Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Dan Mela - I Don't Know Why {Nothing's Gonna Change} (What Ever Not)

Italian producer Dan Mela starts off his new label, What Ever Not founded together with his long time studio partner Dodi Palese.  Coming from the South East part of Italy Dan Mela is definitely not a new name in House and Underground music, having made quite a name first on his previous Streetvibes label, and later on getting the high attention of German Compost in the past and the previous decade.  What Ever Not number one starts off with one of the most appreciated tunes on Dan's SoundCloud page; 'I Don't Know Why' which in its Original Mix features a super vocal which does not leave you alone, and is accompanied by strings and real instruments hooks.  The groove is garage or to explain more simple a reminder of Master at Work early nineties beats. Suspect a cross over hit, or high attention from major Indy labels for this one. Following this is the Padappella of less then two minutes which is a good way to build up this tune before pulling off the original groovy version.  'Dodgem in San Sebastian' sees Dan fully immerse in his underground house sound with a mixture of New York versus Chicago sounds and grooves. Tune by two! 

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