Sunday, March 31, 2013

Choices - March 2013

various artists - These Days EP (Batti Batti)
The fourth in Batti Batti different artists extended players.  This time the Maltese label goes to huge lengths to find three amazing tracks; starting from neighboring country Italy with Nasty Boy, going up in Scandinavia Two House, and crossing the continent for Japan's Red Pig Flower.

various artists - Funky Party (Soulab)
A thirteen different tracks compilation which looks to the past, and present with a rare groove touch.  Some names are known as Soulab artists as Uptown Funk Empire here with two tracks, and others are a legend to the beginning of dance house music as Tom Moulton here in mix duties on track number five.

Francesco Zani - Play EP (Apparel Music)
Apparel back in with this four track extended player from Francesco.  I like Funny Side the most. 

Eric Kupper presents Discrete feat. Michelle Shaprow - The Same Old Thing 'Kuppers Afro House Mix' (Hysteria)
Impressive deep Eric Kupper production. The instrumental gives more magic to the keys.

Boddhi Satva - Ngnari Konon incl Louie Vega, Mando, Josh Milan and Boddhi Satva Remixes (BBE)
BBE brings some heavy weight remixes here and a total of sixteen versions.  I like Louie Vega the most, you can take your pick.

Punk - I Can't Wait feat. Magic Soul (Offering Recordings)
Oh what a remix from Marlon D.  I thought he forgot how to make them this way.  Second song of the month!

Gruv Shack Records - WMC Sampler 2013 (Gruv Shack)
A thirteen track sampler for the Music Conference of the year all in African Jazz vibe.  Good quality.

The Machine - RedHead The Jacquin Joe Clausell Interpretations (Pyramids of Mars)
Clausell as is his usual goes very eclectic in his six versions.  But in two of the remixes he reminds us the style which made him famous!

Kafele feat Eliki - Secret (Ocha)
Ezel remix on the spot. 

RayBone Jones - Right of Passage (Moods and Grooves)
The titles seems a tribute to Moods and Grooves and its last year or so of hibernation.  Anyways very nice three track extended player.  Buy it all!

Andy Compton - Missing You feat. Ladybird (Peng)
The Sax Jam mix makes you dance forever. 

Distorion - The Analog Clones EP, Paul Yaux - Street Sounds EP (Nuphuture Traxx)
Two good extended players in March from Nuphuture Traxx.  Distortion goes more the analog Chicago sound, Paul Yaux takes you more to the disco jazz sound influence.

Randee Jean - You Got It (Clone Royal Oak)
Love the original which is a mixture of Jazz funk house.  But if you like more energy also check Arttu remix.

Glenn Underground Swaylo - You Are Love 'Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix' (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
For sure the song of the month, may be also of the year!  Note that the original was a broken beat released in the album Legacy of the Know in 2010.

Rick Wade - With Me (Little Angel), Players Theme (Robsoul)
A busy month for Rick Wade with an album 'With Me' and a three track single on the prolific Robsoul label.

various artists - Deep in Tech Sampler EP (Nite Grooves)
Always liked Ivan Iacobucci African grooves, and honestly he saves this Sampler and also reminds Nite Grooves what it was and could be.  Rancido's track also deserves a listen.

Wil Miton - The Music In Me (Blak Ink)
Been following Wil Milton since 2001.  This is his first album featuring ten tunes.  OK in some, good in others but the price makes for a full purchase!

Deep Elementz - Deep Invader EP (Cyberjamz)
Five different track extended player.  All interesting tracks some being pumped up more to others.

Lee Burton - Busy Days for Fools Remixes Pt.02 (Klik Records)
Boyman original mix sounds very different to the rest of the six tracks, and that is why I like it.

Various Artists - Classics V2 (Shack Music Recordings)
Three classics reinterpreted for 2013.

Theo Parrish - Original Versions (Sound Signature)
Four original versions remade for the digital World.  Theo can do this and more!

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