Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Musumeci - Astounding Science Music (battibatti bb10)

What a way to celebrate Battibatti release number ten with a mini album from the obscure Musumeci, titled Astounding Science Music and having six tracks.  This Italian artist also made one of his early appearances, to be exact his third remix duty on Battibatti with his very good version to the much appreciated 'No Longer the Same' produced by US house music icon Demarkus Lewis and featured on EP 2. If you don't have this in your box I suggest to check it out, as at today I still spin it.  Prior to this long player Musumeci also made three releases on his own label which has the same name, the most recent Rules 03 released a year ago is also featured as a mash up here titled Three Laws.  Astounding Science Music is an early eighties Chicago house music inspired sound, with a bit of wave touch felt in all the tunes.  All the tracks feature a Science fiction vocal snippet from the likes of J.G. Ballard, Sir Arthur C.Clark, Isaac Asimov, Paul Anderson, and Jack Williamson.  To be true is hard to choose a favorite as all track have a high quality sound in them, but if pressed I would go with 'The Day After Tommorow', and 'Stranger in Paradise'.     

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