Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Ali-is - Hammered Swing (Needa Records)

What marks an artist’s path? Is it his views on life? His desire to create? Or is it a drive to transcend death?  The bridge from inspiration to sound has been taken by many a man, now this road has commenced for a man not of this time, forgotten by technology, erased from the industrialized clone era, an artist beneath and beyond the evident, Ali-us has been boiling in the pot of creative revolution, seeking a path of his own. He has cemented his love of humanity, circuit instruments and sub-cultures into his music. Of which we now have a chance to channel into your auditory pleasure zone.
For the first time on Needa Records, the heretic Ali-us makes his debut on a four track E.P. with two remixes being handed in by the man with a long discography, Steve Frisco. The first two are the original pieces by Ali-us; the first is “Hammered Swing”. When working on the record’s ancient hieroglyphs that you are now reading, Ali-us being the anal retentive diva that he is, suggested his music should be described as “Aggrospheric” a mix between atmospheric and aggressive. The song reminisces of basic channel with a reggae dub flavour, influence from those dark Strictly Rhythm records he probably has shelved up.  “Mosquito fish” brings the flavour in this batch of soundscapes, with a kicking beat and smooth driven echo’s trailing you into dance floor ecstasy. The key’s hit you while the strobe illuminates you into Zen consciousness in a dark cinematic way.  Steve Frisco’s remix of 'Hammered Swing' seems to pay tribute to the aggression of the original making a good case as to why he is still making music after so many years. A kid inside is most certainly pushing the love for this remix, as you can understand the play of repetitiveness so evident in the original and the remix that has made techno music so evocative after so many years. “Mosquitofish’s' celluloid beat remix by Steve is a bareback bones rhythm excursion into the deep, turning ali’s-us cinematic piece into a rush of adrenaline for the low end junkies. Stunning music by two accomplished thinkers and musicians.

Friday, January 29, 2016

DJ Set - Liam mix for Metro show on Radio Malta II with Brian James January 2016

Snuff Crew - Love Hurts (What Ever Not) T
Indeed - July 001 (W-EE Germany) T
Life Recorder - Mind Freedom (Got2Go) T
Specter - Oribtron ‘unreleased’ (The Full Glass) T
Ali-us - Mosquitofish ‘Celuloid Beat Mix’ (Needa Records) T
Garben - What Y Feel (Remote Uk) V
Nicola Martorano - No More Love ‘Nasty Boy remix’ (Batti Batti) T
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Choices - July / August 2014

Ron Trent - Humans Drums and Machines (Electric Blue)
Album sample containing two tracks from Ron's forthcoming long player. His usual Afro tribal deep sounds.

Lady Blacktronica - Nuism EP (Sound Black Recordings)
The Lady of deep house has been very busy so far in 2014. This is her latest five track extended player on her Sound Black Recordings label. Energetic deep house!

Mr Raoul K - Still Living in Slavery - Pt. 2 (Boabab Music)
Two part sampler releases going live before the album to be issued in September. Head straight to the Sen Kela remix by Ron Trent.

Chieko Kinbara Feat. Josh Milan - Just Like Love 'Louie Vega Remix' (Vega Records)
I am sure that Louie Vega could not help himself in remixing what I call the song of the year.

Snuff Crew - Love Hurts EP (What Ever Not)
Number five for Italian label What Ever Not who continues its journey and issues this new three track plus a remix extended player. This time What Ever Not heads to Germany with producers Snuff Crew producing this release, and remix duty for the title track handed over to the Dutch Morning Factory. Chicago Vibes!

Riverside Sandman ft Jeremy Ellis - Into Your Story 'Kai Alce Distinctive Vocal' (Fast Forward) 
Kai Alce adds magic to a great vocal.

Philani Zuma - Zee Fabulous EP (DNH)
Five track extended player from Philani. I like the building atmosphere from The Saxy Tune.

Ugly Drums - The Freak EP (Faces Records)
Cologne based Steffen Baldo continues his rise with this interesting four track extended player which features collaboration with Kalakuta, Chesney, and :brownstudy.

Blackhall and Bookless - Se7en EP (Jaunt Records)
Fred P reshape of Morgans Freeman is the one to pick in this deep and dark release.

various artists - Mutants Vol. 2 (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Twelve different releases all remixed by the good hands of Swedish producer Opolopo.  Some big names in this from Mario Biondi with his hit This Is What You Are, to Joey Negro and his Sunburst Band, and Roy Ananda.

Klevakeys - Lost and Found (unquantize)
The second album on label unquantize comes from London artist Klevakeys, who brings twelve different tracks in various house music forms.

Leotone - Baby Miracle (Leotone Music)
Afro jazz house from the South African Leotone who is very active in recent times.  Check him out!

