Sunday, June 30, 2013

Choices - June 2013

Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana - Heat Rising (Minuendo Recordings)
After Underground Quality and the own Batti Batti wax label the Maltese deep house duo debut in style with a limited pressing to 280 copies blue colored vinyl on the highly regarded Spanish label.  No digital release in plan, grab your copy while you can.

Uraz Kurt - Hip Hip Uraz (Soulab)
Uraz Kurt first album with eighteen tracks full of funky and soul sounds in Hip Hop and House grooves.  Some nice cover versions also featured as 'Big Fun' and 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine'. 

various artists - Funky Party 2 (Soulab)
Thirteen cool funky tracks by different artists all part of the Soulab rotation squad as Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, Los Charly's Orchestra, Fatback 4Way, Confection from Australia, Uraz Kurt from Istanbul, and a brilliant newcomer from  France: Moonshoes.

DJ Fudge - Asikolo (United Music Records)
French Fudge have always been one of my fixed fixtures. Like the harmony and Latin elements of the original in this.

Daren Ager - Summer in Detroit (Subwax Exursions)
Head straight to the nice atmospheres created by Halcyon Days.

Da Underground City feat. Bluesoil - The Roots of Jazz (Xtradeep SA Recordings)
Nice deep jazz house from South Africa.  Four versions of which I like Bluesoil mix the most, but the others are good as well.

Raha - One Night in Africa (iTech Sound System)
iTech back catalogue is more about more about pumped up house sounds, but here it's a nice Afro soul vibes in all the versions.  Is it a new direction for the label? 

L.A.M.P - Shades of Green (Peng)
A nice thirteen track album all in soul funk jazz vibes. If you know the label and who is behind it you can get the idea what the artist band initials mean.  Nice stuff.

Black Smoke -  Deep Space Organic EP (We Go Deep)
A four different track extended player.

various artists - WolfEP018 (Wolf Music Recordings)
One of the most followed labels of the last year or so.  Four different artist tracks, of which my preferred is the track from Medlar.

Nick Holder - By All Means Underground, Noel Nanton - Classics Vol.3 (DNH)
Nick seems to find some of his old school vibe in this extended player.  While Nanton continues to dig his past.

IKE - Kaleidoskop (Philpot Records)
Philpot signature innovative deep and underground sounds.

Rooted Channel Brothers - The Kiss @ Coco EP (Afro Rebel Music)
Six different versions equals take your pick. If you like it deep is all about the last two from Enzo and Ele Roots.

Rick Wade - Hard Full EP (Holic Trax)
In this three track extended player Wade shows his darker harder side, without forgetting his usual funk element.

Gintonic Da Colly - Venda Goes Deep (Durbanboy Records)
Six different tracks in this interesting extended player from a new name who appeared in 2012.

various artists - OneOffs#2 (OneOffs)
A four different artist track extended player.  I like the handbag disco infected California My Way.

Azymuth - A Mulher / Carnaval Legrand Ashley Beedle and Opolopo Remixes (Far Out Recordings)
A legendary Brazilian band remixed by two known names.  I like Ashley Beedle's touch on A Mulher.

Theo Parish and Tony Allen - Day Like This / Feel Loved (Wildheart Recordings)
Two geniuses create some interesting music when they meet up.

Robert Armani - Arrow (Chiwax)
The title track Arrow sees Armani go into deep house territory.  Nice old school vibe!

Ciappy DJ Davide Murri feat Fabrizio Scarafile - Winds of Victoria Remixes (Gotta Keep Faith)
Three new remixes plus the Spiritual Blessing mix release in 2012 for this classic from 2008.

Mike Dunn Meets Victor Simonelli and Luis Radio - Noting Stays the Same (Systematic)
Another Chicago classic gets the remix treat by German label and producers.

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