Sunday, July 31, 2011

Choices - July 2011

AFMB - The Far Side / In My Life (Drumpoet Community)
Two great different tracks.  In My Life is a vocal deep house builder with a style which reminds me of Kevin Saunderson Inner City.  Nice!

Nicola Troia - Thinking EP (Mussen)
This Italian label brings quality again.  Thinking is a very well produced tribal afro dark track. Check it!

Exist - 1Beat 2Feet (AtJazz Record Company)
Original and Kaytronic Karizma remix.  Must admit I first preferred the later but now the Original has won me over.

Guillaume, The Coutu Dumonts - Ubiquitous Gaze (circus company)
Two great tracks Ubiquitous Gaze, and You're the One.  Both good but you're the one has that something unusual and magic about it.
Kisk & Roy Gilles - One Hundred EP (Apparel)
This label as previously said always captures my attention even tough now in its 44 release.  My prefered of the three tunes is One Hundred and Fourteen.  Take your pick and advise.
Nicholas & Simoncino - From The Underground EP (Quintessentials)
Italian Nicholas is one of the persons I am following the most in recent times, and if you like old school deep house you should to. 
Boogyman - High Fidelity (Super Huit Music)
Eight tracks album all being of down tempo and with a retro influence. 
various artists - Twenty Four Ways (smallville)
Catalogue 24 for this very high regarded German label which delivers quality house mostly in deep and techno flavours.  This is a four different artist EP, with my preffered tracks being Smallpeople and Rau 'Unke' and Christopher Rau 'Like Yesterday'
Esperenza - Sirena EP (Gomma)
This label altough today I don't buy much of its stuff always captures my attention as it is always a hybrid of diverse sounds.  Here for me is about the old school Detroit house influenced Broke One remix of Sirena, and the slow and atmospheric Ink.   
Charles Webster feat Divinti - Learning to Love Me (Miso)
Six versions all with a vocal tonality, and Latin tribe influence.  My preferred is the spacey Charles Webster Dub, and deep vocal P's Deep Soul mix,

Arno E.Mathieu - Cabanon EP (clima)
Number thirteen for Arno's own Clima records.  A producer I like a lot for Afro tribe sounds in various atmospehers being more jazzy as is Cabanon or techno as was for the number twelve Eternal Sunchild.

John Daly - Meltdown Remixes (One Track Records)
Go straight for QRN Re-melt for pure NYC Body and Soul deep sounds. 

var artists - Friends, Lovers and Families (Lany Recordings)
Three tracks with one of them having two versions.  For me is all about the Scott Ferguson mix of Shark by Luv Jam.

Deymare - Some More (Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Old school deep house at its best! From the energetic 'And Then Some More', to the underground 'Get it', moody 'I'm Your Man', and 'Second Thoughts' available in Azuni Remix more old school and the Digital Bonus version this my preferred.
TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Black Label #79 Remix by Joash & Instrumentals (compost)
Latin deep tribe in nice atmospheres.  Check the Instrumentals for Something Happened and This Time.
Eddi Shkiper - Invisible Moon EP (Apparel)
Apparel this Italian label has always a couple of goodies in each of its releases.  Here is the same! 

Jin Choi - Full Range (Serialism Records) One of the producers I am watching a lot in recent times that is Jin Choi.  Six total mixes, three different tracks, and four versions for Half Baked.  Here for me is about the Extended Edit of Half Baked, and Red Day. 

Franck Roger - Let's go Down EP (Frank Roger Productions)
Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - Life is too Short EP (Franck Roger Productions)
It was a long time since I purchased Franck Roger material but here is worth a note.  Two EPs on his own label, with both being on a New York Deep house vibe, and a thinking to the dance floor of any room being big or small.

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