Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: various artists - Funky Party 2 (Soulab)

Soulab after a few months releases its second instalment of the compilation Funky Party, a melting pot of great funky grooves coming from a bunch of talented funk soul brother producers, heading the new school.  These names are paramount with the French Soulab label; Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, Los Charly's Orchestra, Fatback 4Way, Confection from Australia, Uraz Kurt from Istanbul, and a brilliant newcomer from  France: Moonshoes.  Some of these names are part of Soulab artists rotation since years, while others have joined the label in the recent months. These production teams are also backed by a dream team of vocalists: The Maestros  Rotimo Soul, The Supa Soul Brotha Del of the Neutronics, Don Dolla, the Divas Cagri Ultay, Me'lisa Morgan, Diane Marsh and Janice and Ange in the thirteen tracks featured in this compilation. As is usual to all Soulab compilation Funky Party 2 while coming from new school artists looks at funk music from its various sound identified by many in decades; from the seventies, eighties, to the nineties with a twist of modern tech thrown in noticeable by those with good ears.  It's absolutely essential modern Funk business on Funky Party 2 again in its second instalment.

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