Monday, December 31, 2012

DJ Set - Liam December 2012 Choices-Picks Mix

Vtothed - NYE Space Sessions Pt.1 (White Music) T
Ron Trent - Sundance 'Original Mix' (Electic Blue) V
Rainer Trueby - Jeck 'Sello Remix' (Compost Records) V
Cottam - I Remember (Aus Music) T
Soul Phiction - Soul Brother No.2 (Philpot) T
DJ Fale and Lei' Metola - Kudala Ndikuvela feat. Pule and Andile 'Deep Assasin Remix' (Peng Africa) T
Robert Owens - Sacrifice 'Kai Alce Distinctive Remix Version 2 Instrumental' (NDATL Muzik) T
Gabriel Poso - A night With You 'Yoruba House Mix' (INFRACom!) V
Una - In My House 'DJ Pope's Original Instrumental' (POJI) T
Walker Barnard - Sweatshop Spaceship 'Extended Edit' (Serialism Records / WAS) V
Sek - Vice Lords (Apparel Music) V
Black Jazz Consortium - Groove Meditation (Gotta Keep Faith) T
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Choices - December 2012

Uptown Funk Empire - The Remix Strikes Back! (Soulab)
Four tunes 'N.O.W', 'Boogie', 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', and 'You've Got To Have Freedom' featured in various remixes which total this to eighteen tracks.  Make your picks!

Uraz Kurt - Five Smoking Turkish Grooves (Soulab)
After doing some remix works Turkish Uraz debuts with his own production featuring five different tunes all of Nu-soul and jazz inspiration.  A quality laid back extended player with my preferred being the broken house 'She Doesn't Wanna See' and the modern soul 'Missed Connect'.

Gordheaven and Juliano feat. Caysoul Muziq - Move Your Body, DJ Fale and Lei' Metola - Kudala Ndikuvela feat. Pule and Andile (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa has to be my label of the year.  Anyways two great release with both featuring a great deal of versions to choose from.

Gianluca Calabrese - Rosarno Buisness (Lupara Records)
A two track extended player.  I like M.r.Gabibu Bloody Sound and its nice tribal rhythms.

VTOTHED - NYE Space Sessions Pt. 1 (White Music)
Fourteen minutes of trip into space from the original.  Harder sounds in the Edward remix.

Una - In My House (POJI)
After a break of over one year DJ Pope is back with his POJI label and a release by Una.  Three remixers; Pope himself plus the legendary Hippie Torrales, and H and H Soul Survivors offer a total of nine versions. Take your pick.

Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan - Children of the World Louie Vega Remix (Vega Records)
Not much to say when you have Louie Vega and Josh Milan involved in something. Absolute perfection! 

Ron Trent - Raw Footage (Electric Blue)
Chicago legend Ron Trent debuts his new Electric Blue label with his fifth album. Twelve tracks of atmospheric tribal African deep rhythms.

Gabriel Poso - Roots of Soul Remix EP (INFRACom!)
Five tunes retouched by different remixes for Gabriel Poso. Good signature names too, in this remix package from Osunlade Yoruba, to AtJazz, Ezel, and Italian Dodi Palese.

Cottam - Relapse (Aus Music)
I Remember something Instant, for the bass line and rhythm.

Sek - Vice Lords EP (Apparel Music)
A four different old school infected extended player from the Italian Apparel label.  I like the bit gospel infected title track 'Vice Lords'.  But do not disregard the others.

Walker Barnard - Sweatshop Spaceship (Serialism Records / WAS)
Three versions for the title track plus 'The Long Count' and 'Mothershipwreck'. The bass line plus the voice of Jaime Graham of the title track is amazing in its original or the Extended Edit.

SoulPhiction - Drama Queen (Philpot records)
Two different tunes the title track, and 'Soul Brother No.2'.  Both featuring the Detroit influence in them.

Rainer Trueby - Compost Black Label #92 Remixes by Session Victim, Dima Studitsky, Sello, Chocolate Garage Productions (Compost Records)
The original two tracks here; 'Welcome to Our World' and 'Jeck' where released about a year ago.  Now they get the remix treatment.  I like Sello remix of Jeck.

Christopher Rau - In The Water (Aim)
A four track extended player which follows its earlier vinyl release.  I like most the jazz piano old school groove infected title track.

Robert Owens - Sacrifice Kai Alce Distinctive Remixes (NDATL Muzik)
A licence from Compost to a release from 2010 in the album Art and produced by Larry Heard.  Kai Alce gives his touch for his high quality label in five versions, two of which are instrumentals.