Gene Hunt - Planted Seeds (Inner Shift Music)
Gene Hunt really made a great come back in 2014, with plenty of twelve inches coming out on various different imprints. Inner Shift issues this different three track extended player which features two new tracks plus a fresh edit of Over which was issued in 2003 on Trackmode.

Steffi, Dexter - Warme Help (Dolly)
A very good three track extended player from Steffi and Dexter. Deep and raw is the word.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Choices - June 2014

Nicola Marano - No More Love (Batti Batti) PROMO
Yes! Its a pity that this release is only available in digital as in my opinion this is awesomely good and also deserves a vinyl outing. Three versions which are the massive original, a deep Nasty Boy remix, and the Maltese masters Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana who swing things up to more jazzy atmospheres. The advantage of digital here is that you can burn two compact discs or integrate your USB and stay mixing this in and out with all the versions.

Dodi Palese - Greeting From The Solar Systems Remix (Engrave Ltd)
A simultaneous vinyl and digital release, with three tracks from Dodi's 2013 release album receiving remix duties by; Marcello Napoletano, Myk Derill, Musumeci, and Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana.

Emiliano Papetti - Get The Funk (Apparel Music)
I like the original but three other mixes are available from; Francesco Zani, Rico Casazza, and label boss Kisk who slows things down.

Garnier - KL 2036 EP (MCDE Recordings)
Laurent Garnier has always been the front man of the always innovative musical country that is France. For 2014 Garnier has been releasing on new labels, and after 50 Weapons here he is on the MCDE Recordings imprint.

Leotone - Afrocloud (Leotone Music)
South African, Pretoria native Leotone continues to push his sounds and label with constant new releases which always deserve a second hearing. Here I like the other track Tell Them and its broken beat version Leotone Jazz Maestro Style.

Shinno Blackk - Long Time (New Generation Records)
Shino uses the vocal from Ralph Falcon's produced The Fog 'Been a Long Time' and adds new deep atmospheres.

Grassroots - United Over Ukraine (Grassroots)
The music is always united in difficult times, and deep and underground music has done this all over again so many times. Famous and less so unite for Ukraine presenting fifteen quality underground tracks. Vakula, Perc, Dustin Zahn, Murat Tepeli are some of known names in this compilation.

Detroit Swindle feat. Mayerhawthorne - 64 Ways The Remixes (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Kerri Kaoz Chandler makes a masterful remix of 64 ways. Good to see Mr. Chandler back in full swing.

Rundom Uolk - Loveintake (Rundom Uolk)
To me he is unknown, who brings the above single release. Loveintake is a nice eight minute quality deep house tune filled with a Balearic sound touch. He has also some interesting stuff on his SoundCloud page which you can check out.

Gari Romalis - Here and Now EP (Bosconi Records)
The highly rated Bosconi records does it again with Detroit man Gari Romalis who presents a four track extended player. Simultaneous vinyl and digital release.

Miltiades - Stmete EP (Echovolt)
The second release from the promising Greek Miltiades who presents three interesting deep house tracks filled with atmosphere.

Exquisit - Almost Deaf (E-Zoo Records)
E-Zoo records seems to be a record label founded since 2011, which mostly presents long players by what are so far unknown producers. Check its releases out, some like the above have some interesting tracks.

Dance Mania - Revival Traxx EP (Strut)
Strut continues to revive tunes from this legendary Chicago House music label.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Choices - May 2014

various artists - Crossover EP (Batti Batti)
For its fifth release Batti Batti continues in its usual flavor of presenting four different artists and tracks. In this extended player Owen Jay looks for talent up North and picks the infamous Deymare from Finland, German residing Italian Saverio Calestri, Britain's Deep Systems man Matt Pond, and returns to his home land for the track Moog Mood with his studio partner Melchior Sultana.

Teddy Douglas - Turn That Jungle Music Down (Basement Boys)
New eight track album from half of the Basement Boys Teddy Douglas. A collection of classics in this, plus three new tracks.

Tiedmann - Deep Deal (Kolour Recordings)
Some nice mixes, six including the original what is a pure deep house production.  

Jack Fell Down - Hot and Hazy (Quintessentials)
Quintessentials founds its usual sounds in this three track extended player produced by the British Jack Fell Down.

Shino Blackk - Trans Europe Express (New Generation Records)
Nice new spin on a classic of the classics by Giorgio Moroder.

various artists - Pablo Valentino Presents Japan Tour 2013 (Faces Records)
Previously available only during Palbo Valentino Japan tour, this gets an official outing on Faces Records. This compilation features some hot names of the current deep house scene plus a couple of never released tunes as the track Oracy by Motor City Drum Ensemble and Pablo Valentino.

DJ Fudge and Hallex M feat Omar - Simpatico (Yoruba)
Original is my preferred thanks to its acid infected bass line and in and out moments. Nonetheless this one features a couple of other interesting remixes by Hood Natives, Ezel, Atjazz, Mike Steva, and Oscar P.

