Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Whim-ee - Magic in the House (Mussen Project Records)

With Magic in the House Whim-ee returns to the label from which I discovered her in Spring of last year 2011, the Italian label Mussen Project from Milan.  From there on I have been following Whim-ee with high interest, and for me she is among the best emerging producers from 2011 and in 2012 goes on raising her level in this second Mussen Project appearance.  Brazilian native French resident Whim-ee aka Sara presents a very inspirational all good three different track extended player.  The three tracks in Magic in the House are; Strong Evidence, Turn Out, and U Must Talk.  All three tracks feature a diverse use of old school nineties deep house flavour, and an intelligent way in which to dub and play with the vocals.  Certainly what will take you to the next level is the eight minutes plus track Strong Evidence.  A trip in diverse emotions of all kinds.  But rest assured the other two tunes are no slough, from the romantic and classic Turn Out which I love, to the more after hours U Must Talk.  My suggestion here, is to purchase all.

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