GKF Presents 100th Official Release - Deep Album (Gotta Keep Faith)
Gotta Keep Faith celebrates its first century with two albums a Deep. and a Soulful featuring some of its greatest tunes.  Each album features 21 tunes all different at a very cheap price.  But the quality is prominent in both.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: various artists - Four Seasons Volume One (Got2Go)

Got2Go is a new label from France founded in 2012, and producing its first release What is Love EP by label boss Fat Bastian in the middle of the same year.  Couple months later and Got2Go presents its second catalogue number titled Four Seasons Volume One.  Got2Go second release features two tracks by different artists, both added with a remix.  As release one this new Got2Go Vinyl is a tribute to early Chicago Jackin house sounds. Side A of Got2Go 002 features rising deep house star Brazilian born French resident Whim-ee with a track called 'Where's Your Pants' here showing her harder darker side reminding me of Cajmere mid nineties productions.  This tune is remixed by Martin de Brig in a more techno house flavour.  Side B features Anaxander with the track 'You've Got' which is in turn remixed by Jared.  As release number one Got2Go Records 002 is available in vinyl only, in a cool marble grey colored platter and limited to only 250 pressings.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Uraz Kurt - Five Smoking Turkish Grooves (Soulab)

Uraz Kurt is a Turkish producer who after debuting on French label Soulab in Uptown Funk Empire on remix duties on the just released 'The Remix Strikes Back' this time sets up record straight with his extended player titled 'Five Smoking Turkish Grooves'.  As it is easy to note the title says it all on the number of tunes you find in this release, that is five, and the nature of them all being of a laid back groove with a Nu-soul inspiration.  Opening the dances in this release is the very soul 'Voice of your Heart'  featuring the excellent voice of Cagri Ultay.  A down tempo soul which musically speaking makes you think of years gone by.  This one is followed by the excellent 'Missed Connect' more on a Nu-Soul and featuring a very modern electronic inspired groove.  Third track in the 'Istanbul Funk Interlude' Jazz funk mixed with Asian atmospheres for just over two minutes.  The next track is my preferred of this extended player 'She Doesn't Wanna See' a broken rhythm Jazz house stormer with very well laid floating chords and vocals.  'One More Idea' is the more big room dance with a funky house rhythm and bass line merging into jazz funk influences later on. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Uptown Funk Empire - The Remix Strikes Back (Soulab)

Uptown Funk Empire presents this interesting remix package from the acclaimed 2009 released funk and soul infected album The Empire Strikes Back.  The Remix Strikes Back is the title of this new pack which features a total of eighteen remixes of the tracks; 'N.O.W', 'Boogie', 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', and 'You've Got to Have Freedom'.  Some remixes in this new collection have already appeared previously in seperate releases as those from The SOS, The Gemini Bros, and some of the remixes featured in the single issue the past Spring of 'N.O.W'.  The remixes from Uraz Kurt are new, he gives his touch to three of the tracks, all minus Boogie.  The remixes made to 'N.O.W.' are actually my favorite here, with two interesting reworks from Patchwork already released last Spring and I do not know how I missed it, to the spacey African rhythms of Staro45.  Other interesting remixes are the Teemid Re-edit of 'Boogie', and Uraz Kurt remix of 'Nothing Gonna Us Now'.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Choices - November 2012

Four Seasons Volume 1 (Got2Go)
A limited vinyl only release to be pressed in 250 copies only for this Got2Go second installment. Two tunes by Whim-Ee 'Wheres Your Pants' and Anaxander 'You've Got' both supplied with an extra remix.  Whim-Ee's tune is my favorite what is a tribute to Chicago harder sounds, reminding me of mid nineties Cajmere.

Glenn Underground / Strictly Jaz Unit - In With The New / Deep in My Mind (Strictly Jaz Unit)
Two magnificent tracks from Chicago man Glenn Underground in his known Afro Jazz rhythms in a space of couple months.

Don Carlos Presents The Aquanauts (Irma Records)
The seventh album from Carlo Troya aka Don Carlos, who has been producing great music since 1987.  The Aquanauts features eight different tracks with extra version for Karma, Stepping Upon Mars, and two for Dancing Into Freestyle.

Taron-Trekka - The Trekkas Shak Phase EP (Freude am Tanzen)
An unusual label in my list. Four track extended player.  I like the atmospheric African sounding Okoso Shak, but Safari is also interesting.

Joe Drive - Junopolis EP (4lux Black)
4 Lux Black is always a label on my high attention list.  This is a four track extended player, with an extra version of Tefnut by Tyrell.

A'Merika Vera - Winter Madness (Recycle)
The artist name translates from Italian to True American.  Original Mix please. Thank you.

Mellow Baku and The Friday People - Make It Brighter (Atjazz Record Company)
One of the good things of Digital download purchase is that you can choose a version of one tune and stick to it.  But some records make good enough to make you choose more. Atjazz Remix for your peak time moments, A New Funky Generation for more warm situations.

Funkycan - We Were Raised To Beleive That Someday We Were All Gonna Have Great Beards (Ava)
I bought this for the extremely long story telling title.  Untitled 1 which was produced with Damiano von Erckert is my preferred.

Unbroken Dub - Checkpoint EP (Delsin Records)
Dark and deep three track extended player.  I like the more underground Det Special.