D'Marc Cantu - Long Weekend (M>O>S Delsin)
I like the title track 'Long Weekend'.

various artist - The Time Is Now (Good Ratio Music)
Hot different four different artists and tracks release. Kresy, Tom Ellis, Baldo, and Carlo all do the right thing in this number five from Good Ratio Music which had a simultaneous vinyl digital release..

A Race of Angels - Just Being, It's Just Begun (Wildheart Records)
Theo Parrish makes a super job of It's Just Begun. A master peace!

Ekkohaus - Noschool Remixes (Moon Harbour)
Nice to see Kerri Chandler doing some fresh new studio work.

Sprotte - Abate Fetel (FM Digital)
Nice groovy deep house production from the German Sprotte.

Esteban Adame - Day Labor (EPM Music)
West coast producer Los Angeles man Esteban Adame presents his debut album. Ten tracks which show the different side of Esteban music which ventures into techno more experimental sounds, and deep house jazz stuff. In this you can see Esteban influences, coming from collaborations with renowned Detroit artists as Mad Mike and Santiago Salazar. The title of this long player is also a nice message.

Theo Parrish - Musical Metaphors (Sound Signature)
Digital release for this June 1997 vinyl outing and what was the start of Theo Parrish still as at today running Sound Signature label. Anyways you still need this on wax, any proper deep house DJ needs!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DJ Set - Liam March/April 2014 Choices-Picks MiX

Gustavo Andres - Hidden Track (Sound Black Recordings) T
Chembass - Australian Boy (Amoeba Label) T
STL - Manblind (Something) T
Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Mist of Time (BattiBatti) T
We Are Mam - 3.2 (Back To The Future) T
Myles Serge - Failure (Got2Go) T
Andy Compton - The Universe Within (Peng) V
Glenn Underground ft. Charles Matlock - The Ism's 'Anthony Nicholson Sleazy Mix' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic) V
0101 - Kuchuca 'Original' (Sorry For This Records) T
Sean Ray - Deep 454 'MGUN Remix' (Bulletbodge) T
Luv Jam - Over Draught Facility 'Vernon Dixon Avenue Basement Mix' (Needa) T
Dan Mela - You Were My Man (What Ever Not) V
Santiago Salazar - Sucio Grind (Got2Go) T
Remote People - Shadows (Remote UK) V
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Choices - April 2014

various artists - Four Seasons Vol.4 (Got2Go) PROMO
For me this is definitely the best of the Four Seasons series and without taking nothing away from the previous three volumes, Volume four really sets a high bar at Got2Go to follow.  Volume Four features different tracks by four producers who are on the upswing of things in recent times; Chicago always getting better Ricardo Miranda, France man Life Recorder, West coast from the USA Santiago Salazar, and last Myles Serge.  Vinyl only release which I suggest to put your hands when is out.

Luv Jam - Blyp EP (Needa) PROMO
Needa goes on its third release with a strong outing which differently to the previous two, is a deep house number with a more electronic feel to it. For this extended player Luv Jam present two tracks; Anti Tracksuit Party and Over Draught Facility.  The remixes of the two tunes which I prefer to the original come from Gnork who adds a non stop acid loop trip to Anti Tracksuit Party, and Vernon Dixon which creates darker moods adding old school sounds to Over Draught Facility.

Gustavo Andres - In Its Spell (Sound Black Recordings)
Ms Lady Blacktronica label Sound Black Recordings presents the Swedish Gustavo Andres producer debut album In Its Spell. In this all deep house music album Gustavo presents eleven different tunes, plus an extra remix by Chris Mitchell to Saturday.  Vocal collaborations by AkuaRising, and Adeaze.

Andy Compton - What You See EP (Peng)
Another deep and soul nice four track extended player from Andy Compton.

Denny Loco feat F.O.N. - Think About It (Gospell Plus)
Italian production that has a certain late nineties influence to it, with a groovy vocal and piano hook showing modern and cleaner production works.

0101 - Try to Kuchuka (Sorry For This Records)
Got this on vinyl earlier this year. Now Sorry For This Records presents the digital format version with the two tunes Try To Say and Kuchuka.  No digital for the Glenn Underground and Boo Williams remix of Try To Say, which for me was the best on the wax.  

Janis - Parental Advisory House (House Is OK) 
I like the track Ensoniq Youth.

Melohman - El Camino EP (unquantize)
Nice Afro trip in this one which sets the mood up. Original, two remixes, and an extra track La Clave in this extended player. My preferred is the remix by Vibe and Espinoza of El Camino.

Deejaykul - Feeling Good (Basic Fingers)
Two nice versions in this very nice release with a very nice deep style vocal hook.

