub versions work best for me.

DJ Serge Negri, Saycon - Warrior EP (BambooSounds)
DJ Serge Negri, Tasha Mabry - Cigarette EP (BambooSounds)
Serge Negri has been on my radar in the last period, and if you are into African tribal rhythms you should too.  Two good releases in a few weeks period.

Lovebirds - Keep Coming EP (Freerange)
A two track extended player, plus two remixes from Axel Bowman.  Love the Axel Bowman mix two of Keep Coming and thumbs up for Brotha.

various artists - Lost (Sol recordings)
A three different artists package from; Rick Wade, Lulu Gaultier, and Arkaitz.  I like the Rick Wade track titled '21 Miles'.

DJ Ermi - Dolce E Profundo EP Part 2 (Black Vinyl)
Purchased part one so why not two.  Again as in the first part there is a track which is not that good. But the other two are cool.  Check them out.

DJ Funky T - Speaking In Toungues EP (Liberate)
NativeElement feat Mtika - Ndimamele (Liberate)
Doc Link and Amastasia Samara - Vinyl Theme (Liberate)
A good label owned by New York's E-man and Chicago's Doc Link.  In a month it presents three solid outings, and the nice is that you get confused what version to choose.  That is saying something when for example the Vinyl Theme had sixteen versions, and Ndimamele nine.

various artists - In Yer Third Ear 01 (Third Ear)
Twenty two tunes some classic and others newer which represent the Detroit sound of this label. Featuring famous names too like Theo Parrish, Pirahnahead, WBEEZA, Mike Agent X Clark, Kyle Hall, Llorca, Benjaminn Brunn etc. 

various artists - Versatile 15 (Versatile)
Before French house became known in the end nineties, Versatile was born.  A fifteenth birthday tribute representing the artists which have been, still are, and will still be years from now innovators.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.7.2011

Playlist for Mix.7.2011
Fortoone - Sexodus (silk and deep) v
Whim-ee - Street Arts (mussen project) v
Deymare - I'm your man (Morris Audio Citysport Edition) v
Nicholas - Stay Togather (4 Lux Black) v
Asciari and Jose Di Carlo - Swami 'dub' (engrave) t
Miguel Plasencia - Cuidado con Les Embori 'bonus remix' (Tony Records) v
John Daly - Melt Down 'QRN Re-melt' (One Track Records) t
NoiDoi - Le Jer (oslo) t
dml - sending ii (broque) v
Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (philpot) t
Show-B - Time Comes Dub (Poker Flat) t
Fred P - Doppler Weather System (sound designers) t
Theo Parrish - Sky Walking (Peacefrog) v
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Ezequiel Sanchez feat. Ann Santos - Not for You (Nordik Net Records)

Nordik Net Records from Italy presents its latest release courtesy of Ezequiel Sanchez.  Spanish Ezequiel is on his fourth fully dedicated Nordik Net release and for catalogue number twenty one he presents Not For You featuring Ann Santos on vocals, and joined in other two remix versions by Chembass, and Whim-ee.  The original version here is about a minimal groove beat with the Ann Santos vocal parts, a short guitar hook, and electric sound building into deep relaxing atmospheres.  Chembass remix who is also a regular on Nordik Net, is the more house of the versions with the vocals being more complete, especially in the breaks and having an interesting deep bass line.  Brazilian French Whim-ee which debuts on Nordik Net with this remix is my favorite version, featuring a Chicago groove with Latin percussion's coming in out,  and vocal snippets and deep atmosphere building up this song to new places.  

Monday, October 31, 2011

Choices - October 2011

Moomin - The Story About You (Smallville)
A ten track long player from Moomin all in very Chicago grooves, which also represents the third artist album from this always good German label. Good but may be to similar in some areas.  Take your picks!

Linus Quick - Chillaxing (Workbench)
Another LP mostly in dub deep house vibes, which features nine different tunes plus two remixes which come from the hands of Sven Weismanns for the title track, and Gutezeichen. 

Boogymann - High Fidelity Alton Miller Reworks Vol.2 (Superhuit Music)
Mr.Alton Miller takes Boogymann Golden Club which is a further rework of Brooklyn Express 69 aka Spank and makes it a deep house disco groove of nine minutes.

Mist Works - Common Question 2011 Remixes (AtJazz Record Company)
True Self - Future Memories (AtJazz Rcord Company)

Two different same day releases from AtJazz record company.  Both good and worth  the attention as anything from Atjazz or their label coming out at the moment.

Vakula - untitled (firecracker)
Vakula - unthank EP.2 (firecracker)
Two extended players from Vakula release in a couple weeks time between them which in total offered five tracks.  The most recent works better for me, but this is all into the sound research of this very good Eastern European producer and DJ.

Claudio Mate - M2G4 (Flying Donkey)
A tribute to E2-E4 by Manuel Gottshing, which then in 1989 was reworked by Massimino and Gemolotto to become the Underground dance hit Sueno Latino. Thanks for this to Matt Pond on his Deep Systems show on MyHouseYourHouse every Monday fortnight, who was hooked on this by Underquality boss Jus-Ed.

Jovonn and DJ Deep - Back in the Dark (Clone Club Series)
Released on vinyl in 2000 on the good Distance label. Clone makes a digital release to this for those who missed the original like me.

Lilac Jeans - Zihande feat Snash (Sci-fi Productions)
Six total versions.  For me is about the longer nine minutes plus of the Caribbean groove mix.

STL - The Unseen Voyage (something)
This production team who by the way are from Germany releases another extended player featuring three tracks and five effects beats.  Analog sounds which you would bet represent the Detroit spectrum with only one word to define it Underground.  I like all the three tunes.

Sarp Yilmaz - till the sky comes crashing down (Mussen Project Records)
Sarp is a guy from Turkey who produces this good and varied extended player featuring six tracks of which I like 'ju&capp' and 'on my corner'.  If you like this check also the Apparel better selling release which was out a couple days prior to this Sell My Soul EP.

var art - House Africa presents Deeper Shades of House DIGI-Sampler (Deeper Shades Recordings)
A varied four tracker featuring different tracks by diverse artists.  Stand out track is the Anthony Nicholson remix of Fabio Genito 'Papawenda'.  But a track remixed by AtJazz also deserves high attention.

Ugly Drums - Quite Frankful (Quintessentials)
A label which is always on my high attention signal and here it comes up with a three good tracks extended player, from the Rick Wade similar 2B, to the disco soul Is It Worth It, or deeper and my favorite Alright Alright.  Take it all!

Matin - Don't/ Turning (Elevation Recordings)
All about the original of 'Don't' for me.  But have a look also at 'Turning' which samples Erykah Badu On and On. 

Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra - Multilayer (Highgrade Records)
One hundred release for Highgrade, and its Disharmonic Orchestra presents this twelve track album of varied sound from Techno to Nu jazz, and Deep House. 

Pittsburgh Track Authority - The First Four EP (Uzuri Recordings)
Are these really the first four tracks from Pittsburg, then lets hope for the second fours.  I like the slow African Bloodlands, and the broken beat Duskshaped. Cool!

Sandiso - New Journey (Cover Music)
Two different tunes 'Midnite Groove' and 'World Joy' all with African Deep House inspiration. I like more World Joy but this is good.