Christopher Rau - Two (Smallville)
The title clearly states this is his second album, which follows the first 'Asper Clouds' released in 2010 on the same high regarded German label.  Eight varied deep house tracks to enjoy.

Vahagn - Shades and Shadows EP (Groovement)
Three tune extended player with the title track having vocal collaboration by Jerry the Cat.  I'd say Vahagn sound has improved since his previous mid-summer release.

Jus-Ed - 50Ty and Lookin Good (Underground Quality)
Eleven tracks of pure bliss from Jus-Ed latest seventh album presented on his famed Underground Quality imprint. Track, tech, and house are all featured. Available on CD or download.

Cristo - Patterns (Superficially Deep)
Eleven track album from Cristo.  Majority of the tracks are string and African rhythms, a pattern which works well in many dance floors nowadays.  I like the track Rite. 

Soulful House Selections Vol.3 Selected by Fiso Da Costa (Sci-fi Productions)
Sci-fi does it again with this third installment selected by Fiso Da Costa.  Ten tracks by different artists in soulful Latin house vibes.  Take your pick.

Tronicsole: I Heard Deep: Blue (Tronicsole)
Fifteen different tracks compilation.  I like Bugz In The Attic 'Old School Jamz'.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choices - October 2012

Cleveland - Mid Sun EP (battibatti)
BattiBatti keeps on bringing a good release in each number.  Considering we are at twelve this is quite an achievement.  I play both the tracks in this extended player, a lot!

Third Ear Re:Imagined (Third Ear Recordings)
An always upfront label presents this extended player with four classic tunes remade. My favorite is the XDB remix of Benjamin Brunn 'No Kicks'.  Another interesting remix is the Upperground Orchestra take on Theo Parish 'Falling Up'.

Chris Carrier - Planete Euphorique (Robsoul)
Three instrumental tracks titled in the first three alphabet letters. I like the nineties New York sounding B.

Monocles - Loud, John-Carol feat Gisela Gold - Just Saying (Peng Africa)
Peng Africa makes it a busy month releasing two good records. The choice is also vast in both issues with Loud having ten mixes, and the more recent John-Carol seven versions.

Vedagor - Untitled EP (Burek)
Four all untitled innovative tracks.  I usually prefer even numbers but two and four work best for me here.

Grooveman Spot - Paradox (Jazzy Spot)
A very innovative album which fuses new wave and Italo disco eighties sound in more modern deep rhythms. Fourteen tracks to choose from with two tracks having vocal collaborations by Hollie Smith and Isaac Aesili, and Capitol A.

Marcellus Pittman - Pieces (Sound Signature)
Ten tracks by one of the most innovative all time producers. Mr.Pittman basically reinvents bass lines, kicks and rhythms in each tune for this mostly electronic instrumental release.  Note the real label is Unirhythm with digital distribution handled by Sound Signature.

The Zohar - Brooklyn EP (Tenderpark)
I like a lot the track Dog Day, but Brooklyn 9:30 AM is also worth a listen.

Elina Monova - Something Special (Rest)
The voice of Elina is really something special on the four minute of Give Me The Night.

Martin Iveson - 13.10.11 13.11.11 (Atjazz Record Company)
A good release in Afro jazz vibes.  Edit thanks to the Deep House Page forum peeps.  The title digits are dates, two important ones for Martin, that is all I can say.

Idrissa Sissoko - Lopilopilo (Offerings Recordings)
A six track mini album all in African rhythms, plus extra remix for Yiri and two for Wari.

DJ Mtshepang - Ubizo (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Lars Behrenroth label is always on my radar, and here it presents ten versions to choose from.  I like the Shaheedemo Colorful Instrumental the most.

Carter Cook - Because of You (Houseworx)
The original version title track features the over abused Obama lyrics in background a nice vocalist saying Because of You and a very Chandler style groove.  It works.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Cleveland - Mid-Sun EP (battibatti bb12)

The new BattiBatti release comes from Belgium artist Cleveland titled Mid Sun EP which features two deep house tracks, with a moving groove.  Opening the dances in this release is the track Bruxlyn One, a nine minute key infected builder with vocal snippet and unusual sound coming off and on.  Number two is the title track Mid Sun a more deep track to the previous with a Chicago house drum style and nice warm sounds.  Cleveland a new rotation to the BattiBatti artist line up is also to be featured in the second upcoming vinyl release, along three other artists to come out before the end of this year.  Watch this spot for more information.      

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Choices - September 2012

various artists - Basement Tracks EP 1 (battibatti)
Released on 11 July on vinyl finally in this month sees its digital format.  Four artists pay tribute to the first Battibatti vinyl with High Quality tracks. 

various artists - Holdin On EP (battibatti)
The fourth release with a different four artist package from Battibatti.  This extended player presents an international flavour of artists from Britain, Malta, Germany, to the other side of the Atlantic in Mexico.

Guido Nemola - Jazz Piano EP (Revox)
Three different tracks from this Italian artist exploring deep groovy house.  My favorite is the Acid Mix of 'I Can't Forget'.  Trip.