Sean Ray - Deep 454 (Bulletdodge)
Remix by MGUN a trip to take in a border line techno deep house production.

Atjazz - Does This Qualify? (Atjazz Record Company)
Three different track extended player. My preferred is the title track to which I reply, it did.

Glenn Underground ft. Charles Matlock - The Ism's (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
A strong message on the state affairs of most of the global club music scene in this one. Plus the original are nice remixes by other Chicago Legends; Lil Louis who is not remixing much in recent years, and Anthony Nicholson.

Amoeba Mixtape Series - Vol.3 (Amoeba Label)
Eleven tracks coming from the back catalog of this label. My favorite is the one from the Spanish Chembass 'Australian Boy' released in 2011 on the five year celebration compilation of the same label.

various artists - Selection 2010-2012 (Remote UK)
Eleven different tracks by six different artist plus a remix from this very good Nottingham based British label. D O M, Ed Maddams, Fulbert, Remote People, Arthur Jnr, and Toni Be here in remix duties  are the producers featured in this compilation which is a pity it did not feature a press on vinyl. I consider this one very good with a nice variety of deep moody tracks.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Choices - March 2014

various artists - Analogue Signal EP (Batti Batti)
Released on vinyl past Summer 2013, this hot number five of the Maltese Batti Batti label series sees its outing in digital format. Four amazing tunes by different artists; from Marco Nega, to label boss Owen Jay and his studio partner Melchior Sultana, South Italian Nasty Boy, and Nino.

Dan Mela - The Day Of Black Panther EP (What Ever Not)
Dan returns to his home i.e. What Ever Not label, after launching it with release number one in 2012. This new extended player features two tracks by Dan, plus two remixes of title track by the hot Vakula.

We Are Mam - WRM 03 EP (Back To The Future)
We Are Mam is a trio of Italian producers who for the third volume of WRM look at Back to the Future. Here they present some serious deep stuff, with track 3.3 being a very close border with techno.

Harley and Muscle - Creative Power (Little Angel Records)
The Italian duo do it again, with an amazing sixth album. 21 tracks to choose in this.

Max Graef - Bummse EP (The Gym)
The German Max Graef is making 2014 an active one so far, with his deep yet jazz funky old school inspired tracks getting high attention.

Deep88 ft Robert Owens - Beleive In You (Zomarec)
Hot release! Italian but German residing Deep88 plays tribute to the legendary Robert Owens in a Larry Heard similar style production. Excellent remix duties for this by Dadame who goes a bit rougher on the edges.

STL - Good Vaporations (Something)
Stephan Laubner continues the transformation of his vinyl series into digital downloads. This is number nineteen and goes into his usual deep raw analogical sounds.

Luke Dave and Brian Que Soul Feat. Matthew Yates - Keep Your Mind On God, various artists - WMC 2014 Music Sampler (New Generation Records)
New Generation Records is very active in recent times, and proof of this is its sixteen track sampler presented during the Miami Music Conference.

Dokta Venom - Burnt Roses EP (Five Fold)
After a super first release by Italian AD Bourke, new Five Fold label follows it with another great second. Keep this label in high priority watch.

DJ Nature - Let The Children Play (JAZZY SPORT)
A nice and varied eight track album from the long standing DJ Nature. Varied Afro Latin sounds mixed with house and slower lounge beats.

Men From Nobu - The Best Of Us EP (Nylon Trax)
Men from Nobu is an interesting French production team who debut on Nylon Trax. I like the remix by Jaymz Nylon of the title track.

Friday, February 28, 2014

DJ Set - Liam February 2014 Choices-Picks MiX

Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan - Just Like Love 2 'Josh Milan Original Mix'(King Street) V
Per Alm - Universal Drum Collection 'Original' (Vialocal) V
Andy Compton - The Deepness (Peng) T
James Creed - Undone 'Josh T Remix' (Odd Socks) T
Tim Piano and Tiff - Back In The Situation 'Whim-ee Remix' (Mussen Project Records) V
Story - Umega (Story) T
Auji - Conclusion Came to You Pt.2 'Aniara Remix' (Aniara Recordings) V
Los Hermanos featuring Ron Mitchell - Rhythm of Love (GMI) V
Baker and Helm - Twenty Two (Remote UK) T
Kindimmer - Workz on Dope (CLAAP) V
Steve Huerta - Adrift 'Original Mix' (Manucci's Mistress) V
Dodi Palese - Hun Kal 'Snuff Crew Remix' (Engrave LTD) T
Ben Boe - Low Rider (Boe Recordings) T
Los Hermanos - Hey You (GMI) V
Ikenga Project Carolyn Harding - Snow 'Harley and Muscle Deep Mix' (Sound Kemystry) V
Vincent Floyd - I Dream You (Strut) T
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