Kruse and Nurnberg - Daze Without You (Liebe Detail Digital)
Two tracks from the title Daze Without You what is a dance floor moving vocal house, to the more tribe and deep Light Binding.  Nothing special but they work!

Totally Mobilee - The Remix Collection Vol.01 (mobilee)
Here is all about the nu jazz sounds from and the Band and the two remix cuts released actually a couple years back.  While at it I checked more from and the Band.  Worth to do!

var artits - Chillhouse Diamonds (Girafe Music)
Twenty total cuts here some of them by quite famous names like Alton Miller, Mousse T, Ralf Gum, Loco Dice, Can 7, and Ralf-E.  Take your pick, I found some interesting past releases.

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0 Live (Ya Basta)
A band which from its first album La Revancha dell Tango released in 2001 which I bought in double pack vinyl has infected me with its electronic Latin vibes.  This is about the live mash up of Panamericana/Triptico.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.6.2011

Playlist for Mix.6.2011
Kenn Yanamaka Pres Luv City - Aurora (soundmen on wax) t
Maxim Buldakov - Kama (apparel) t
Marcellus Pittmann - An Afternoon Delight (seventh sign) t
Move D - Sur Un Bateau Avec Eric 'underwater vocals by Eric D.Clark' (uzuri) v
Black Jazz Consortium - Messages 'Dubbymen remix' (Deep Explorer Music) v
Rick The Godson Wilhite - Deep Horizons (still music) t
Christo - New Jazzno (room with a view) t
1Dan - Speckled (battibatti) t
6th Borough - B.U.R.T. The Journey (delusions of Grandeur) v
Whim-ee - Come Come (mussen project) v
Joe Babylon - Detroit Beatdown Tribute (roundabout sounds) v
Lady Blacktronica - Who Makes You Feel (your only friend recordings) v
Bob Sinclair - Mo Underground People (Yellow Productions) v
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Choices - September 2011

Whim-ee - Refresh EP (Zaubermilch)
Brazilian French resident Sara aka Whim-ee returns again with a wonder release featuring two nice tracks, and a remix by Dejaan and Remix.  I like both of Whim-ee original versions.  Nice!

Bittersuite presents - Sealegs EP (battibatti)
This British from Brighton production team, after being special guest on Battibatti's EP.1 and EP.2, and remix duty in Owen Jay Way of Life, have a release fully dedicated for them with this Sealegs EP.  Three very good instrumental trax all with jazz and soulful atmosphere. 

Bittersuite - Life Cycle b/w Blockhead (Swedish Brandy)
This was released in vinyl early Summer and finally gets its digital format.  Life Cycle here features the original and two other mixes.  Definitly a hard choice between the Original and the Deepsystems dub.  Very hard!  I also like the other track Blueprint which is on a Latin deep vibe.

Posh Black - Around the World (Muffin Avenue)
A second release for this new label founded earlier this year. African Latin deep sounds here in four different tunes.  I like Love Around the World, and Lost. 

Daniell Oldell - The Live Writhe (steam circuit)
The nine minutes of The Live Writhe will make you do just that. Living in good atmospheres.

DJ Serge Negri - One Moment at a Time EP feat. Tasha Mabry (Bamboo Sounds)
One Moment at a Time has three mixes, plus two other tracks Resistance, and Your Door.  Check the Kalim Shabazz mix of One Moment at a Time.  African deep with the super singing of Tasha Mabry.

K'Bonus and Negghead - Compost Black Label #81 (compost)
Four versions for the track called Harmonizing.  I don't like much the remixes but between part one and two is a huge challenge.  But they are a bit similar too.  Take your pick!

Move D - Workshop 13 (workshop)
Three untitled tracks, with the usual soup of styles from Move D.  I like 1 and 2, with 3 being more of a New Disco flavour.

Matthew Styles - Sample and Hold EP (running back)
A five track extended player from Styles which takes you in various styles from Techno, Detroit, House, and Nu Funk vibe.  My preferred is definitely Galaxy 21 which is the Nu Funk tune, but if you are into harder darker sounds Polee deserves your attention.

Deep Space Orchestra - Bucktown Fever EP (Quintessentials)
A label and a production team which always gets my attention.  Three different tracks on a Detroit tip.  Don't Move is my preffered.

Leotone - Jesus in the House (Mawela Music)
A twelve track album which follows the single released in August, Praise Him.  This is all about gospel soulful vocals, African Tribal Rhythms, and Jazz instruments all the way.  Interesting in parts, very good in others.

DJ Bee, Rainy Payne - Always (conya)
Three versions for Always from the Original to remixes by Villa Gambao, and Silvia Zaragoza.  I like the last by Ms Silvia which goes into tribal Afro soulful vibes.  Cool!

Colonel Red - Keep Walkin (Tokyo Dawn Records)
A nu soul album which represents the vocal talents of this singer in fifteen songs.  For the most part under five minutes long minus three being; Can We Work It Out, Keep Walkin and Woman.  There is also the featuring of the super Ursula Rucker in Gimme a Minute.

various artists - Sun Avenue (aim)
Maxi single CD with seven tracks all of Detroit sounding deep.  The most famous appearance is Christopher Rau, but this is quality stuff. 

various artists - Tronicsole I Love Deep (tronicsole)
A compilation featuring ten tracks with some of them having important known names as Francois Dubois, Milton Jackson, Shur-i-Kan, Bugz in the Attic, and DJ Spinna.  Spinna and the Bugz captured my attention.

various artists - Fall Winter Collection 2011/2012 (Apparell Music) 
A compilation with twelve releases all in original mixes format.  If they are upcoming singles I don't know.  But some are worth the attention with Moonlight by Christian Cooper being the best. 

various artists - Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up (Honest Jon's Records)
Ok the most obvious choice is the Carl Craig tune Kilode, but if you look well in the other nine tracks you find something else.

various artists - Mild Things (mild pitch)
A fifteen track compilation showing the deep underground sounds of this label with artists as Langenberg, Manuel Tur, Tim Toh, and Blakkat.  Famous Steve Bug and Marcus Worgul also appear on two separate remix duties.  I like two tracks by Langenberg, and Tim Toh.

various artists - Yacht Sunsation Radio-a-Porter (Irma Records)
Some quality back catalogue from Irma.  The most obvious choice here is Sicania Soul's Starlite the Danny Krivit edit but if you look deeper, you will find other good stuff.  I did and found some...

various artists - The Jam Files O5 (Peppermint Jam)
Peppermint continue with the Jam Files series here presenting the number five series, which tributes important classics in deep flavour.  The remix of Mousse T Horny by Daniel De Luxe and Andi De Luxe is interesting.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Whim-ee - Refresh EP (Zaubermilch)

After her successful Sofa EP, and an important debut on US label NiteGrooves with a one track appearance on the New Breed of Deep House, Whim-ee returns to the house of German label Zaubermilch.  This label has already featured two releases from the Brazilian born French  resident, both in 2010 and more of techno sounds.  In this Refresh EP, Whim-Ee follows the evolution of the deeper US sounds of her latest releases.  The two tracks here are Refresh, and You And Me.  The title track of the EP, Refresh builds itself on a deep house groove with dub atmosphere, and the vocal serving as keys which build emotional atmosphere.  You and Me also follows the same patterns but features a more groovy drum, and the vocal evoking more sexy atmosphere.  There is also a remix by Dejaan and Bach Fresh Air Remix who put the tempo up, and take things more tribal and into bigger room territory.  Well done again Whim-ee another solid release.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Bittersuite presents Sea Legs (battibatti bb008)