Ralf Gum - Never Leaves You (GOGO Music)
Nice album from Ralf Gum anticipated in early Summer by the release of Linda.  Ten tracks with super vocal collaborations by; Jocely Mathieu, Kafele, Kenny Bobien, Jaidene Vada, Monique Bingham, Oluhle, Robert Owens, Caron Wheeler, and Jon Pierce.

Brad Petterson / Rai Scott - Future Imprints (Inner Shift Music)
A nice release with two tracks by Brad on one side, and two by Rai on the other. 'Inner Reflection' will be on my list for long time.

S.o.u.l. Vs Tinbota ft Dr.Feelx - House Music Was Born (Shines Records)
House was born official sometime in early eighties, although it was an evolution coming from like the sixties.  I like the House Music Was String Mix.

Ladybird - Ladybird Remixed (Peng)
After the album release in early 2012, two Ladybird tunes gets the remix job by Bittersuite, Andy Compton, and Dolls Combers.

Ed Nine - Hot Jazz The Remixes (Itch-N-Sniff Records)
Old school Jazz sounds, and vocals mixed in rhythm. Does it not always work.  Five versions to choose from.

Nick Sole - Flowers For You (Mojuba Records)
Debut album from Nick Sole who presents eleven deep tracks all in very well made African Tribal grooves.  Nice!

STL - Flying Objects (Something)
Experimental sounds is always what the German STL aka Stephan Laubner comes with.

Mass Prod - Deeply Cooked Music (Kontra Muzik)
Digital follow up to a vinyl out in 2009.  Jus-Ed mix is the one for me.

various artists - Langesthal (Meakusma)
Two tracks each by four different artists.  All is in experimental sounds, accept for the Detroit groove infected 'Nulldup'  by Bepotel.

Alexander East - Jest 4 Me (Fresh Meat)
Original released in 2001.  Derrick Carter Dubstrumental always works thanks also to the clever use of the sample from the disco song 'You Can't Hide Your Love From Me'.

various artists - Running Music 01 3 Hours Set (Irma Records)
Three hours of music in this compilation with 28 different songs and tracks.  You have the known names of Irma like; Don Carlos, Belladonna, Sicania Soul, Pasta Boys etc etc. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: various artists - Basement Tracks EP 1 (Batti Batti)

Founded up in 2009 and since taking out ten phenomenal releases BattiBatti makes its entry into the vinyl world with this first four different tracks package titled Basement Track EP 1.   The deep, and underground house scene has always been a keen supporter to this pure Deejay medium, and being BattiBatti a label dedicated to those sounds the move was certainly expected in due time and most surely welcome.  Label boss Owen Jay with his partner Melchior Sultana opens the dances with the track titled 'Groove Me'.  He is followed on side A by 1Dan a repeat artist on BattiBatti who here comes with the dark, deep, cosmic but yet energetic 'Light Bridge'.  On the B side we have Nino with the trip deep track 'Nino' which reminds me a bit of Callisto from Guidance Records, and Benedikt Frey of Mule and Ethereal records fame and his acid infected 'Moving Shadows'. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: various artists - Holdin On EP (battibatti BB11)

Release number eleven for Malta's iconic deep and underground label Battibatti.  This third series in the various artist extended players titled Holdin On presents four tunes all by different artists, two of which making their first appearance on BattiBatti.  The repeating artists are 1Dan, the producer of BB07 'Wish You Well', and Melchior Sultana who here presents himself solo, being the usual partner of label boss Owen Jay.  The new artists are Marco Nega, and the duet of Romeo C and Alhan G.  Dan1 opens the player with the deep and voyage track Another Afternoon here in the late edit version.  Marco Nega an artist with releases on Underground Quality and BuMako follows with Intromental, an atmospheric tune with jazzy chords.  Third is Melchior Sultana 'Holdin On' a very jazz inspiring tune, which builds up to a groovy affair. Closes this extended player the more pumped up Romeo C and Alhan G 'Don't Tell Me What To Do', a deep tribal affair with nice keys and sensual vocal female and male vocal hooks.   

Friday, August 31, 2012

Choices - August 2012

Theo Parish - Sound Signature Sounds Volume 2 (Sound Signature)
Mr. Theo Parish hardly does any wrong!  Nine tracks from Theo, with vocal cooperation's coming form Dwele, John Douglas and Trent Mitchell.

Deep House Maniacs - Cloud 9 feat. Siba (Deeper Shades Recordings)
For me it is all about the Dub mix. Nice harmony and rythm!

Polar Lights - Inside Tonght (Apparel Music)
Four tunes plus two versions of Blamegames.  I like the most the slower My Old Vinyl.

Emilian - Body Music EP (MANDMS Music)
Some Other Woman is the one for me, though Burden of Dreams deserves a listen.

