Thursday, February 28, 2013

DJ Set - Liam Febraury 2013 Choices-Picks Mix

STL - Still With Us 'Original Mix' (Something) T
Trus'Me - T'es Une Pute (Prime Numbers) V
Marc Cotterel - Shake to Shuffle (Deeper Shades Recordings) T
Zethu - Summertime 'Zulumafia Dance Mix' (Zulumafia Digital) V
Agnes - Chew Rebellion 'Original Mix' (Vitalik Recordings) V
Brisa - The Soul (Jazzy Sport) V
Ralf Gum - Burning Star feat Kafele 'Kafele Mix' (GOGO Music) V
Dave'Mahony'Mullen, Jaysun Merced - BreakOut 'Pocoloco Roads Cross Remix' (Jakdat Records) V
Jovonn - Love Begins (Deeptrax Digital Recordings) V
Dodi Palese - Spacewalk (What Ever Not) T
Mr Raoul K - Rainforest 'Coratouchmix' (Still Music) T
Theo Parrish and Carl Craig - Falling Up 'Carl Craig 2013 Remaster' (Third Ear Recordings) T
V = Vocal, T = Trax
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Choices - February 2013

Dodi Palese - Switch, Spacewalk (What Ever Not)
Number two for this Italian 2012 founded label comes from Dodi Palese. If a good future can be seen from the start What Even Not is setting good bases for sure.  Two great tracks both with a raw feel. If you like this, also check out Dodi upcoming album for next month March 2013 on the Engrave Ltd imprint.

Mr Raoul K - Mande (Still Music)
For nearly all of it this album is not to my taste, that is accept for the tune Rainforest and it's Coratouch mix.

Rosenhaft - Don't Turn Left EP (Soul Deeparture)
Good for nothing is my pick in this two track extended player.

various artists - Jakdat and Friends (Jakdat Records)
BreakOut is the tune to watch for in both its version, with the remix by Pocoloco being the better one.

Soul Junktion - Alright incl Ultra Soul Project Mixes (Gruv Shack)
As the titles says this is all about soul deep house.  Like the broken beat version from Ultra Soul Project but all versions need a listen.

Jovonn - Cystal Vibes (Deeptrax Digital Recordings)
No much to say about a legend as Jovonn.  Four great tunes!

Trus'Me - Treat Me Right (Prime Numbers)
Eight tracks of Detroit inspired techno and house for Trus'me third long player.

Brisa - Move On (Jazzy Sport)
Put your player on The Soul please.  Pure funk soul!

Zethu - Summertime (Zulumafia Digital)
I have been watching this label closely in recent weeks.  Seven versions to choose from, including the instrumentals.

Mr Gabibu - Deep Fever EP (Lupara Records)
Gabibu caught my attention past December with the tune I Remember.  This is a good 2 track extended player again from this Italian.

Agnes - Jedi House EP (Vitalik Recordings)
May the force be with deep and underground house forever!

The Early Sound Collective - Early Cuts (Bio Rhythm)
Four old school inspired pure deep tunes.  Could be an under statement!

Lars Behrenroth Presents Various Shades Vol.3 (Deeper Shades Recordings)
A continuation of the first series which started in 2010.  Mr. Behrenroth selects eight tracks by different artists.  Take your picks!

DJ Roland Clark - Watchin You, Goochland (Delete Records)
Roland Clark's Delete Records is releasing some interesting deep African soul tunes.  These two are a preview to the album titled Goochland out in end of March.

Ralf Gum - Burning Star feat. Kafele (GOGO Music)
It is impossible to say which is best between the new mixes from Glenn Underground, Sir LSG, and Kafele.

STL - Homespun Remedies (Something)
I cannot stop supporting Stephan Laubner.  Pure analogue five tracks, and four of his usual loops.

Theo Parrish and Carl Craig - Falling Up 2013 Remaster (Third Ear Recordings)
Still remember hearing Carl Craig remix for the first time in 2005 and today it still does the same affect.  Heaven and hell in eight minutes.

Noel Nanton - Classics Vol.1, Trackheadz - Back in the Day (DNH)
Been following Nick Holder and his label since the mid nineties and today the imprint has a catalogue of two hundred plus releases.  These are two symbol names of DNH which bring a re-issues from Noel Nanton and fresh release from Trackheadz. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Dodi Palese - Switch, Spacewalk (What Ever Not)

In just a bit short to a year What Ever Not releases its catalogue 002, this time coming from other label partner Dodi Palese who presents this two track vinyl with Switch on side A, and Spacewalk on B.  Both the tracks are of a track atmosphere with a dark deep feeling to them.  Switch is the most dance of the tunes and has an industrial feel groove with old school style high hats, nineties style pads coming in and out, and vocal starting at the middle which adds an agreesive feel also thanks to some sound bits added.  Spacewalk is the darker side of this release featuring a very well made tribal groove with a sound style between dub, techno, and deep creating one loopy trip just short of seven minutes.  A note here is that Dodi Palese will also be releasing an album coming March with a sampler featuring three tracks from the long player following this release by a couple of days.  If you like his style here I suggest you check it out!