After three previous releases on BattiBatti, Bittersuite present us with a three track Extended Player titled Sea Legs. This is the first fully dedicated release on the Maltese BattiBatti label to the Brighton production team, having previously been featured on the various artist extended players EP.1 and EP.2 and on remix duty for Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana track Way of Life. Their two previous releases on Batti Batti titled Orbit and To Be Free, have been burning my Cd's, and rocking dance floors worldwide.  In this Bittersuite extended player one of the most awaited tracks is Cabin Fever, which has been around for a while as a promo, and searched a lot by a few deep house aficionados.  So Cabin Fever is finally here, alongside two other amazing tracks, Reprog, and the head liner Sea Legs. Solid beats, jazzy chords and atmospheric textures all the way in all tracks.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.5.2011

Playlist for Mix.5.2011
Herb LF - Shake em Down (soul print) v
Prommer & Barck - Sleeping Beauty (derwin) v
Tony D - Stereo Deep (unistory music) v
Kuni - Sunshine (whatpeopleplay) t
Salvatore Angel - Let Me In feat Wayne Tennant 'DJ Rico Soul Deep Yall remix' (soundmen on wax) 
Oleg Poliakov - Hold Up (composite) v
Rick The Godson Wilhite - In the Rain (still music) v
Harley & Muscle - Red Cheeks (little angel) t
Sasse - Hot For You (Poker Flat) v
Ryo Murakami - In Chain 'Frep P Remix' (curle) t
Andre Lodeman - Don't Panic (room with a view) t
Deep Space Orchestra - On the Inside (winding road) v
STL - Paperboy (something) t
Umoisa - We are Unity 'Joey Negro Club mix' (Z records) v
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choices - August 2011

WBEEZA - bagwag ep (third ear)
Four traks all of deepness and Detroit sound influence.  My preferred is the Italian spoken Fall Out, deep and African.

var art - SUOL Mates 01 (suol)
Five tune which features the usual artist from this label; Chopstick, Daniel Bortz, Johnjon, and Fritz Zander.  All with a funky attitude and nice atmosphere.

Shigeru Tanabu - El Camino EP (falk)
A nice atmosphere tune which takes me to other worlds.  This features various styles from pure Chill out versions, to Trip Hop and Deep House.  But the tempo is always in the right speed, take your pick!

Arnaldo - You See Me EP (Greta Cottage Workshop) 
Don't much about this production all that it features four tunes of deepness and unusual atmospheres.

Petr Serkin - Raw Cuts 2 (Space Breaks)
Petr Serkin goes deep, but apart this his tunes create that unusual blend of energy which makes also good peak timers.

The Rurals - Ocean (Peng)
A group which has made a legend for itself, and here again they don't disappoint.  Eleven tunes of classic deep soulful house at its best with vocal collaborations by; Ladybird, Jaidene Veda, Magic Soul, Diviniti, Rowan, and Irantzu.

Mark Thibdeau - Archive 4 (composite)
Six tracks on all of an experimental deep sound. I like the tribal October Afternoon, and Detroit sounding Hiway 40 to Sarnia.

Eddie Nicholas - Gimme Dat Love (slaag)
A label which has build a strong reputation in its past, and here does not disappoint once again.  A nice song with strong rhythms with six versions for you to choose your favorite.

Kid Enigma - Resurrection EP (so sound)
Four tunes which comes from the past.  I like the straight from the pop charts but with that deep vibe to it Return of the Mac.

Si Tew - Need to Grow (feat. Pete Simpson) Yoruba Soul Mixes (Atjazz Record Company)
No talking needed when you have Mr.Osunlade and his Yoruba Soul in the mix.  Deep, jazz, and Afro sounds in one mix.  Super.

Ta-Ku / Pavel Dovgal - Finest Ego / Faces Series Vol.01 (Project Mooncircle)
This for the most part is down beat and lounge, but Pavel changes that with Guinea.  Detroit Jazz sounds anyone.

The Truffle Tribe - Wild Sound Technolgy (Irma)
Irma is always a label for the connoisseurs and those looking for quality.  Here is another gem of an album which features fourteen tunes full of African tribal sounds.

var artists - Visions EP (City Fly)
Four tracks by different artist from the famous Basic Soul Unit, to Tone Control, YSE, and James Johnston.  For me Tone Control's Illusion is pure magic.

Daniel Steinberg & Nils Ohrmann - We don't Sync So EP (arms and legs)
If you care I don't sync, and those who do it are not DJing but are playing some computer game.  Five tracks with my pick being two, one from Nils and another from Daniel.  Deep but with a nice energy.

Moxa Volume One - Follow the X (Rebirth)
This club located in central North Italy has created legend in the past two years, thanks to the quality of the music which comes from the super guests and the DJ residents.  A compilation with high profile artists who deliver fifteen magic tracks.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: New Breed of Deep House EP (Nite Grooves)

One of the most consistent house music labels in its various forms that is King Street Sounds, with its Nite Grooves off set presents this new extended player New Breed of Deep House EP show casing producers who have been gaining grounds in recognition the last year.  The five producers are Masahiro Suzuki, Korova Sound System, Syzthaime, Whim-ee, and Vozmediano.  As the title says all of the tracks are of Deep House nature but with different attitude.  More jazz African comes from Un Cafe s'il Vous Plait by Spanish Vozmediano.  Strings and more progression with a Detroit Techno touch from Port Elizabeth from Masahiro Suzuki.  Ugly Thikita by Syzthaime is close to industrial Minimal metal techno in my book with a Detroit beat groove things up.  Korova Sound System and his Harmonica take things tribal and very big room with a 126 BPM offering the faster sound of the tunes.  Last and definitely my favorite is I Will Tell You by Brazilian born French resident Whim-ee, who remains one of my top producers from 2011.  After her Sofa EP on Italian label Mussen, Sara confirms herself again and here she goes for a pure NY Deep house wiith a 120 BPM groove, and sounds vocal snippets which reminds me of late nineties Sandy Rivera.  Top rating again from Whim-ee!  Well done.   

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Choices - July 2011

AFMB - The Far Side / In My Life (Drumpoet Community)
Two great different tracks.  In My Life is a vocal deep house builder with a style which reminds me of Kevin Saunderson Inner City.  Nice!

Nicola Troia - Thinking EP (Mussen)
This Italian label brings quality again.  Thinking is a very well produced tribal afro dark track. Check it!

Exist - 1Beat 2Feet (AtJazz Record Company)
Original and Kaytronic Karizma remix.  Must admit I first preferred the later but now the Original has won me over.

