Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Whim-ee - Refresh EP (Zaubermilch)

After her successful Sofa EP, and an important debut on US label NiteGrooves with a one track appearance on the New Breed of Deep House, Whim-ee returns to the house of German label Zaubermilch.  This label has already featured two releases from the Brazilian born French  resident, both in 2010 and more of techno sounds.  In this Refresh EP, Whim-Ee follows the evolution of the deeper US sounds of her latest releases.  The two tracks here are Refresh, and You And Me.  The title track of the EP, Refresh builds itself on a deep house groove with dub atmosphere, and the vocal serving as keys which build emotional atmosphere.  You and Me also follows the same patterns but features a more groovy drum, and the vocal evoking more sexy atmosphere.  There is also a remix by Dejaan and Bach Fresh Air Remix who put the tempo up, and take things more tribal and into bigger room territory.  Well done again Whim-ee another solid release.

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