SVG and Faith - Urban Jungles and the Kiss (Peng Africa)
Urban Jungles and Kiss are two separate tracks here, remixed again by SVG.

S3A Sampling as an Art - Holdin' On EP (4Lux Black)
Has it not been like this since thirty years plus now.  I am obviously referring to the title here.

Giovanni Damico - Get in the Spirit (Fresh Meat)
Three track extended player.  I like the more track Dirty Disc.

Sei A - You Can Bring EP (Simple)
Simple is known for harder sounds, which is the case here minus the Axel Boman remix of You Can Bring which takes us deeper and underground house direction.

Dejan Milicevic - Just Keep Talking Girl (Plastic City)
Second album from Dejan following the first on the Gilesku label from Slovenia.  This time around it is on the more prominent German label Plastic City.  I like the title track the most.

Craig Huckaby - Black Music / Child of the Sun (Sound Signature)
Original released in 2011 on Vinyl. Three different produced tracks who feature Mr. Craig Huckaby always on vocals.

Joss Moog - Best of Joss Moog (Robsoul)
Nine tracks representing the best of Mr. Moog starting from 2006 up till today.  Old school Chicago feel with disco and funk cross over in some of the tracks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Choices - July 2012

Atjazz and Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed (Atjazz Record Company)
Three versions including the original, of which this I like the most.   

Ben Sun - Love Momentum EP (Delusions of Grandeur)
If you look for Ben Sun in any dance music web site you mostly find techno tracks. But recently the British producer is going more into house with a good fusion of funk, disco sounds into deep.  I like it!

various artists - Wesendit Part Three (Isendit)
Six tracks by different artists.  Marc Cotterell is my preferred from the list which features good sounds.  Herb LF is also featured in this third instalment of Wesendit.

Jimmy Read / Rich Genres - The Point EP (Digitalsoul)
Rich Genres The Soul is the track for me, helped by the vocal of Moonraker aka Johnny Dangerous.  But thats just the friendly part!

Eddie Stockley - Tell Me Sumthin (House Tribe Records)
Ten versions by eight different producers.  I like the more classic soul house version of Will Rodriguez.

DJ Akmael - Sour Alien EP (Hizou Deep Rooted Music)
The young man from New York goes deep and underground and also puts some new flavour.  Three different tracks.

Andre Crom - Reality EP (OFF)
For me it is about the classic rework of Hypnotizing by Homework.  Nice jazz early house mash up!

Session 3 - Deep House Files Selected by Enzo Elia (Engrave)
Eleven tracks in this third Engrave Session by Enzio Elia. Some track already selected in the past here; Dan Mela, Musumeci, Jaime Read, Asciari Jose Di Caro, and Caspian Rabone. To remind you the names. I signal also the track Same Street by Definition of Music.

various artists - The Best of Justified Cause (Justified Cause Recordings)
The best from this label, though I only like one track from 21.  You make your picks.

various artists - Back to the Scene of the Crime (Azuli Back Catalog)
Thirteen selections by Joey Negro.  What do you want more.  Original released in 2001 as mix CD.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Choices - June 2012

Iron Curtis - Thoughts On (4Lux Black)
Three tracks plus a new mix to the 2008 Thoughts On.  I like Oh Come On.  How can you not with a title like that.

Nathan X - Found Love (Peng Africa)
Needless to say this label always bring quality.  I like the more traditional African soul of the main mix.

At One - African Healing Dance Atjazz Remixes (Atjazz Record Company)
Atjazz remix puts some soul and improves the good original released December 2011.

Smallpeople - Salty Days (Smallville)
Nine raw tracks of high quality from this German duet and label.  Great debut album from Small People!

Fudge Fingas - Amaranthine Labyrinth EP (Purple Maze)
A very alternative and varied four different tracks EP.  I like the most the jazz infected Kinski.

Andy Ward Presents The Friends of the Booth EP, Vol. 2 (Tony Records)
Andy Ward makes an eight track, seven different artist selection on behalf of the legend Tony Humphries and his label.  House and Deep choices, take your pick.

Weather Coperation - Flite EP (Mussen Project Records)
This North Italian label does it again with a strong three track package.  I like the African groove Thru It All the most.

various artists - HZ01 (Hizou Deep Rooted Music)
Three different tracks by P.Laoss, Demetrio Giannice, and Deymare.

Key Tronics Ensemble - Calypso of House (Irma Records)
A tribute to this timeless classic by Ivan Iacobucci and the duet of Sicania Soul.

various artists - Sensual Deep House #14 (Sensual Sounds)
Sometimes in these compilations you do find something interesting.  I like the Summer jazz vibes track by Pedro Campos and Christian Corrotea titled Wolken.

Theo Parrish - Sound Sculptures Vol 1 (Sound Signature)
Original release in 2007 as a triple vinyl pack, now released in its digital format with some bonuses, tools, and extras.  Fourth digital release for Sound Signature.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Choices - May 2012

Soul 223 - Almost Like it Used to Be (Delsin)
A four different tracks player. The short Arties Mood of just over two minutes is cool and funky. Pity it is so short.