Guillaume, The Coutu Dumonts - Ubiquitous Gaze (circus company)
Two great tracks Ubiquitous Gaze, and You're the One.  Both good but you're the one has that something unusual and magic about it.
Kisk & Roy Gilles - One Hundred EP (Apparel)
This label as previously said always captures my attention even tough now in its 44 release.  My prefered of the three tunes is One Hundred and Fourteen.  Take your pick and advise.
Nicholas & Simoncino - From The Underground EP (Quintessentials)
Italian Nicholas is one of the persons I am following the most in recent times, and if you like old school deep house you should to. 
Boogyman - High Fidelity (Super Huit Music)
Eight tracks album all being of down tempo and with a retro influence. 
various artists - Twenty Four Ways (smallville)
Catalogue 24 for this very high regarded German label which delivers quality house mostly in deep and techno flavours.  This is a four different artist EP, with my preffered tracks being Smallpeople and Rau 'Unke' and Christopher Rau 'Like Yesterday'
Esperenza - Sirena EP (Gomma)
This label altough today I don't buy much of its stuff always captures my attention as it is always a hybrid of diverse sounds.  Here for me is about the old school Detroit house influenced Broke One remix of Sirena, and the slow and atmospheric Ink.   
Charles Webster feat Divinti - Learning to Love Me (Miso)
Six versions all with a vocal tonality, and Latin tribe influence.  My preferred is the spacey Charles Webster Dub, and deep vocal P's Deep Soul mix,

Arno E.Mathieu - Cabanon EP (clima)
Number thirteen for Arno's own Clima records.  A producer I like a lot for Afro tribe sounds in various atmospehers being more jazzy as is Cabanon or techno as was for the number twelve Eternal Sunchild.

John Daly - Meltdown Remixes (One Track Records)
Go straight for QRN Re-melt for pure NYC Body and Soul deep sounds. 

var artists - Friends, Lovers and Families (Lany Recordings)
Three tracks with one of them having two versions.  For me is all about the Scott Ferguson mix of Shark by Luv Jam.

Deymare - Some More (Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Old school deep house at its best! From the energetic 'And Then Some More', to the underground 'Get it', moody 'I'm Your Man', and 'Second Thoughts' available in Azuni Remix more old school and the Digital Bonus version this my preferred.
TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Black Label #79 Remix by Joash & Instrumentals (compost)
Latin deep tribe in nice atmospheres.  Check the Instrumentals for Something Happened and This Time.
Eddi Shkiper - Invisible Moon EP (Apparel)
Apparel this Italian label has always a couple of goodies in each of its releases.  Here is the same! 

Jin Choi - Full Range (Serialism Records) One of the producers I am watching a lot in recent times that is Jin Choi.  Six total mixes, three different tracks, and four versions for Half Baked.  Here for me is about the Extended Edit of Half Baked, and Red Day. 

Franck Roger - Let's go Down EP (Frank Roger Productions)
Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - Life is too Short EP (Franck Roger Productions)
It was a long time since I purchased Franck Roger material but here is worth a note.  Two EPs on his own label, with both being on a New York Deep house vibe, and a thinking to the dance floor of any room being big or small.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Choices - June 2011

var artists - Silk and Deep Sampler Volume 1 (silk and deep)
Catalogue number four for this label which is as the title say a five tune sampler all with different artist and a diverse deep vibe. Have to look more for this lable as this is inspiring! 

Big Mojo - Lose that Man Child feat Marcy Jonas (Irma)
Six version from Big Mojo all have a strong vocal and jazzy sounds.  Nice build up from Baby Face Ferrazzi mix.

BiteOFire - Imagination (apparel)
BiteOFire presents its nine track album plus a remix by George G of Metrica.  I did not take all but five tunes definitely deserve a purchase.  Go and make your choice.

Black Jazz Consortium - Electric Blues EP (Deep Explorer Music)
Fred P and Black Jazz Consortium moniker continue to bring deep dark underground sounds in this three tracker.  My preferred is Messages Dubbymen remix.

NoiDoi - Dupa Joi (oslo)
A five tracker EP all on a tribal Afro vibe.  My picks are the very Afro and over ten minutes Carniline, and underground Le Jer.

Martino - Mars (soulstream)
One of the most awaited releases spun by many NY City area top house DJs.  Already a classic.  I like the Dub mix and Alternate Arrangement mix.

Adrian S ft Noel Layne - Truth/Deep Six (Shines)
Five versions for Truth, plus Deep Six.  I like the Guerilla Science Interpretation, but the Bending The Truth and Andy Roberts remixes are worth a consideration as well.

60 Hertz - Capricorn (GoGo)
Ralf Gum GoGo label has always been about soulful, and Latin tribe tunes.  Here the script continues and follows a jazzy Latin affair.  Also interesting is a more tribal remix by the label boss himself, but all mixes are worth a good listen.

Whim-ee - Sofa EP (Mussen Project)
A producer Whim-ee which comes from Brazil, but lives in Paris and releases on Mussen a label fom Milan Italy.  This is a very underground House project, with the most rated tune being Come Come.  But the others are worth a very good listen too.  Check it out!

Motorcity Drum Ensemble 1206-07 (Faces)
This is a very interesting project featuring six tunes (three by Motorcity, two by 20Hundred, and one by Creative Swing Alliance.  My preferred is There's A Truth but if you into Chicago old school mid to late eighties vibe this is for you.

Lady Blacktronica - Future Blues Vol.01 (Your Only Friend)
The new lady of Detroit continues its prolific 2011 year by presenting its ten track album which features vocal collaborations by Irvin June, Ira Levi, and Bailey Jemille.  All very Detroit with Dreams and Who Makes You Feel being my favorite.

Maxim Buldakov - Kama EP (Apparel)
Italian label Apparel continues to bring quality to the Deep House scene.  Here Maxim presents this seven different mixes EP which features remixes by Roy Gilles, Yapacc and Eddi Shkiper. The title track Kama deserves special attention.

Jin Choi and Walker Barnard - I'm Just The Rain (Private Gold)
Two tunes plus an extra remix of I'm Just The Rain.  I like the original of IJTR.

Ramon Rauch - RRemixed (Philpot)
This German label has always been about bringing quality deep house, and here it is a repeat to the usual.  The remix of Can't Get Enough is the perfect tune between underground, deep, vocal, and dance floor vibe.

dml - munique ep (broque)
Deep and dub five tunes ep.  I like Sending II.

Darmont Presents Perspective 05 Part 1 and 2 (room with a view)
A two part series with the first being released in May and second in June.  My choices are three tunes out of eight being; Chisto - New Jazzno, Alland Byallo - Stern Soul, and Marlows perspective for Honesty Brixton Beach.

var artists - Soundmen on Wax Rare Grooves (soundmen on wax)
A label which has always been on top since it appeared on the market in 1997.  This new Rare Grooves is not pure house on its own and features eight mixes, with my favorite without a doubt being Aurora.  But nearly all is good

var artists - Yellowrange History The Kept to Ourselves Mixes (Tony Records)
A label which from its incarnation in 1998 till 2002  symbolised the style of one of the best ever and diverse DJs but also a symbol of the soulful vocal garage house sound i.e Tony Humphrey's.  This is a collection of unreleased mixes selected by Jacko.  You might hear versions used in one of Tony's magic session all over the globe.

var artists - The Underground House of Calypso (Irma)
Ten classics from the Italian Calypso label published on this compilation.  This goes from friendlier tunes to more deep stuff. For those old timers there is some known names as Artmiya, and the still active Alfred Azetto, and Don Carlos.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.4.2011

