Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Dodi Palese - Switch, Spacewalk (What Ever Not)

In just a bit short to a year What Ever Not releases its catalogue 002, this time coming from other label partner Dodi Palese who presents this two track vinyl with Switch on side A, and Spacewalk on B.  Both the tracks are of a track atmosphere with a dark deep feeling to them.  Switch is the most dance of the tunes and has an industrial feel groove with old school style high hats, nineties style pads coming in and out, and vocal starting at the middle which adds an agreesive feel also thanks to some sound bits added.  Spacewalk is the darker side of this release featuring a very well made tribal groove with a sound style between dub, techno, and deep creating one loopy trip just short of seven minutes.  A note here is that Dodi Palese will also be releasing an album coming March with a sampler featuring three tracks from the long player following this release by a couple of days.  If you like his style here I suggest you check it out!     

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