Friday, November 30, 2012

Choices - November 2012

Four Seasons Volume 1 (Got2Go)
A limited vinyl only release to be pressed in 250 copies only for this Got2Go second installment. Two tunes by Whim-Ee 'Wheres Your Pants' and Anaxander 'You've Got' both supplied with an extra remix.  Whim-Ee's tune is my favorite what is a tribute to Chicago harder sounds, reminding me of mid nineties Cajmere.

Glenn Underground / Strictly Jaz Unit - In With The New / Deep in My Mind (Strictly Jaz Unit)
Two magnificent tracks from Chicago man Glenn Underground in his known Afro Jazz rhythms in a space of couple months.

Don Carlos Presents The Aquanauts (Irma Records)
The seventh album from Carlo Troya aka Don Carlos, who has been producing great music since 1987.  The Aquanauts features eight different tracks with extra version for Karma, Stepping Upon Mars, and two for Dancing Into Freestyle.

Taron-Trekka - The Trekkas Shak Phase EP (Freude am Tanzen)
An unusual label in my list. Four track extended player.  I like the atmospheric African sounding Okoso Shak, but Safari is also interesting.

Joe Drive - Junopolis EP (4lux Black)
4 Lux Black is always a label on my high attention list.  This is a four track extended player, with an extra version of Tefnut by Tyrell.

A'Merika Vera - Winter Madness (Recycle)
The artist name translates from Italian to True American.  Original Mix please. Thank you.

Mellow Baku and The Friday People - Make It Brighter (Atjazz Record Company)
One of the good things of Digital download purchase is that you can choose a version of one tune and stick to it.  But some records make good enough to make you choose more. Atjazz Remix for your peak time moments, A New Funky Generation for more warm situations.

Funkycan - We Were Raised To Beleive That Someday We Were All Gonna Have Great Beards (Ava)
I bought this for the extremely long story telling title.  Untitled 1 which was produced with Damiano von Erckert is my preferred.

Unbroken Dub - Checkpoint EP (Delsin Records)
Dark and deep three track extended player.  I like the more underground Det Special.

Christopher Rau - Two (Smallville)
The title clearly states this is his second album, which follows the first 'Asper Clouds' released in 2010 on the same high regarded German label.  Eight varied deep house tracks to enjoy.

Vahagn - Shades and Shadows EP (Groovement)
Three tune extended player with the title track having vocal collaboration by Jerry the Cat.  I'd say Vahagn sound has improved since his previous mid-summer release.

Jus-Ed - 50Ty and Lookin Good (Underground Quality)
Eleven tracks of pure bliss from Jus-Ed latest seventh album presented on his famed Underground Quality imprint. Track, tech, and house are all featured. Available on CD or download.

Cristo - Patterns (Superficially Deep)
Eleven track album from Cristo.  Majority of the tracks are string and African rhythms, a pattern which works well in many dance floors nowadays.  I like the track Rite. 

Soulful House Selections Vol.3 Selected by Fiso Da Costa (Sci-fi Productions)
Sci-fi does it again with this third installment selected by Fiso Da Costa.  Ten tracks by different artists in soulful Latin house vibes.  Take your pick.

Tronicsole: I Heard Deep: Blue (Tronicsole)
Fifteen different tracks compilation.  I like Bugz In The Attic 'Old School Jamz'.

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