Playlist for Mix.4.2011
Prommer & Barck - Lovin (darwin) V
RVDS - Pain (It's ) V
Petkovski - Love Machine (soul print) V
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Distant Dream (battibatti) T
Roy Gilles - Lost In My Visions (Apparel) V
Rick The Godson Wilhite - Dark Walking (still) T
Pawel - Crillion 'Sistrum Remix by Patrice Scott' (Dial) T
Tony D - La Trib (unistory) V
Willie Dutch - Randoness Domino (House Tribe) T
Toby Tobias - Love Papers (Qunitessentials) T
Norm Talley - The Journey 'Scott Grooves Panther Remix' (Third Ear) T
Arno E.Mathieu - Eternal Sunchild (clima) T
U2 - Lemon 'Bad Yard Club Mix' (Island Records) V
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Whim-ee - Sofa EP (Mussen Project)

A four track extended player from Brazilian producer Whim-ee, real name Sara Garcia who at the moment resides in Paris, and has this release out on Milan, Italy based label Mussen Project.  As you can see with this release we have a mixture of countries that is worth an Atlas book.  This EP is all about offering a mixture of grooves, all having that bit of old school US house touch being it New York, Detroit or Chicago but most important all looking in the future. Definitely it did put Whim-ee in my always look at producers of the moment! The most experimental track here is for sure Dub Rose which features Jerry on vocal and takes an old tribal groove into dark and dub atmospheres.  Was So Real is track two and this gets the most of the old school vibe of the pack with a light dark piano riff building with the groove taking you to new places.  Street Arts longest of the tunes at just over seven minutes is my favorite track in this EP and is a slow deep house number with an Afro rhythm building slowly.  Last of the four tracks is Come Come a Detroit techno influenced deep house stormer which is good for any quality room.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choices - May 2011

Artist - title (label)
1Dan - Wish You Well (battibatti)
Another great release from BattiBatti this time with Brighton artist 1Dan.  Wish You Well presents two dance floor underground tracks; the more deep Speckled and the dub influenced Wishing well.  I love them both!

var artists - Family Horror (kann)
Eight tracks of electronic modern Nu-deep house.  My favorites are the minimal influenced Plenum by Efdemin, and Molly by Servensol and Bender.

DJ Ermi - Dolce and Profundo EP (Black Vinyl)
Black Vinyl is back with its release number 75.  I purchased my first BV release back in 2000.  Three quality different tracks of deep house.  All nice

Nicholas - All Night Long (4Lux Black)
A very good release with an old school deep house touch.  Surely most attention is to be given to All Night Long and Nicholas Long Original mix of over seven minutes.  There is also two other versions of this by Gerds, and the shorter Original mix.  The two other tracks also of great quality are Stay Together and All I Need.

Hector - What the Hec? (mobilee)
A label which is synonymous with quality house track mostly of deep tech influence.  This is a four all different track extended player with my favorite being the title of the player What The Hec?  But The Troof also deserves a look.
6th Borough Project - One Night in the Borough (delusions of Grandeur)
Before releasing its album One Night in the Borough which is due in early June, 6th Borough Project presented a three part series showcasing all the long player.  You can wait and save some cash or have it all bit by bit.  I went the first route as when it is good music patience does not exist.

Mr Moon feat Desy - I Wonder EP (duffnote)
Two tracks I wonder, and Gonna Give you which total six version including the radio edit of Gonna Give You.  My preferred is the broken beat Soulfuric man Richard Earnshaw mix of Gonna Give You. 

var artists - Hausbrigade Music Presents Mother Nature Vol.o1 (Hausbrigade)
Eleven tracks all of Soulful Deep house nature.  All quality releases but the best is Jnr Robinson Tell You Who remixed by Filin Blake which is in a very soul funk style.
Cubijue DJ Cb - Sunrise Sunshine (karanga)
First release from Karanga and what a nice afro latin house number is this.

Spirit Catcher - Partners in Crime (systematic)
This Vinyl edition 2 release follows edition 1 release past October which was more of a tech house style.  Here we follow the dominant period of deep house with more orientation towards this style although my preferred tune is only one here being Mr.G remix of Under Elvis.

various artists - Nu Jazz Vol.01 (Pyramide)
Twelve releases from different artists all representing today's different jazz faces from modern New style to house.  Many famous artists like Belladonna, Truby Trio, Sicania Soul, Duran Y Garcia, and Ohm Guru.

various artists - Jazz Best Part.2 (apparel)
A sixteen track compilation from this Italian label which offers some clever and also a bit unique deep jazz sounds.  All good but my favorite are Fantasma, Tosso, and the Huxley remix of Vid Vai.

C.9ine - Chasing Feat Kholi Part.1 (At Jazz)
Four versions for what is one of the best soulful releases of recent weeks.  You get Original mix, two At Jazz remix one of which Instrumental, and Alan Ho versions.  At Jazz Remix all the way for me!  Thank You.

Nick Sole - Contigo (mojuba)
Nick Sole presents the three track released Contigo.  As the title says this an African influenced deep house EP. 

Roy Gilles - Running in the Same Direction EP (apparel)
Roy Gilles is back, and this Italian label deserves a huge watch thanks to the quality and different sounds of its releases.  This EP offers a total of six tracks, divided in four tunes, and two remixes.  Varied too from the deep, to Chicago Detroit, and Downtempo stuff as as the original mixes of Darkness and Ice, and Turn Dis Up.

Joe Babylon, Ebb & Flow - Sofia EP (roundabout sounds)
Release number two and another yes please from the very Detroit sounding but US West side located Roundabout Sounds label.  This was released in vinyl about 6 months ago and features two tracks from Joe Babylon with Detroit Beatdown Tribute, and Ebb and Flow with Sofia.  All good, but I think the recent very in form Orlando Voorn mix of Sofia gives that something extra to me.

John Beltran - Aquatic (Divuldge)
A new label which starts its 01 and 02 catalogue with a strong artist release.  This is a two series part with my preferred versions being both by Joey Beltran and found in the Part.1 version.  The other six mixes are more of deep Detroit techno inspiration and are from Stephen Lopkin, Rise Ashen, Vince Watshin, Titonton, Rennie Foster, and LHK.
Aki Bergen - Black and Light (plastic city)
Ok I am not fan for most of this guys and his various aliases sounds although his sound do work on the floor.  But out of eleven tracks he created a master peace with the name of City Night Crowd.

var artists - Sound Structure Vol.01 (engrave)
A very varied twelve track compilation selected by Guilio Abbatista.  This goes from Nu disco, Deep House, Detroit Chicago, to the Teck House route.  Some known Italian artists in this too from Abbyss, Dan Mela, Sicania Soul, China, and Musumeci.