Saluda - Deep Cut (Hizou Deep Rooted Music)
Deymare mix elements from the original mix of Deep Cut but puts that little spin, and slows it down which in my books makes it more attractive.

DJ Hynposis - Far Away feat Nickson (Sci-Fi Productions)
Lilac Jeans Scifi mix is the one for me, but Gumzito mix deserves also high attention.

various artists - We Are VR (voyeurhythm)
A tribute to Voyeurhythm by four artists; Ben Sun, Francesco Inferno Orchestra, HMC, and Tyson Ballard.

And.Id - Black Mamba (mobilee records)
And.Id and Band version of Girl takes me on a Latin spin and into Summer vibes, without loosing harmony.

Session Victom - The Haunted House of House Pt Three (Delusions of Grandeur)
Threer tracks, two of which in nu funk disco sound. If you like it deep and soul go on the track Light Scent of Decay.

Jin Choi - A Thousand Whales of Love (Private Gold)
Last year a couple of very good releases made Jin Choi into my to look list.  Move to today and Jin releases a varied thirteen track album plus an extra mix of Circles.  Not all to my taste but listen and take your picks.

Alice Kuntz - Revaler Blues (Minimal Kidz)
Not my usual label, but this release deserves attention.  Both tracks are good, though I like the jazz influenced Two Scotch Eggs. Excuse Me!

DJ Aakmael - Unxpozd Sessions EP (Liberate)
Aakmael is called the new boy from New York, and not for nothing.  Three different tracks, I like the more soulful Movin On.  

Gene King Presents Tantra Zawandi and Dana Byrd - Out of the Blue (Shines Records)
Nine different mixes to choose from.  I like the Koe Rizla mix.

Vedomir - Vedomir (Dekmantel)
An album with thirteen tracks.  Mostly of US techno inspiration, but in the pile you find more deep house tunes.

In The Dark: The Soul of Detroit (Still Music)
The title says it all, and the names of the artists who make the twelve amazing tracks just make you understand, the revolution the motor city of the World has brought to electronic music in the past, and current times. 

The Rotating Assembly - Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
Originally released on CD in 2004, and now finally gets a digital re-issue.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Choices - April 2012

Dan Mela - I Don't Know Why (What Ever Not)
After an absence of quite some time with an original production, Dan Mela is back with this plus a new label. What Ever Not is release number one of this new adventure from Dan and his studio partner Dodi Palese which features two super tunes. Absolutely not to miss.

Bon and Rau - Morning Funk (Smallville)
A label Smallville and a name that of Christopher Rau that are always a guarantee.  Two good tracks with the usual Chicago touch from Rau.  I like more the title track.

Story - Story 006 (Story)
An obscure label, in its number six releases.  Two deep tracks with a Detroit groove.

Andy Campton - Devon's Deepest EP (Peng)
Andy and his Peng label are always a high quality look out.  Here is four songs with an unusual eclectic and electric groove production, plus a dub mix of the track Gold.  Vocal collaborations are by Ladybird, Rowan, Oluwa, and Rainy Payne.  The one of Rainy titled What Am I is my preferred where the singer reminds me a lot of Ursula Rucker.

Lucas Ferro, Brandub - Duplex, Vol.1 (Depto Rec)
Two tracks from these two artists.  I like the latin deep by Brandub.

Flohil and Smith - Istanbul Nights (Phat Elephant Recordings)
Turkey continues to bring dance music producers, and here is an album of this duet.  Featuring twelve tracks mostly in deep house it is okay in some areas, and good in others.  I like Slow Down.

Nicholas - Love Message (Home Taping is Killing Music)
I listened to this when the Italian Nicholas put it on his SoundCloud more or less about a year ago.  Release was never confirmed at the time but I made over a season going on his Cloud page and listening to Love Message.  Now it is finally released, and if you did not understand it this is a tribute to the unique and timeless Love is the Message by MFSB.

Bad Cop Bad Cop - Best Of Best Of (KilleKill)
Five tracks in total.  I like the old school feel Chitroit with says it all on what kind of sound to expect.

Rio Padice - Moon Phases EP (Housewax)
Housewax continues to bring very good releases, and the number three brings even more guarantees on the future direction of this label, thanks to the good Rio Padice.

various artists - Four Suns (Deep Explorer Music)
All good four tracks by Ernie and Above Smoke, but Funny Break has been on my wish list for ages.

The Aphotic Segments - Vol. 1 (Sistrum Recordings)
Sistrum is the label of Detroit native Patrice Scott, and here is an extended player with four different artists and tracks.  Russian Anton Zap deep Sunshine really puts you in an other dimension if you get my meaning.

