Monday, December 31, 2012

DJ Set - Liam December 2012 Choices-Picks Mix

Vtothed - NYE Space Sessions Pt.1 (White Music) T
Ron Trent - Sundance 'Original Mix' (Electic Blue) V
Rainer Trueby - Jeck 'Sello Remix' (Compost Records) V
Cottam - I Remember (Aus Music) T
Soul Phiction - Soul Brother No.2 (Philpot) T
DJ Fale and Lei' Metola - Kudala Ndikuvela feat. Pule and Andile 'Deep Assasin Remix' (Peng Africa) T
Robert Owens - Sacrifice 'Kai Alce Distinctive Remix Version 2 Instrumental' (NDATL Muzik) T
Gabriel Poso - A night With You 'Yoruba House Mix' (INFRACom!) V
Una - In My House 'DJ Pope's Original Instrumental' (POJI) T
Walker Barnard - Sweatshop Spaceship 'Extended Edit' (Serialism Records / WAS) V
Sek - Vice Lords (Apparel Music) V
Black Jazz Consortium - Groove Meditation (Gotta Keep Faith) T
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