Peppermint Jam Remastered Series (Peppermint Jam)
The Remastered Series are six compilations from Peppermint Jam featuring its classic releases.  These appeared in end of April till early May, and features past jams from the German house label.  The Series are; Saturday, Old School, Mouuse T remixed, Beats and Dubs, Sunday, and The Disco Files.  There is the usual dance floor fillers and some quality tunes in them as the MAW mix of Spirit by Cunnie Williams.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: 1Dan presents Wish You Well (battbatti bb07)

Another quality Deep House release from Malta label Battibatti who for its number seven presents 1Dan with the title Wish You Well.  For this new release label boss Owen Jay continues to present us his Brighton from the UK connections.  1Dan real name Dan Rodgers is the third to come from this part of Britain on Battibatti, following the trio of Bittersuite featured on three different releases, and Jaime Read presented on catalogue number five.  For his Battibatti debut 1Dan presents two high quality tracks orientated towards an underground dance floor from both the different tracks; Speckled, and Wishing Well.  Speckled is pure deep house with a smooth under pump and percussion's all making the perfect build up into colorful and romantic atmospheres.  Wishing Well on the other side is a dub techno house track provided with a darker element.  

Saturday, May 21, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.3.2011

Playlist for Mix.3.2011
Homework – Whipped Cream (Exploited) V
J Dovy – Special Luv “Luv Specialist” (Superhuit Music) V
Genny G – Wolf Experience (Apparel) T
Chaim – Love Rehab “Album Version” (BPitch Control) V
Russo, Huxley - Bally Who (I Records) V
Francesco Grant – Ichar’s Wings feat Alex Petrelli (resopal schallware) V
MzKbx – Out (karat) V
Spellband – Smooth Touch (look at you) T
Paolo Martini – Its You (Pauls Boutique) V
Martin Dawson – What the Fuck (Get Physical) T
Freaks & 012 – Conscious of my Conscience “Henrik Schwarz Remix” (Rebirth) V
Bassfort – The Street Is My World (freerange) V
Tevin Campbell – Back To the World “Ds Club Mix” (Qwest) V
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Choices - April 2011

Artist - title (label)
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Distant Dream (battibatti)
Owen Jay continues to deliver deepness with each release.  Here is two versions the broken beat original and the more raw Owen Jay remix.  Full Support!

var artists - We Love You Nippon (underground quality)
Super 25 tracks from the likes of Move D, Fred P, label boss Jus Ed, Nina Kraviz, Small People, Owen Jay, etc etc.  All deep, underground house and most important helping tremor, Tsunami struck Japan.  Go on the label site buy it and help.

var artists - Japanease A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project for Japan (Whatpeopleplay)
120 tracks divided in three volumes of forty each all featuring super high quality underground music in various styles from techno to chill out, some of them also being esclusive releases..  Considering the price this basically a give away. Support and help Japan. 

var arts - Soul Collective EP (SoundDesigners)
Six differents artists tracks, from Anton Zap, Scott Ferguson, Fred P, Le Loup, PeteBlas, and Lost in Space.  Cannot go wrong with the first three. 

Show-B - Come Down in Time (Poker Flat)
Just love the Time Comes Dub version.  Hypnotic nu deep in an african vibe.

Pinku Vaary - The Hartnolls (rakkaus)
Three versions the original, AtJazz, and Mario and Vidus Redo remix.  My preferred is the one by Mario and Vidus.

Chris Air - Red Sea EP (Gelbes Billet Muzik)
Red Sea features three versions.  This is deep but with a minimal touch to the overall production.  I like the Frankenbergs Namazu remix.

Soul Motion Replay - Heavy Duty (soulab)
Fourteen tracks all on a Nu Soul vibe to warm up the nites to lounge or to listen. My favorites are Think Better, Tropical Forest, and The Missing Disk.  But all is Nice!

Ryo Muracami - In Chain Fred P Remix (curle)
Two versions for In Chain Original and Fred P remix, and the very deep Feel It.

Crowdplease and St.Plomb - La Sorciere Doctoresse EP (Third Ear)
Four tracks EP and an extra remix by Emilie Nana for La Piu Belle Africaine.  The title track La Sorciere Doctoresse is the best of the bunch.

Sysknob - Souls EP (EXPMental)
An EP with three differernt tunes; Souls on the street, The Doors, Ohm Memory.  The Doors is my preferred.

Harley & Muscle - No Compromise Vol.01, Vol.02 (little angel)
The Italian deep house ambassadors present there new album which totals 25 tracks, all in a hypnotic jazz vibe, and varied groove styles.  Four different tracks also feature vocal colloborations by; Lem Springsteen, Joi Cardwell, Geridean, and Christopher McCray. 

Joe Babyblon - Debut EP (RoundaboutSounds)
Interesting with two tracks We Rise and I Speak Jive who gets remixed by Rick Wade and John Tejada.  For me the original for both versions are the best. 

STL - 51 North (something)
8 tracks but six are affects and the remaining two i.e. Inner Silence and Paperboy are just masterpeaces of Nu deepness with a Detroit influence.

Prommer and Barck - Alex and the Grizzly (derwin)
What an album with varied eleven tracks which go from loungy  to deep and more detroit sounds.  Buy it with your eyes closed and ears wide open. 

Arron Tesser The New Jazzz Affair - Light and Stars (Irma)
The original is a lounge jazz affair, but if you are into house like me go to Riccicomoto's Club up Edit which is nine minutes of Afro House with jazz.  If you like it shorter you can choose the six minutes Solar edit.  There is also a Marshall Fent, and Viani with Mr.T more soulful and less deep versions.

J.Dovy - The Funk Tapes Vol.6 (superhuit)
This series continues and if you want some cool funk house have a look at all the series by Dovy.  I like Downtown Grooves the most. 

Lady Blacktronica - First lady of Beatdown remixes (your only friend)
Six tracks and a total of three different tunes which are all remixed; Summertine in the City (1 remix by Joshua Iz), Lose My Life (2 remixes), Never Everything (three versions).  I like the Off the Wall remix of Lose my Life, and the Let my Egun Dance version of Never Everything.

var artists - Mental Beauty (composite)
14 tracks from different artist from the likes of DJ Yellow (two tunes), King Britt, James Teej, and Charles Webster here in remix duties.  All good altough I did choose the five deeper and dopest tracks, in my opinion but this is all worth a listen.

Move D - Hydrophonic EP (uzuri)
Your Personal Healer, Things Will Come for those who wait, Sur un Bateau avec Eric are the three tunes of this EP from one of the best producers coming out of Europe when it comes to deep house.

Andre Lodemann - Dont Panic EP (room with a view)
Your Choice and Dont Panic are the tunes here who are featured in the original Lodemann mix and then get remixed by Iron Curtis, and Master-H. 

var artists - Forward to the Past (Pokerflat)
As was shown in its recent releases which feature a very retro Chicago sound this highly regarded German label now presents a compilation with this sound.  As usual you get all the bells and whistles from fifteen very regarded producers who built quite a name for themselves in the last couple years in the deep house and techno scene.  My favorites are Cab Drivers 'Shoulder Pad' giving a Chicago modern thinking, and Sasse 'Hot for you' which has a touch of early Mr.Fingers aka Larry Heard vibe to it.

var artists - Group of Connected Heads Vol.2 (highgrade)
A compilation of twelve different tunes from various artists featuring the likes of Todd Bodine, Jens Bond, Tom Clark, and Cab Drivers. These last produce my favorite here in a there usual mechanical Movement way.  Cab Drivers are ahead if you like mechanical modern nu deep sounds.

Marcellus Pittmann - The East Side Story EP (seventh sign)
Three tunes; The Mad Underdog, You Want Me Never, and An Afternoons Delight all in a deep Detroit vibe.  I Like An Afternoons delight. 

