Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Ezequiel Sanchez feat. Ann Santos - Not for You (Nordik Net Records)

Nordik Net Records from Italy presents its latest release courtesy of Ezequiel Sanchez.  Spanish Ezequiel is on his fourth fully dedicated Nordik Net release and for catalogue number twenty one he presents Not For You featuring Ann Santos on vocals, and joined in other two remix versions by Chembass, and Whim-ee.  The original version here is about a minimal groove beat with the Ann Santos vocal parts, a short guitar hook, and electric sound building into deep relaxing atmospheres.  Chembass remix who is also a regular on Nordik Net, is the more house of the versions with the vocals being more complete, especially in the breaks and having an interesting deep bass line.  Brazilian French Whim-ee which debuts on Nordik Net with this remix is my favorite version, featuring a Chicago groove with Latin percussion's coming in out,  and vocal snippets and deep atmosphere building up this song to new places.  

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