Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choices - October 2012

Cleveland - Mid Sun EP (battibatti)
BattiBatti keeps on bringing a good release in each number.  Considering we are at twelve this is quite an achievement.  I play both the tracks in this extended player, a lot!

Third Ear Re:Imagined (Third Ear Recordings)
An always upfront label presents this extended player with four classic tunes remade. My favorite is the XDB remix of Benjamin Brunn 'No Kicks'.  Another interesting remix is the Upperground Orchestra take on Theo Parish 'Falling Up'.

Chris Carrier - Planete Euphorique (Robsoul)
Three instrumental tracks titled in the first three alphabet letters. I like the nineties New York sounding B.

Monocles - Loud, John-Carol feat Gisela Gold - Just Saying (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa makes it a busy month releasing two good records. The choice is also vast in both issues with Loud having ten mixes, and the more recent John-Carol seven versions.

Vedagor - Untitled EP (Burek)
Four all untitled innovative tracks.  I usually prefer even numbers but two and four work best for me here.

Grooveman Spot - Paradox (Jazzy Spot)
A very innovative album which fuses new wave and Italo disco eighties sound in more modern deep rhythms. Fourteen tracks to choose from with two tracks having vocal collaborations by Hollie Smith and Isaac Aesili, and Capitol A.

Marcellus Pittman - Pieces (Sound Signature)
Ten tracks by one of the most innovative all time producers. Mr.Pittman basically reinvents bass lines, kicks and rhythms in each tune for this mostly electronic instrumental release.  Note the real label is Unirhythm with digital distribution handled by Sound Signature.

The Zohar - Brooklyn EP (Tenderpark)
I like a lot the track Dog Day, but Brooklyn 9:30 AM is also worth a listen.

Elina Monova - Something Special (Rest)
The voice of Elina is really something special on the four minute of Give Me The Night.

Martin Iveson - 13.10.11 13.11.11 (Atjazz Record Company)
A good release in Afro jazz vibes.  Edit thanks to the Deep House Page forum peeps.  The title digits are dates, two important ones for Martin, that is all I can say.

Idrissa Sissoko - Lopilopilo (Offerings Recordings)
A six track mini album all in African rhythms, plus extra remix for Yiri and two for Wari.

DJ Mtshepang - Ubizo (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Lars Behrenroth label is always on my radar, and here it presents ten versions to choose from.  I like the Shaheedemo Colorful Instrumental the most.

Carter Cook - Because of You (Houseworx)
The original version title track features the over abused Obama lyrics in background a nice vocalist saying Because of You and a very Chandler style groove.  It works.

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