Ave Astra - Cuts EP (seta)
Three tunes all of deep house sound from this varied genre label.  I like the underground house nineties sound Basic Cuts.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana present Distant Dream (batti batti bb06)

After the succesful and well received Memories of You EP on the New York, US Underground Quality label number 36, the Maltese duo return home.  This sixth release from BattiBatti does in fact see Owen Jay back to his home grown label.  For Batti Batti six Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana take things back the deep route again with Distant Dreams offering two nice mixes.  The Original which is my preferred of the two, is a nice atmosphere build up with a very interesting broken drum pattern which takes a more hypnotic route half way through its journey.  Owen Jay Raw Edit which builds on the same pads takes things back to the old ways and reminds me a bit of old Kerri Chandler stuff may be due to the raw deep groove and distorted kick drum.  If you like deep stuff this is definitely worth a check, and sees BattiBatti continue to build its high reputation for a high quality label.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Choices - March 2011

Artist - title (label)
Junior White presents Noelle Barbera - On my way (shines)
Ten different mixes all being of very good quality and on a tribe latin soul style.  My preffered are the Plusgroove Vocal, Jaysun Balo mix, and Latinsoul Brathas rerub.  I choose the first.

Tony D - Deep End (Unistory Music)
Very varied album which goes from Soulful, Pure deep, to a teck tribal vibe. 

var art - BiteOFire and Friends (Apparel)
This label from Italy continues to bring quality underground.  Five different artists and tunes giving you deep house.

Norm Tailey - The Journey Scott Grooves remix (Third Ear)
Scott Grooves makes things deep and interesting.  Also a Beat mix.

Rick the Godson Wilhite - Analog Aquarium (still music)
I have always liked the work of Rick Wilhite and here is no exception.  Deep, soulful and Underground. 

Bernard Jones - Late Night Vibes EP (FLC)
Your Smile original mix apart sampling Shanice 1991 R'nB classic 'I like your smile' is deep and soulful and has the right colors for the coming hot season.

Greg Paulus - Night time EP (wolf and lamb)
Yellow Sky is a journey into deepness in another galaxy.  Also featured is Nightime with 2 mixes one of which is a more friendly Pet Shop boys touch Crazy P remix.  Last is Daisy Duke on a nu soul tip.

Herb Lf - Mo that Jazz (soul print)
Four different tracks in this EP.  2 are chill out tunes, the other two are deep. Quality.

JR Disco - Disco was first love (disco galaxy)
Fourteen house all with disco influence.  Funky and friendly.

Josh - Lost Vibe (little angel)
A 15 track album of modern deep with a jazz touch.  My preferred tunes are Club Anthem and Lost Vibes.

Willie Dutch - Once Again EP (house tribe)
A very varied EP with a total of seven mixes and six different tunes.  All good!  Interesting is the funky tribe and deep Warriors Poem which features the voice of Brujita and sees Willie get help from Felonius Grim.
Deep Space Orchestra - Inside Out EP (winding road)
Five mixes four different tunes. On the Inside has two mixes of which my preffered is the original.  But this is all good with special attention to be give to Moonrunners and Vampire Tycoon.

Deep Raw and Real - Part.4 (rush hour)
Four tunes from the likes of Marcello Napoletano, No Milk, Riccardo Miranda, and Toby Tobias.  Varied deep styles.

Joi Cardwell featuring Gerideau - Change the World (divine)
A cover of any Paradise classic is always impossible.  This is in my opinion a marvellous take on Imagination's classic.  Remix job by Orlando Voorn.

Wolfram - Fireworks feat Hercules and Love Affair (permanent vacation)
Axel Bowman version deep, soulful and romantic.

Uptown Funk Empire - The SOS Remix (soulab)
Three different tunes from Uptown remixed by SOS.  Good and on a soulful summer vibe.

Fritz Kalkbranner - Kings In Exile (suol)
Coming from the album released in October.  Original plus two additional mixes by Booka Shade harder, and Chopstick and Jon Jon which create a slow nu disco version.  Original still the best and I smell success for the coming summer, and a hit if added with a vocal.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DJ Chart = Mr.Liam March 2011

Homework - Whipped Cream (Exploited)
Charlie Hearnshaw - Walk South Central (Peng)
Arno E.Mathieu - Eternal Sunchild 'Raw Demo Version' (Clima)
Petkovski - Love Machine (soul print)
Pawel - Panamerica 'Yoruba Soul Machine remix by Osunlade' (dial)
Jan Tenner - So Strong (fullbarr digital)
Mzkbx - Out (karat)
Retrac - 15 keys (Apparel)
Jamie Read - Life in the Sea (battibatti)
Freaks012 - Conscious of my Conscience 'Henrik Schwarz remix' (Rebirth)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Choices - February 2011

Artist - Title (Label)
Charles Hearnshaw Gets Peng (Peng)
It was difficult for me to buy all this so I went for just four tunes. Not because it is not good, but more is that it is all too similar. I started with the Nu Jazz house Walk South Central which was my reason for buying three more tunes here. The other three are; Fields in Space, Quiet Storm, and Beneath The Sea. Ah this LP has got a certain 90s Blaze feel to it....

JDovy - Music Love and Friends (Superhuit Music)
Back to disco roots here, all giving tribute to seventies classics in a pumped Chicago House feel. Special Luv and Tension are the most easy to catch.

Homework - Hudson Square Ep (Exploited)
A nice EP which goes from Nu Disco funk influenced to more deep house. Love them all.

RVDS - Moments (Its)
Eight tracks, five Deep and three chill ambient sounds. Acid Dream and Things are the best. Windy Night is storm of deepness.

Chaim - Alive (BPitch Control)
An album from this artist with twelve tracks. All good from the softer romantic and electric Love Rehab to the darker deep People Can Talk, or the trip Popsky, and ending with the hardest Runaway Frequencies.

Arno E.Mathieu - Eternal Sunchild (clima)
A second pick for Arno from me and here we go a bit more tech especially to what regards the base structure of the tracks. Three versions my preferred the more Detroit old school influenced Raw Demo Version.

Freaks 012 - Conscience of My Consciousness (Rebirth)
Two producers which have been on top form in the last five years plus are Henrik Schwarz and JohnnyD here both on remix duties. I prefer Henrik more trippy version.

Bassfort - Last Night (Freerange)
Last Night is the one charted the most, but I prefer The Street is My World which takes a vocal sample snippet from Tevin Campbell mid nineties hit Back to My World which had a hard to find promo four remix set vinyl by Bobby D'Ambrosio.

Kinky Movements - Re-Edits Volume 02 (re-edit)
Two re-edits which are not as simple as the usuall edit. We Can Make It takes bits of Hardrive Deep Inside, with known vocals. While Try Again is more funk house affair. Friendly but not so cheesy.

var artists - Soul Diamonds (diamondhouse)
Many artists from Stereo Mutants, Levan, Raul Rincon, Stereo Mutants to name a few known names all delivering soulful tunes. This Is How We Do It, and Soulful is catchy but all go in that direction.

Apparel Music - BDay (Apparel)
Fifteen tracks all of Deep House from this Italian label. Superb.