Soulful House Volume 2 - Hot Top 10 Unmixed (Sci-fi Productions)
A total of ten tracks from various artists, all in an African and Soulful deep vibe,  Take your picks.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Dan Mela - I Don't Know Why {Nothing's Gonna Change} (What Ever Not)

Italian producer Dan Mela starts off his new label, What Ever Not founded together with his long time studio partner Dodi Palese.  Coming from the South East part of Italy Dan Mela is definitely not a new name in House and Underground music, having made quite a name first on his previous Streetvibes label, and later on getting the high attention of German Compost in the past and the previous decade.  What Ever Not number one starts off with one of the most appreciated tunes on Dan's SoundCloud page; 'I Don't Know Why' which in its Original Mix features a super vocal which does not leave you alone, and is accompanied by strings and real instruments hooks.  The groove is garage or to explain more simple a reminder of Master at Work early nineties beats. Suspect a cross over hit, or high attention from major Indy labels for this one. Following this is the Padappella of less then two minutes which is a good way to build up this tune before pulling off the original groovy version.  'Dodgem in San Sebastian' sees Dan fully immerse in his underground house sound with a mixture of New York versus Chicago sounds and grooves. Tune by two! 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Choices - March 2012

Musumeci - Astounding Science Music (battibatti)
Malta's super deep house and underground music label celebrates its first double digit release with a mini album from the obscure Musumeci.  All nice six house tracks, with Chicago and wave influence in them.

Tom Ellis - One by One (Good Ratio Music)
A very interesting and good four track extended player.  I like 'Thing One' and the always changing '1153'.

Sierra Sam - Kissed You in the Water (Nordik Net Records)
Dixie Yurie remix is a deep bass affair which reminds us how a real underground room should be.  There is also another track in this called 'Circles', and another remix from Jin Choi.

Rodrigo - Jazzy Summertime (Apparel Music)
The atmosphere of the original mix which is twelve minutes long takes me to another place and time in the future.  This is Summer 2012 for you and all of us.

Seuil - Sub Boogie Drama (Karat Records)
The title track is the one to go for.  Jazz and groove in the pure sense.

Monocles and Slez feat Mxolisi Indogeni and Maestro Di Casa - So Fine (Peng Africa)
PM Project remix wraps it up nice for me in a good mixture of African soulful grooves and mellow deep melodies.

RotaryDisco76 - Swordfish Going EP (Strictly Groove Recordings)
I like the different original mix of Swordfish, but if you are into more groove check also the remix of Salvatore Principato and Sean Bee. 

Vince Watson - Every Soul Needs a Guide (everysoul)
An eleven track album which is a good cross over of melodies from Jazz, to Detroit strings, and ambient sounds all featuring a broken African rhythm pattern.  Take your picks.

Fred P - The Incredible Adventours of Captain P (Soul People Music)
The deep man from New York presents this 19 track Album plus three remixes.  Take all.

various artists - Future Sound of Jazz Vol.12 (Compost Records)
Jazz sounds in new rhythms offered in 26 tracks from different artists.  Choose your favorites from house, trip hop, techno, etc etc

Sole Classics - Over Street (solemusic)
Some classics from Over Street reissued in digital.  Make your choice.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Musumeci - Astounding Science Music (battibatti bb10)

What a way to celebrate Battibatti release number ten with a mini album from the obscure Musumeci, titled Astounding Science Music and having six tracks.  This Italian artist also made one of his early appearances, to be exact his third remix duty on Battibatti with his very good version to the much appreciated 'No Longer the Same' produced by US house music icon Demarkus Lewis and featured on EP 2. If you don't have this in your box I suggest to check it out, as at today I still spin it.  Prior to this long player Musumeci also made three releases on his own label which has the same name, the most recent Rules 03 released a year ago is also featured as a mash up here titled Three Laws.  Astounding Science Music is an early eighties Chicago house music inspired sound, with a bit of wave touch felt in all the tunes.  All the tracks feature a Science fiction vocal snippet from the likes of J.G. Ballard, Sir Arthur C.Clark, Isaac Asimov, Paul Anderson, and Jack Williamson.  To be true is hard to choose a favorite as all track have a high quality sound in them, but if pressed I would go with 'The Day After Tommorow', and 'Stranger in Paradise'.     

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Choices - February 2012

various artists - Chilli Mint Music (Chilli Mint Music)
Four tracks from deep to tech house.  My attention goes to All is One by Whim-ee, vinyl released in the first week of 2012 and now available also in digital.  This latest of the Brazilian French reminds me of end nineties West coast label sound Naked Music.  What do you think?

Social Memory Complex - Social Memory Complex EP (Housewax)
After the first superb extended player with four different artists and tracks, Housewax goes to release number two with Alex Danilov.  The Russian presents four tracks all of a Chicago US inspiration. I like a lot Feel the Dog.

Toby Tobias - One Night on Mare Street (Quintessentials)
Straight on point with the remix of one favorite producer from recent months; Ugly Drums aka Stefano Baldo.

DJ Fudge and Ezel feat. Mani Hoffmann - Call my Name (Tejal Records)
African, and soulful house.  I like the instrumental mix, which gives more credit to the well done emotive simple arrangement.

