Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Choices - February 2012

various artists - Chilli Mint Music (Chilli Mint Music)
Four tracks from deep to tech house.  My attention goes to All is One by Whim-ee, vinyl released in the first week of 2012 and now available also in digital.  This latest of the Brazilian French reminds me of end nineties West coast label sound Naked Music.  What do you think?

Social Memory Complex - Social Memory Complex EP (Housewax)
After the first superb extended player with four different artists and tracks, Housewax goes to release number two with Alex Danilov.  The Russian presents four tracks all of a Chicago US inspiration. I like a lot Feel the Dog.

Toby Tobias - One Night on Mare Street (Quintessentials)
Straight on point with the remix of one favorite producer from recent months; Ugly Drums aka Stefano Baldo.

DJ Fudge and Ezel feat. Mani Hoffmann - Call my Name (Tejal Records)
African, and soulful house.  I like the instrumental mix, which gives more credit to the well done emotive simple arrangement.

Lady Blacktronica - Pieces of my Puzzle (Little Angel Records)
In less to a year the other Detroit lady presents another album.  The puzzle pieces here are nineteen tracks all with a deep house touch with external influence coming from African, Disco, Dub, Funk, Hip Hop, Rnb, and Soul music.

Montana Falcons - Montana Falcons EP (Yo Records)
Forever Classic has that magic flute which reminds of mid nineties Eric Kupper.  If you like slow house look also into Glosno.

El Prevost - Putting Out Fires EP (Third Ear Recordings)
Four tracks extended player.  The industrial percussive title track is the one for me.

Fantasy feat. Althea Mc. Queen - Daily Life (Spirit Sounds Records Revolution)
The voice of this legend of house music is always an attention grabber.  I like the Instrumental mix which gratefully still features vocal snippets.

Marvin Dash - Workshop 14 (Workshop)
Three untitled advanced underground house tracks.  Trip and dark.

Stephan Laubner - Unreleased Experiments 2 (Something)
STL - Things from the Basement (Something)
Many say my music is Underground etc.  Stephan Laubner aka STL, manages just that.  Real underground music with an impressive research into new sounds.

Visions of Musicians - Gogo Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol.4 (GOGO Music)
Dubs for the Clubs - Gogo Music 10th Anniversary Collection Vol.2 (GOGO Music)
The ten year birthday collections continue.  Ten tracks in two releases here of which I made my picks.  You can do the same.

various artists - The MKappella, Lost (Delsin records)
Thankfully the 1991 released MK, The MKappella has found a re-release.  Unlike the many I am not a big fan of Marc Kinchen, but this is definitely a master piece of deep house music in my books.

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