3 Years of Pauls Boutique (Pauls Boutique)
Three years of this label which shows the diverse taste of Paolo Martini and the producing skills of Paul C. The fall 2010 released Amore is the thriller here with a new 2011 vocal mix, but all the tunes are good going from the deep to tech in a quality dance floor filling way.

Sonar Kollectiv - Electrish Compilation Vol.03 (Sonar Kollectiv)
A collection which features 16 tracks some of which unreleased version showing the diverse quality of the legendary label. Quality names as Skwerl, Tricski, Roland Appel, and Clara Hill are featured.

Full Body Work Out Vol.7 (Get Physical)
Get Physical was important in putting Germany on top of Dance electronic music back in 2005, with tunes as Oh Superman or Body Language. Here is a collection of ten recent releases showing that the label is still in good form for innovative deep tech house grooves.

Compost House Selection Vol.02 (Compost)
Eleven tracks from Compost which is another super quality stamp from Germany. Although this label and its subs do have an international stamp on its releases as in this compilation. Here indeed you have such good known producers as legend Glenn Underground, quality maker Truby Trio, Germans Ame, and French ICube united with other less famous names.

Friday, February 25, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.2.2011

Playlist for Mix.2.2011
Vakula – all the same (3rd Strike) T
MindTech – Hewa (Deeper Sounds of Raisani) T
Jan Tenner – So Strong (Fullbarr Digital) V
Marcello Napoletano – This Movement Must Be The Start (mathematics) V
Annekei – More of Your Love “MKL vs Shan Boogie Remix” (Lion1Music) V
Big Moses – Brighter Days Feat Kenny Bobien “Suprenova dub” (street king) V
Jayvee, Piwi – Reggae Culture “Misc Remix (affin) T
Tusqavna – We Don’t Know You “Silicon Soul Remix” (I records) V
Franklin De Costa – Fragile (curle) T
Langenberg – Past Present Dub (Push Communications) T
Paul C, Paolo Martini – Amore “2011 Vox Mix” (Pauls Boutique) V
Floppy Sounds – Ultrasong “Studio B Mix” (Wave) V
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DJ Set - Mr.Liam Mix.1.2011

Playlist for Mix.1.2011
Koyla Amelia – Angels Calling (bombay) V
Storm Queen – Love Right Through “Vocal Mix” (Environ) V
Fritz Zander – Winter Wonderland (suoi) T
Roman IV – Sa Caleta (running back) T
Mood II Swing – Closer Feat Carol Sylvan “Spencer Parkers A Gun for Hire Remix” (Street King)
Franklin De Costa – Ush Ush (curle recordings) T
Tuccillo Patty Bravo – Bambola “David Herrero Remix" (vendetta) V
Count Jackula – Africa “Photonz Remix” (discotexas) T
Cab Drivers – Get It (highgrade) T
Nick Olivetti & Chase Buch – Don’t Stop (kling klong) V
Emmanuel Jal – Kuar “Henrik Schwarz remix” (Innervisions) V
Jamie Reed – To The Bone (battibatti) T
Jose Nunez – Hold On “Joses 2000 Vocal Mix” (Subliminal
) V
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Choices - January 2011

Artist - Title (Label)Jaime Read Presents Life In The Sea (battibatti)A three tracker from local Maltese BattiBatti label of which you can read my review in that section. I use them all!

Egal 3 - Dreams EP (Tzinah)
Five tracks in all, three different tunes all with an old school drum feel. Dreams & You which samples Loleatta Halloway is my preferred.

Pawel - The Remixes (dial)
Three remixes all of quality as is expected by this label. My preferred is surely the one by Osunlade of Panamerican.

MzkBx - Going Back To Chicago EP (karat)
The title says it all. This really looks to be made long time ago. All good.

Vakula - Nema (3rd Strike)Five tracks of pure deepness by one of the producers of the moment. All very good!!!

Spellband - Hipopotamus EP (look at you)An Italian production team which appeared in the late nighties. For Look at You they present a very mid nineties Sound Factory house style three tracker. All good.

Kimara Lovelace - Time After Time (New Generation)I purchased four out of six, the other two being an instrumental, and the Brother Vibes beats. I like the Brothers Vibe mix to punch up my set, and the others are good to go the romantic mood.

var art - 10 x 12 (I records)Twelve tracks all deep, and good. Hard to have any preferrences, when you have producers like Keven Yost, Peter Funk, Silicone Soul etc etc, but Feeling Loose remixed by Karol XVIII and MB Violence does rate on top.

var art - Mangrove (Lion1music)
Eight tracks of deepness in dub and soulful. Love them all.

Azulu Phantom / Kai Alce - Power Thru Part 3 Don't Turn On the Light (Ndatl Muzik)
Azulu Phantom / Kai Alce - Power Thru Part 3 The Re: Rubs (Ndatl Muzik)
Two separate releases on Kai Alce Ndatl label. I went for four tunes of eight total, including the tune More 2 Come, and three versions of Power Thru which are the two Mush mixes and KZR Rerub.

Marcello Napoletano - The Movement Must Be the Moment (Mathematics)
Four tracks of deepness in a Chicago and Detroit style. All instrumental but very good.

var art - Re Printed (soul print)Six tunes of which two are the original and remix of Petkovski Love Machine. Damn World is the deeper of the six, while All That Jazz takes things to a live instrumental feel level.

var art - Disco Bullets Vol.2 (oryx)
Four disco reworks which are all in a different mood from this Italian label. Number four is a tribal groove with Obama's speech and Sister Sledge You Fooled Around bass line.

var art - King Street Sounds Reformed Classics (street king)Legendary remixes from the renowned King Street label. You have it all in this eight tuner from the more big room Noferini remix of Got To Believe Feat Shawnee Taylor, to underground tunes as are Mood II Swing remix, and more big room business from the likes of Supernova who remix Hallelujah by Kerri Chandler and Kenny Bobien's Brighter days.

MindTech - State of Insanity (Deeper Sounds of Rashani)
An album which has eleven tracks of all deep style. Interesting the more progressive We're Madness, or Sunset Weapon. But this is all good.

Jan Tenner - F.N.k. EP (fullbarr digital)
Six tracks of different deepness. FNK two mixes, Consciousness three mixes, and So Strong which takes things to space.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Jaime Read presents Life In The Sea (battibatti bb05)

Another high quality three tracker from Malta's deep house BattiBatti label, which to be honest with every new release is setting a higher standard to follow. Number five of BattiBatti is courtesy of Brighton UK producer Jaime Read presenting the all instrumental three track Life In The Sea. Here Jaime starts the dances with the slow tempo Hanged Groove, which is an amazing instrumental tune. To The Bone as the title says goes very old school Chicago with the groove receiving high influence from the 1987 house hit "Work It To The Bone" by LNR i.e. Rick Lenoir and Larry Thompson on Jam Records. With To The Bone BattiBatti and Read also enter the Tech House and big room potential as I do feel this tune to be suitable for the larger clubs, and in a diverse varied sets. You have a deep set you want to lift up, or more friendly music you want to take to the underground, "To The Bone" can definitely do both with ease. Life In The Sea is a pad deep build up of over eleven minutes, but again in very old school Chicago House here in more Larry Heard manner influenced rhythms, high hats and percussion's, but with very Italo disco style pads and bass lines.