Lady Blacktronica - Pieces of my Puzzle (Little Angel Records)
In less to a year the other Detroit lady presents another album.  The puzzle pieces here are nineteen tracks all with a deep house touch with external influence coming from African, Disco, Dub, Funk, Hip Hop, Rnb, and Soul music.

Montana Falcons - Montana Falcons EP (Yo Records)
Forever Classic has that magic flute which reminds of mid nineties Eric Kupper.  If you like slow house look also into Glosno.

El Prevost - Putting Out Fires EP (Third Ear Recordings)
Four tracks extended player.  The industrial percussive title track is the one for me.

Fantasy feat. Althea Mc. Queen - Daily Life (Spirit Sounds Records Revolution)
The voice of this legend of house music is always an attention grabber.  I like the Instrumental mix which gratefully still features vocal snippets.

Marvin Dash - Workshop 14 (Workshop)
Three untitled advanced underground house tracks.  Trip and dark.

Stephan Laubner - Unreleased Experiments 2 (Something)
STL - Things from the Basement (Something)
Many say my music is Underground etc.  Stephan Laubner aka STL, manages just that.  Real underground music with an impressive research into new sounds.

Visions of Musicians - Gogo Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol.4 (GOGO Music)
Dubs for the Clubs - Gogo Music 10th Anniversary Collection Vol.2 (GOGO Music)
The ten year birthday collections continue.  Ten tracks in two releases here of which I made my picks.  You can do the same.

various artists - The MKappella, Lost (Delsin records)
Thankfully the 1991 released MK, The MKappella has found a re-release.  Unlike the many I am not a big fan of Marc Kinchen, but this is definitely a master piece of deep house music in my books.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choices - January 2012

Whim-ee - Magic in the House (Mussen Project Records)
Whim-ee is back with a three diverse tracks old school nineties inspired house extended player. With all this Magic in the House still bring the spell and sounds very fresh.  Take it all.

Luminous - Rhythms in me (Housegrown)
Afroseeds feat. Soul Maestro - Your Love (Housegrown)
Shannon - Shannon Presents Shake (Housegrown)
Three separate releases in a space of less to a month.  The one by Shannon is the best in my books, but I still like a track or two of the other releases.

Latecomer - Cosmic Cart Soulphiction and L'Aroye Remixes (Faces Records)
Kez YM - Strides EP (Faces Recordings)
A label which is always about quality, and in the first month of 2012 confirms its status with two different separate releases.

various artists - Hair People (Hair Records)
Catalogue number two.  Old school vibe in different styles presented in four different tracks. 

Ladybird - Ladybird Album Sampler (Peng)
Four preview tracks for an upcoming album.  Remove the cheese from soulful and you get this.

Overcast Sound - Popoloco EP (Falk Recordings)
Deer People is a track in dub with African rhythms and emotions which I like.

Tim Toh - Pandemonium (Philpot Records)
Two pure Underground House tracks.  Enough said.

Daniel Half - And Then Everything Around Him Answered (Shhhh)
You buy this for the title, which is telling a story on it's own.  New excursions in deep music.

Nicholas - Free To Be Hunee Remix (4Lux Black)
Italian Nicholas returns on 4Lux Black in his usual old school vibe.  The talk and sales here are about 'Free to Be' Hunee remix, but I like 'Why Don't You'.  Also take a look at Down to Nothing,

Ethyl and Flori - Shelter (Secretsundaze)
Vinyl out in November 2011 and digital comes here in this year start.  DJ Rolando remix of Shelter is the one for me.

various artists - Wesendit Part One (Isendit)
Nine different tracks and artists from the catalogue of Isendit.  I like the one by Matt Flores. 

various artists - Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol. 2 (Deeper Shades Recordings)
Seven different tracks all in African Latin vibes.  Take your pick.

GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collection Vol.1 - Soul for the Floors (GOGO Music)
This German label owned and directed by Ralf Gum celebrates ten years with a collection of compilations featuring ten tracks. This is the first.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Whim-ee - Magic in the House (Mussen Project Records)

With Magic in the House Whim-ee returns to the label from which I discovered her in Spring of last year 2011, the Italian label Mussen Project from Milan.  From there on I have been following Whim-ee with high interest, and for me she is among the best emerging producers from 2011 and in 2012 goes on raising her level in this second Mussen Project appearance.  Brazilian native French resident Whim-ee aka Sara presents a very inspirational all good three different track extended player.  The three tracks in Magic in the House are; Strong Evidence, Turn Out, and U Must Talk.  All three tracks feature a diverse use of old school nineties deep house flavour, and an intelligent way in which to dub and play with the vocals.  Certainly what will take you to the next level is the eight minutes plus track Strong Evidence.  A trip in diverse emotions of all kinds.  But rest assured the other two tunes are no slough, from the romantic and classic Turn Out which I love, to the more after hours U Must Talk.  My suggestion here, is to purchase all.