Friday, February 28, 2014

DJ Set - Liam February 2014 Choices-Picks MiX

Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan - Just Like Love 2 'Josh Milan Original Mix'(King Street) V
Per Alm - Universal Drum Collection 'Original' (Vialocal) V
Andy Compton - The Deepness (Peng) T
James Creed - Undone 'Josh T Remix' (Odd Socks) T
Tim Piano and Tiff - Back In The Situation 'Whim-ee Remix' (Mussen Project Records) V
Story - Umega (Story) T
Auji - Conclusion Came to You Pt.2 'Aniara Remix' (Aniara Recordings) V
Los Hermanos featuring Ron Mitchell - Rhythm of Love (GMI) V
Baker and Helm - Twenty Two (Remote UK) T
Kindimmer - Workz on Dope (CLAAP) V
Steve Huerta - Adrift 'Original Mix' (Manucci's Mistress) V
Dodi Palese - Hun Kal 'Snuff Crew Remix' (Engrave LTD) T
Ben Boe - Low Rider (Boe Recordings) T
Los Hermanos - Hey You (GMI) V
Ikenga Project Carolyn Harding - Snow 'Harley and Muscle Deep Mix' (Sound Kemystry) V
Vincent Floyd - I Dream You (Strut) T
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Choices - February 2014

Dodi Palese - Hun Kal Remixes (Engrave LTD)
The first single from Dodi Palese last year released album Greeting from the Solar System. Original mix plus two remixes by Italian Guido Nemola, and the German's Snuff Crew.

Kindimmer - Workz On Dope (CLAAP)
Workz on Dope is a moving deep tune with a nice drive.

various artists - Remixes 1 (Odd Socks)
The sixth release of Odd Socks looks back, picking four previous released tracks and remixing them. New mix duties by Max Greaf, Imyrmind, James Creed, and Josh T.

Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan - Just Like Love 2 (King Street)
The second series of mixes to this beautiful song performed by half of the legendary Blaze; Josh Milan with Chieko bringing magic from its violin. The many seem to prefer the Charles Webster mix, but for me is all about the musical Josh Milan Original mix.

Story - 007 (Story)
The Story series continues its deep journey. This time around its XDB who presents three deep trip and atmospheric tracks which border into techno territory.

Steve Huerta - Smoky EP (Manucci's Mistress)
Generic deep in this two track extended player from this British label who is enjoying a success in recent times. I like the pad driven Adrift.

various artists - Halal Prepared Vol.2 (Boe Recordings)
After four years Boe Recordings presents Vol.2 of the Halal Prepared which here presents three different artists. Two of these have been on the rising in recent times; Arnaldo and Anaxander, while label boss Ben Boe makes his solo producing debut, presenting my favorite track of this release 'Low Rider'.

Los Hermanos - Descendants of the Resistance (GMI)
The title shows the roots of this highly respected Detroit production team.  This latest album was officially released in Summer 2013 as a CD, and now gets the download purchase availability. Amazing!

Ikenga Project Carolyn Harding - Snow EP (Sound Kemystry)
Sound Kemystry is owned by Lady Blacktronica what is a sub-label to Sound Black recordings. Four mixes of Snow, and two other tracks 'Bullshit' and 'Ancestral Channels'.

Toto Chiavetta - Where Is Love Gone, Per Alm - Universal Drum Collection (Vialocal)
Two nice releases from the US label Vialocal.

Andy Compton - Ubutu (Peng)
Nice album from the Peng boss, who presents eleven tracks in which he explores deep sounds in diverse soulful, down-tempo, r'n'b, and Afro styles.

Baker and Helm - Lost Reels (Remote UK)
Remote from the UK continues to bring quality. Here is three lost reels from Baker and Helm all with that old school Chicago vibe to them.

Tim Piano and Tiff - Back In The Situation (Mussen Project Records)
In recent releases Whim-ee has been going back to its techno sounds, but in this one it returns to its deep house.

Auji - Conclusion Came To You (Aniara Recordings)
Another of the nice deep space trips from the Swedish Aniara Recordings. This was originally out in the fall of 2012 on vinyl and continues the digital conversion to some of the famous titles recently being done by this label.

Hardcore Traxx - Dance Mania Records 1986 - 1995 (Strut)
Strut picks 24 famous tracks from this legendary Chicago label. Can you go wrong with that.