Monday, April 30, 2012

Choices - April 2012

Dan Mela - I Don't Know Why (What Ever Not)
After an absence of quite some time with an original production, Dan Mela is back with this plus a new label. What Ever Not is release number one of this new adventure from Dan and his studio partner Dodi Palese which features two super tunes. Absolutely not to miss.

Bon and Rau - Morning Funk (Smallville)
A label Smallville and a name that of Christopher Rau that are always a guarantee.  Two good tracks with the usual Chicago touch from Rau.  I like more the title track.

Story - Story 006 (Story)
An obscure label, in its number six releases.  Two deep tracks with a Detroit groove.

Andy Campton - Devon's Deepest EP (Peng)
Andy and his Peng label are always a high quality look out.  Here is four songs with an unusual eclectic and electric groove production, plus a dub mix of the track Gold.  Vocal collaborations are by Ladybird, Rowan, Oluwa, and Rainy Payne.  The one of Rainy titled What Am I is my preferred where the singer reminds me a lot of Ursula Rucker.

Lucas Ferro, Brandub - Duplex, Vol.1 (Depto Rec)
Two tracks from these two artists.  I like the latin deep by Brandub.

Flohil and Smith - Istanbul Nights (Phat Elephant Recordings)
Turkey continues to bring dance music producers, and here is an album of this duet.  Featuring twelve tracks mostly in deep house it is okay in some areas, and good in others.  I like Slow Down.

Nicholas - Love Message (Home Taping is Killing Music)
I listened to this when the Italian Nicholas put it on his SoundCloud more or less about a year ago.  Release was never confirmed at the time but I made over a season going on his Cloud page and listening to Love Message.  Now it is finally released, and if you did not understand it this is a tribute to the unique and timeless Love is the Message by MFSB.

Bad Cop Bad Cop - Best Of Best Of (KilleKill)
Five tracks in total.  I like the old school feel Chitroit with says it all on what kind of sound to expect.

Rio Padice - Moon Phases EP (Housewax)
Housewax continues to bring very good releases, and the number three brings even more guarantees on the future direction of this label, thanks to the good Rio Padice.

various artists - Four Suns (Deep Explorer Music)
All good four tracks by Ernie and Above Smoke, but Funny Break has been on my wish list for ages.

The Aphotic Segments - Vol. 1 (Sistrum Recordings)
Sistrum is the label of Detroit native Patrice Scott, and here is an extended player with four different artists and tracks.  Russian Anton Zap deep Sunshine really puts you in an other dimension if you get my meaning.

Soulful House Volume 2 - Hot Top 10 Unmixed (Sci-fi Productions)
A total of ten tracks from various artists, all in an African and Soulful deep vibe,  Take your picks.

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